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All of us indeed like to look beautiful and for girls, it's almost a very big deal to make different hairstyles for every occasion. 

Hairstyles or haircuts can change and enhance the overall appearance of any person. This small makeover helps one to look elegant and boost up their self-esteem among their friends and families. 

There are so many simple hairstyles for girls that one can follow step by step to create a chic look whether they have long hair or a pixie cut. With some tips and good care, one can find a perfect style for their beautiful hair. 

Here are some celebrity-approved simple hairstyles for girls which one can follow without having a second thought. Check them out and try them to have a heavenly look.

1) Summer Short Bob

Summer Short Bob | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

Most of the Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are flaunting the easy short bob cuts in this pandemic period. 

The haircut by Kriti Sanon is something very essential and simple looking. This summer spring look is easy to maintain and has a smooth trimming, this made all of us fall for it. 

2) Long straight pulled back hair

Long straight pulled back hair | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

A hairstyle by diva Katrina Kaif always amazes us with the most amazing looks.

 A completely straight and neatly combed look with long silky smooth hair and perfectly trimmed layers. This is one of the best simple hairstyles of this decade.

3) Pouf Ponytail with Wavy hair

The messy hair, wavy ponytail along sexy pouf is a trending hack of flaunting and experimenting with several beauty styles. 

It is comfortable, edgy and also gives a very sleek look to your look without a doubt. 

4) Braid Hairstyle

Braid Hairstyle | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

Next on the list of simple hairstyles for girls is the Braid Hairstyle. 

The look is by our favorite star Shradha Kapoor flaunting braids with bold makeup in the movie Street Dancer. 

This hairstyle is so creative and artistic and undoubtedly among the top haircut looks. This hair look has its mark of uniqueness and style. 

5) Medium Wavy Hair 

Our Bollywood actresses are coming with the latest beauty and styling standards nowadays. 

This simple hairstyle is one of the favorites of Jahnvi Kapoor with a dense wavy haircut and brown highlights along with it. This style with highlights and feathers is a treat for the eyes and is a major fashion inspiration.

6) Short Tresses

A short haircut with pressed curl tresses is a basic and simple hairstyle for girls. This hairstyle is ultimately very youthful and casual. 

The Bebo of Bollywood amazes all of us with her new and influencing style statements.

7) High Bun

This high bun is flaunted by the bold and beautiful Urvashi Rautela. The glammed-up look is new and everybody's favorite. 

This hair look suits every kind: wavy, long curly, and so on. This simple and sophisticated bun is the best simple hairstyle for girls out in the world.

8) Free Falling Layers

This free-falling layer is a problem solver for every occasion. One of the most trusted and problem-free simple hairstyles for girls of all time. 

These layers can go with any outfit and are easy to maintain and is the popular choice among celebrities during award ceremonies.

9) Deep Waves 

Deep Waves | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

It is one of the best hairstyles by the queen herself “Beyoncé”. These deep waves are the new style statement among most celebrities of the world. 

Deep waves and curls cannot go wrong with any outfit. One of the most versatile and low-maintenance looks that will make one look stunning in an event.

10) Beachy Waves

The most iconic style that is easy to adapt just sleeps with two braids and the next morning see the mesmerizing beachy wavy look. 

The hairstyle is most famous among celebrities as it always steals the show. These casual waves are popular among stars like Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others.

11) Pixie Short Hair

One of the hairstyles by Miley Cyrus always steals our hearts. A cool celebrity hairstyle that has a low maintenance factor and can be easily made is this. 

Gives a smart and bold look to the feminine and can always be adorned with any outfit.

12) Thin Braids

Thin Braids is a very popular simple hairstyle for girls today because of its cool style and low-maintenance property. These braids require a little bit of time while making but after that, the only requirement is some care by using hair care products timely. 

This hairstyle is from the legendary Shakira. One doesn’t have to open the braids, it's just one-time hard work and booms the coolest hairstyle is ready to kill.

13) High Ponytail

There are plenty of ponytails in the fashion industry but the high ponytail style is never a failure. Whether it is Arianna Grande’s iconic high ponytail or Betty Cooper from the famous series Riverdale. 

The ponytails never disappoint as they are so versatile and easy to maintain that everybody can carry this style with confidence. This simple hairstyle for girls is mostly lived by all.

14) Classic Half Updo

This is the hairstyle that anyone with any length of hair can adopt. Just simply part up to your top hair and tie them into a ponytail and the amazing Blake Lively’s half-pony hairstyle is done. 

Just comb the hair once after making the pony for a smooth look.

15) Razor Layered Cut

Razor Layered Cut | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

This iconic hairstyle is all from the famous show “FRIENDS” character Rachel Green. Though the look is from the 90s era, it obsesses people even today. 

The look is easy to carry and has the lowest maintenance and always gives a glow to the overall look.

16) Wrap around ponytail

Wrap around ponytail | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

One of the best parts of Arianna Grande’s high ponytail is this wrap-up. A very simple hairstyle for girls but enhances the overall look. 

Just section some of the hair of your ponytail and wrap around the band of the ponytail until the band is not visible. 

17) Pixie with a hairband

Pixie cuts are one of the coolest hairstyles that one can wear but this style can be enhanced by just wearing a cute headband with it. 

This hair look is very adorable and adds flair to this hairstyle just like Rowan Blanchard.

18) Mini Braids 

Hailey Beiber approved an adorable hairstyle. One only has to section some hair on both sides and braid it and style it with hair accessories. 

This middle sectioning look is very simple and pretty and can drool over anyone.

19) Long Low Braid 

Long Low Braid | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

The low braided hairstyle may look very simple and sober but sometimes it is the easiest way to adorn any style. Just grab your brush or comb and start braiding by dividing the hair into three partitions. 

This style is adopted by many celebrities like the famous diva Zendaya.

20) Curtain Bangs

The most famous hairstyle of Selena Gomez with a messy bun and two fringes is one of the looks that everyone loves. 

The style is a bit simple: just put off a high-top knot and adjust your fringes with the help of a brush. This will leave you with the most gorgeous look ever.

21) Centre braids

We all know ponytails are a super hairstyle and everybody loves to wear them but if we add a little detailing to the ponytail it will add flairs to the classic look. 

Just take some part of your hair from the middle and braid it and tie it along with the ponytail. And this style is familiar to the Nickelodeon star Madisyn Shipman.

 22) Double French tails

The style is from Maddie Zeigler, the one who is featured in Sia’s song videos. One has to divide the hair and tightly braid the French braids. 

This hairstyle can go with any cute outfit giving you a chic look.

23) Bandana style

Bandana gives essence to one’s hairstyle, it can go with any look whether it’s a ponytail or a messy bun. This style was adopted by the beautiful Riverdale’s Betty Cooper Lili Reinhart. 

This style gives a cute statement to your style.

24) Sleeked ponytail

In the list of simple hairstyles for girls, a Sleeked ponytail gives girls a celebrity vibe. This sleeked ponytail gives a gorgeous look when it is pinned straight. 

The ponytail gives a very clean and fresh look as it is trimmed and tied properly. Lana Condor wears this style with a pair of earrings. 

25) Pinned hairstyle

This sleek bob hairstyle with neatly pinned hair accessories is the new age fashion adopted from the 90s retro era. 

This style is adopted by Dua Lipa with neatly trimmed bangs that make the whole look breathtaking. Just perfectly comb the hair and adjust the pins and the look is ready.

26) Two Half Ponytails

Though the style is for small cuties, some celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown have proved that there’s no age limit to look adorable. 

Just take forward hair and tie it by leaving some fringes and the hairstyle with a modern twist is on.

27) Middle parted low ponytail

Middle parted low ponytail | Simple Hairstyle For Girls

The hairstyle of Maeve Wiley from the bang series sex education is the best example of simplicity. 

The hairstyle is simple and sophisticated and can be styled with any pair of clothing. 

28) Half-up braids

One side braiding is the new fashion as it is a simple hairstyle that looks very sweet and breezy. 

Easy to maintain and top-notch hairstyle is from the chilling adventures of Sabrina's actress Keirnan.

29) Messy fishtail

Fishtails are hairstyles that look so beautiful and sophisticated. This fishtail goes best with some loose fringes and gives the person a smoky look.

 Just like the south Indian beauty Samantha Akkineni.

30) Half Updo Bun

Nowadays buns are the trending hairstyle as they are easy to carry and very relaxing. These stylish buns can be made in many styles and one of them is a half hair bun. 

Just grab some hair and tie them into a small bun and this will be the coolest hairstyle of the decade. Many celebrities adopt this look like Caitlin Carmichael.

These were some best and latest hairstyles for girls of different age groups. One can easily get inspired from these and surprise their near and dear ones with a new style every season or occasion. 

One can either go for a haircut or practice styling these hairstyles to bring the wow factor in their fashion sense.

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