Shukra Grah Story - The Story Of Venus: The Fourth Navagraha

Fourth Navagraha



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Navagraha is the nine heavenly bodies and deities that influence human life on earth according to Hinduism and Hindu astrology, this article will narrate to you the various aspects and stories associated with the fourth of the Navagraha Shukra. Shukra or Shukracharya is the deity of the planet Venus. Shukra means ‘white’ or ‘bright’ in Sanskrit. Shukravar, meaning Friday is dedicated to this planet.

1.  Shukracharya: The guru of Asuras

This wise and learned Navagraha member plays the similar role of a mentor to his fellow Navagraha Brihaspati, the teacher of the devas, but, unlike him, Shukracharya serves as a member of the asuras. Since he was the guru of the asuras, he is also called Asuracharya. He is of white complexion middle-aged and agreeable countenance. He is described variously as mounted on a camel, horse, or crocodile. He holds a stick, beads, lotus, and sometimes a bow and an arrow in his hand.

2.  Shukra’s Education

Shukra embodies qualities like material desires, relationships, creativity, aesthetics, and healing. Shukra was one of the sons of sage Bhrigu and thus the grandson of Lord Brahma. When they were young, Shukra and Brihaspati studied under the same guru, sage Angiras, who also happened to be Brihaspati’s father. Shukra was known to be more knowledgeable than Brihaspati. He went on to study the Vedas under Rishi Angiras, but he was disturbed by Angiras’s favoritism for his son Brihaspati.

He then went on to study under rishi Gautama. Due to the favoritism of Indra, Brihaspati became the guru of the devas. Therefore, Shukracharya started favoring the asuras more as it was a way to take revenge for his partiality.

3.  Shukracharya’s Hate towards Lord Vishnu for killing his mother

Shukracharya is also known for his hatred toward lord Vishnu for what he perceived as the murder of his mother. Initially, under the protection of Lord Vishnu, it was difficult for the asuras to defeat the devas in any battle. Having lost several times, the guru of the asura Shukracharya performed penance to lord shiva, to obtain the Sanjeevani mantra that was capable of bringing back the dead to life.

Meanwhile, Shukracharya asked the asuras to take refuge at his father, Maharishi Brigu’s ashram. The devas and Indra used this opportunity to attack the unarmed asuras. In the absence of the sage, the asuras fled to Brighu’s wife, Kavyamata for shelter. Kavyamata used her yogic powers to immobilize Indra and protect the asuras. Frightened by the immobilization of Indra, the devas decided to take refuge at the feet of Lord Vishnu.

Therefore, Vishnu decided to enter the body of Indra to save the devas. Kavemata was enraged by this and wanted to burn them down to ashes if they did not leave. However, Indra instigated lord Vishnu to annihilate Brighu’s, wife, and therefore lord Vishnu used the Sudarshan Chakra on her. Shukra’s bitterness towards Lord Vishnu is also seen when Vishnu appeared in front of Bali as a Vamana asking for three feet of land.

4.  Lord Shiva’s Gift to Shukracharya: Sanjeevani

Shukra eventually was blessed by Lord Shiva, with the mantra to Mrita Sanjeevani that could bring back a dead person to life. Shukracharya used this mantra on the asuras on various occasions to ensure their victory. So Brihaspati once sent his son Kacha to learn the secret of the Mrita Sanjeevani mantra from Shukracharya. The idea was to help the devas with the knowledge of the secret, who were about to lose the war.

Brihaspati also advises his son to first impress Devyani the daughter of Shukracharya to impress Shukracharya who was very fond of his daughter. Kacha followed this advice and unknown to him, Devyani fell in love with him.

5.  Shukracharya brought back to Life Kacha, the Son of Brihaspati

In the meantime, the asuras wanted to kill Kacha, as they feared that he might be dangerous if he learned about the mantra. Every time they killed him Shukracharya revived his body using the Mrita Sanjeevani on the insistence of his daughter, Devyani. The asuras finally killed him burnt his body and mixed his ashes with alcohol. Shukracharya learned about this via his meditation and he rushed to the court of the asuras and consumed all the alcohol.

Later he tried to revive Kacha, who was now in his stomach. He teaches Kacha the mantra to Sanjeevani and tells him to come out. Kacha comes out by tearing his guru’s stomach open and brings his life back with the help of the mantra.

6.  Devyani Cursed Kacha

Kacha started his journey back to the Devlok when Devyani expressed her love for him and asks him to marry her. Kacha told her that she was like a sister to him as she was the daughter of his guru, this infuriated Devyani and she cursed him that he will not remember the mantra when he needs it the most. During a fierce battle between the devas and asuras Kacha, decided to use the Mrita Sanjeevani mantra to bring back all the dead devas to life.

But at this moment, due to Devyani’s curse, Katja could not remember the mantra. The planet Shukra in astrology has immense power to induce beauty, harmony, deep feelings, and sympathy in your life. It will play a profound role in your marriage and other relationships: business, art, and the quality of your social life.




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