Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai And You Know That It Is True

Shout. Stay haq se single.

FT Crew

FT Crew

Dec 28, 2018|2 min read


LOVE IS NOT REAL GUYS. LOVE IS NOT REAL LADIES. You might as well find this out sooner than later. You will realize that these days it is more about 'I Lust You' than 'I Love You'. It is more about treating your partner as personal property than a disguised blessing. It is all about getting laid.

And so, this Valentines, a revolutionary moment took place. It made people accept that 'Love Is Not Love'. After demonetization by Modi Ji (2017) and GST by Arun Jaitley(2017), we have Pyaar Ek Dkhoka Hai by AIB (2018) to keep the list of Mass Indian Movements growing.

All of us got a reason to celebrate this 14th February - the singles aka happy yet heartbroken and the frustrated ones aka moral policeman - all of us. Even the couples were happy as they were spared and no news of anyone getting beaten up in parks came to the ears. A true revolution took place.

As a part of this nationwide celebration, a lot many revelations about the modern-day life, from the viewpoint of the youngsters came up. As they joined the #PyaarEkDhokaHai campaign by AIB, they posted true to the core (unloving) stuff.

Here are master stroke contributions from the social world that we have gathered for you.

1. Crazy Trek

They even wanted God to know that love is not love anymore. They carved it on the ice, some 15000 feet above the sea level. What a height!

2. Engineering Career

This guy stood up to throw light on real important issues. Career is directly proportional to girls. Study hard and don't get distracted. Beautiful insight!

3. Double Misfit

'Dil Ko Behlane Ke Liye, Ye Khayal Bhi Achha Hai!'. But it is better to have your company than to set out in pursuit of love. Shit happens!

4. Dhoka Poetry

Slide for yourself. No comments for this creativity. Kaun hai ye log? (Indians yaar!) Kahan se ate hai? (Apne ghar se!)

5. Self Composition

An awesome initiative was taken up in the interest of people. The whole story is sung here. Avoid using earplugs. Singing is a better alternative to shouting.

While these are some of the views, a lot more is available on Instagram and Twitter. We can't believe that people are shouting on roads, outside colleges and even in their bathrooms! Except for the Priya Prakash video that went into melting 'sakht' hearts, the movement has no breaker.

Ironically, the best place to find someone today (to be your valentine) is AIB’s #PyaarEkDhokaHai rally or whatever the fuck that is. If you don't want to give any excuses to your heart and be satisfied that you celebrated Valentines in the most fruitful manner, you cannot miss it.

If you are single, shut out at the top of your voice till your vocal chords go dumb and if you find someone, escape and make out in a park. But remember the lesson. Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai!

Did you say, you just missed it? That's a crime. You are held guilty as charged.


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