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Welcome back to the marvelous wave and today we’ll continue our coverage of none other than Spiderman.

Now, let’s get on with it, Spiderman no way home marked the end of Tom Holland’s long contract, which included the appearance of three live-action Spiderman solo films, as well as his appearance in various other marvel projects. Marvel and Sony got Tom Holland relatively cheap for the Spiderman role when compared to the other avengers, as of course, Tom Holland was an unknown and a very young kid at the time when they originally cast him as the character.

Now, though, because his contract is up, all of that is about to change and what’s important about this is Tom Holland may sign the largest marvel contract ever previously, a record held by Robert Downey jr, who, although the final number is not confirmed, Robert Downey jr is rumored to have made anywhere from 50 million to 75 million dollars for his last appearance in avengers endgame. Again, though, that number is unconfirmed and you can search all over the internet for all sorts of different figures.

Nonetheless, with this absurd amount of money, it appears as if Tom Holland will be getting a life-changing contract to return as the Spiderman character, with Tom appearing in multiple films, we are also hearing that this will also be the longest marvel contract ever signed. Well, what exactly does this mean for the Spiderman character well, when it comes to Tom Holland it means a few things. It means that Holland will likely become one of the highest-paid actors, not only in Hollywood at the moment, but one of the highest-paid actors of all time, and it also means that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him to go in the future.

Considering the lackluster, critical and financial success of films like black widow and the Eternals, Although Those films made money, but Spiderman no way home is considered the highest-grossing solo marvel movie of all time, meaning it’s not a large ensemble event, even though in some ways it sort of is, nonetheless it’s the third highest-grossing Marvel film of all time, as It currently stands with still potential for it to outgross Infinity War and become the second-highest marvel grossing film of all time. Essentially, what this means, though, is that in a pandemic era, there is still a need for these major blockbuster superheroes and the superhero in the last few years that have shown the most promise by far is Spiderman.

We’ve also talked about the fact that Sony is likely also hashing out another deal for Andrew Garfield to return in the amazing Spiderman 3, and we’ve also heard rumors that he could appear in up to three more films, as of this new contract that he’s signing.

But again, the rumblings behind the scenes here is that Tom Holland is about to sign a contract to appear as Spiderman for the foreseeable future, much larger than the contract that he signed when he first appeared in civil war, with the current report going around right now Is that the contract could include TV appearances as well as six big films, two trilogies one that will follow Spiderman in his college years, as we left him off and no way home and one that will follow him as an adult, not to mention again, This also does not include the ensemble appearances for Tom Holland to appear in other Marvel projects. It’s currently unknown.

If those will also be a part of the deal, but, likely, they may not be, and they may have to return to the negotiating table and pay Tom Holland even more again, what exactly does this news mean, Well, it means that Tom Holland will be our Spiderman for the next decade or so and potentially even longer, and the young man is about to become very, very, very wealthy. Tom Holland has expressed interest in stepping away from the Spiderman character for some time. After the events of no way, Tom stated that he may want to start a family or explore other aspects of his life other than acting and other than marvel, however, many fans are quick to point out that this could, in fact, just be a negotiating tactic for The young actor – and if that was, a tactic, it did scare Sony and marvel if you look at it like this Spiderman no way home has crossed a billion dollars at this point and it crossed a billion dollars exceptionally quickly. That’s not counting in how many toys they sold for Spiderman, no way home in merchandise all around meaning that Tom Holland, as the Spiderman character right now and as he stands, is worth billions.

I’m not saying Tom Holland will get paid billions. He certainly won’t, but that’s essentially how much it’s worth for them to invest in Tom to return for the foreseeable future, but anyway, my friends. What are your thoughts on this massive update and the fact that Tom Holland will likely be returning as Spiderman for the foreseeable future, and what are your thoughts on it. Being Tom Holland as Spiderman, who now officially holds the marvel torch and will be signing the largest marvel contract up to date.

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