Story Of Sofia Vergara And Her Fight Against Cancer

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Story Of Sofia Vergara And Her Fight Against Cancer

Sofia Vergara faced many hardships during her modeling days in Colombia and even after becoming one of the most popular personalities on television at the age of 17, Vergara was discovered by a modeling scout while she was taking a stroll on the beach. She was studying pre-dentistry at the time but dropped out of school to pursue her dream career in the entertainment industry. A year later, when she was 18 Sophia got married to her high school sweetheart Joe Gonzales and became a proud mother to a boy who she named Manoah, but the marriage didn’t last long.

1.     Sofia Divorced Her Husband

Vergara and Gonzales got divorced after two years of marriage. That is how she took on the responsibilities of being a single working mother, Sophia relocated to Miami to pursue and take advantage of more opportunities that lay ahead in the entertainment industry. But life was not easy for Sofia. Things took a tragic turn when Sofia’s brother Rafael was killed in a failed kidnapping attempt. “We come from a successful family and he knew he was a target for kidnapping. He always had bodyguards”. Then one day he went out alone and was shot dead. “I was devastated. His Death was unresolved.

2.     Sophia Suffered from Cancer

Sophia was rising slowly to popularity as the host of the Spanish-language game shown by Univision called “I Dare You”. Time and faith tested Sofia again when a routine doctor’s checkup found something unexpected. Sofia was only 28 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. “It was very traumatic. I was young, I had a young son, but I tried not to panic. I decided to take charge of him for myself. Of course, I couldn’t Google thyroid cancer from the comfort of my house back then. So I went to bookstores and found out everything I could about it”.

3.     Sofia Fought Cancer

She learned that she’d have to undergo surgery to remove her thyroid gland, the organ that makes a hormone that helps control many of the body’s functions, including temperature, heart rate, how calories and vitamins are used, and more. After that, Vergara spent several days in the hospital in Isolation while she received treatment with radioactive iodine that would wipe out any remaining cancer cells, not even the nurses could come close. “They practically throw you, your food through a hole in the door”. That kind of cancer is very quiet, and usually, you only realize you have it after it’s already spread and it’s much harder to treat so how her life changed, her acting career took off brilliantly after the cancer episode landing good roles in the movies like big trouble and chasing poppy.

4.     She Became Popular from Modern Family

These movies made her a recognizable face in acting and Sophia landed. More significant roles in movies that followed. When I decided to be an actress I didn’t know, that’s what I’d be doing, but I started to get casting comedies and began to realize that that was the direction I was supposed to go in. Sofia became a household name with the success of the modern family, as she paved her way into the audience’s hearts with her loud warm-hearted funny and not to forget extremely **** Gloria, pretty prestigious award nominations like Emmy Golden Globe, soon followed after the meteoric rise of the popularity of her character. Sofia Vergara is one of the top-earning actresses in US television and is ranked as the 32nd most powerful woman by Forbes. Sophia’s inspiring story is a clear example of the fact that hard work and perseverance are the two major things that make up the elixir for success. It’s the undying dedication and sheer positivity in the face of a crisis that made Sophia the person she is today, “I’m fearless, I won't complain even when horrible things happen to me, I go on”.