If Indian Education System Is Impractical, So Are B-Wood Movies

If Indian Education System Is Impractical, So Are B-Wood Movies

No principles are useful!

May 24, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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Disclaimer- All views expressed in this article are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to the outside world is merely a co-incidence.

Indian education system is often chastised for not being practical. It is criticized for not going beyond the bookish studies. The same subjects, with the same syllabus, and the same books, make it more vulnerable to criticism.

Being a sufferer of the impractical approach of the Indian education system, I nod my head in a yes to it. If education given to me had been practical, then I must know how to use integration, when I felt differentiated after my exams.


Also, how trigonometry could help in solving love triangles and how what Sher Shah Suri did can help in decision making in 21st century? There are so many stuffs that are of no use. Instead, if law related stuffs, tech related stuffs, etc. were taught to us in school, we would have really got good help.

While we never fall short of content to criticize our education system, we find great realism in the Bollywood movies with respect to the education they provide. We are strongly influenced by Bollywood movies and the teachings they present. We never condemn or criticize the practicality of Bollywood content.

All we hope for, very innocently is, the same to happen with us.

If in the movie it was shown that the hardworking hero won a lottery and became a millionaire, even we can. “Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hain. Rishton ki tarah ye do logo mein nahi bat ti. Sirf mera haq hain ispe, sirf mera.”

Goes a famous dialogue from movie, Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. To many of us, it might feel like an epic dialogue – ‘It encourages me to fall in love with every girl I see on road. It doesn’t matter if I get something in return or not.’


Seems like this dialogue helps you to attain moksha - only loving, without expecting. I wish this dialogue substance was practical! B-wood education system is saying - if you fall in love, the person on the other side rejects you, don’t lose hope. So, what? Why move on? Stick to your love and live with the pain.

Isn’t it similar to asking Shahrukh Khan to act without money? Amazing practicality in the cool Indian films!

B-Wood also encourages hooliganism, via dialogues like,
“Jahan hum khade ho jate hain, line wahi se shuru hoti hain” and “Itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jayoge, saans kaha se le aur paddein kaha se”.

To be brutally honest, I have never heard any policemen being so abusive. In reality, they take action within the ambit of law. But, you must be finding it very practical. As if all police officers are the same.


There is more waiting to the Indian film’s education - to be patriotic, you need to be poor; to have romance in life, a person must be rich; to be successful, you must mess with the teachers; and so on. But you and me, don’t criticize them. Why should we, they are so practical!

B-wood preaches - if you are with girls, flirting and being humorous are your fundamental duties.

“Hey senorita bade bade sehron mein choti choti battaien hoti rehte hain”,


“Sabko aati nahi meri jaati nahi”,

“Teri smile kitni dangerous hain pata hain? Mere paas dil hota na, teri smile pe pakka aa jaata”

and the epic one,

“Tumahre jaisi ladkiyan flirting ke liye nahi, Ishq ke liye bani hain”


Some of the most worthy and practical dialogues are misinterpreted “Baccha Kabil bano, Kamyabi Jhak mar ke peechey aaegi”, students were so convinced from this dialogue that they started playing guitar for 2 days and then they became ‘Kaabil’. Thus, they chose to leave it.

Who will tell them that “kabil hona” doesn’t mean you have to choose some artistic field. It means being excellent in whatever you choose to do, even if it is not glamorous or attractive.

You got to feel the love of “RACHOD-DAS CHAHCHAD” toward machines in the movie and not just do something out of hormonal rush.


If you hate Indian Education system because it is not practical, then tell me, how practical are movies? What lessons from movies can you implement in your life?

The house is open to all comments!

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