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Madina ----The City Of Enlightenment

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Al Madina Al Munawarah , the blessed city of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),a city located in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia is the light of every Muslim’s life.

As we love our Prophet (PBUH), we love his city. Madina , is a city where he settled down until his last breath. In this city, rewards for good deeds are multiplied. Al Madinah Al Munawarah is the second holiest city for Muslims. It is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Madina is the city that holds a special place in the heart and life of every Muslim . It is the city where the first spark of Islam ignited and nurtured the world.

Madinah’s exclusive significance is affiliated with Prophet’s Mosque, Masjid -al -Nabawi, which is located in the heart of this city, a mosque established and originally built by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is where Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) tomb (Al Rawda Al Sharifa) is located.

Muslims dream of visiting the city and pray in Al Rawda Al Sharifa. In the proximity of Al Rawda Al Sharifa is Riyad-ul-Jannah; which is a garden of heaven on the earth. Riyad-ul-Jannah is situated between chamber of Hazrat Aisha and his minbar (pulpit) in the mosque from where Holy Prophet delivered sermons.

In Masjid -al -Nabawi are also the graves of two closest companions of Holy Prophet namely Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar.

Geographical Significance

Al Madinah is located on the east of Al Hejaz mountains ,part of Al Sarawat mountains that run for 2000 kilometers from Yemen to Jordan. It is located in a volcanic area ,where it lays over the massive fields of lava ,Harrat Khaybar on the north and Harrat Rahat on the south.

The mountain chain surrounding Madinah has always been of a historical and religious significance. Pilgrims’ Mountain is on the West, Salaa is to the north-west, Caravan Mountain is on the south, and Uhud is to the north.

Al Madinah is situated on a flat mountain plateau at the commissure of the three valleys of Al Aql, Al Aqiq, and Al Himdh. These three valleys supply water to large green areas in the midst of a dry mountainous area.

The Historical Significance

Some of the most important incidents of Islam happened in Al Madinah. It saw some of the most important battles for Islam . The most famous Battle of the Trench was fought in this city when Abu Sufyan ibn Harb led Makkah forces against Al Madinah. Because the people of the besieged city had dug a trench to further protect the city, this event became known as the Battle of the Trench. After a prolonged siege and various clashes, the Makkah forces had to withdraw.

Significant Places In Madinah

There are Several magnificent places in the radiant city which enhance its significance such as the . Mountains Of Uhud . The Mountains Of Uhud are considered as mountains of heaven .Near Uhud Mountains are the graves of martyrs of Uhud including Hazrat Hamza; who was uncle of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Mosque Of Quba in Madinah is the first mosque of muslims and holds significant importance in Islamic history . It is one of the major attractions for the pilgrims in Madina.

Mosque of Qiblatain ( Masjid Qiblatain)is also of prime importance in Madinah where Holy Prophet was ordered by Allah Almighty to change the direction of the qiblah from mosque of Jerusalem to Holy Kaabah in Mecca.

Mosque of Ghamama where Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to perform Eid prayer during last four years of his life.

Jannat-ul-Baqi(garden of heaven) in Madina is the main cemetery where many members from Prophet’s family including beloved wife of Holy Prophet; Hazrat Aisha is buried.

It is the blessed city where Dajjal will not enter.

On the authority of Anas ibn Maalik who said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The Dajjal will come to Madinah and will find angels guarding it, no plague shall enter it nor will the Dajjal, insha-Allah.” [ source : At-Tirmidhi.]

i visited this blessed city when i went to perform Umrah 3 years back in may 2019 .The joy , tranquility and calmness that i experienced in this city can not be found anywhere in the world, This place is all peace and love .

"And In my heart, there is prolonged conversation of love for Madinah Munawarah"

O Madinah my heart craves for you....


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