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No, this is not an article that will tell you that from one day to the next you will begin to love yourself, forgetting about your traumas with the snap of a finger. The author really likes to be honest with her readers, and for that reason, the only thing I am going to give you here are some ideas, which I hope will help you to start managing certain negative thoughts.

Start loving your reflection

Although it may seem difficult to you, a good starting point would be to start by loving your reflection. A good exercise to start working on it would be to look at yourself in the mirror from day to day (I know that for many of you, this would be quite difficult to begin with) and feel that you are seeing the image of a successful person.

This sounds too hard for me…

You know what? I think you are right. After all, building one’s self-esteem after going through deep trauma, is not easy stuff. Healing can take up a whole lifetime, and that is if we find the way to learn to handle our inner demons. But knowing yourself and your self-worth is an interesting journey that, no doubt about it, will change your life.

But I haven’t done much in life…
That’s where you’re wrong. Sometimes, the simple fact of staying alive and facing life with joy is a feat in itself. In addition, every single human being has incredible potential.
If you still feel that you haven’t done anything important, don’t fall into deep despair. While there is life there is hope.

But my physique is not very attractive…
Did you know that only a small percentage of the world’s population looks even remotely similar to the stars you see in magazines or on social media? And also, did you know that many of those images are heavily edited?

I’m not strong enough…
Of course, you are! Look to you. Still here. You are making an effort to be a better human (or else you wouldn’t be reading this article) and that is an excellent starting point to start changing your life. You have the strength to achieve what you set out to do, you just haven’t realized it.

Everyone has told me that I’m worthless
And it’s up to you how much you pay attention or not to those hurtful words. Yes, in life you will meet many people who will try to destroy you using poisoned words. But it’s up to you to decide how much you pay attention to those kinds of people.

Extra help is good for the soul
It doesn’t hurt to seek a little professional help if you’re feeling that no matter how hard you try, you can’t love yourself fully. Yes, you are a strong person, but even the strongest need to be heard and understood.

Have you started to realize your true self-worth? Or who helped you?

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