Story Of Shahrukh Khan From Homeless Kid To Richest Bollywood Actor

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Story Of Shahrukh Khan From Homeless Kid To Richest Bollywood Actor

Shahrukh Khan, lived in a rented apartment in India, with his parents and older sister. He was excellent in his studies and amazing in sports, like hockey and football. When asked by his school teacher about his career goals, he replied saying that he wanted to be a Bollywood actor.

1.     Shahrukh’s Parents Died

His classmates laughed at him and his teacher tried to explain to him that his dream is unrealistic and hardly possible and that it was better to give up on such a ridiculous idea, but that was not an option so when he was studying for a master’s degree, he left his studies to pursue his dream to become an actor, but unfortunately, his parents died and his older sister fell into a deep depression. So Khan took on the responsibility of taking care of her. He had a really hard time supporting himself and his sister and when he moved to Mumbai and tried to make it as an actor one of the toughest periods of his life began, he was struggling with poverty and failures.

2.     Shahrukh’s Struggle in Film Industry

He was even homeless. “I've slept on the roads. There have been times have been thrown out of my house because we couldn’t pay the rent. I have been on the roads twice and there’s a way to survive in the big city and overcome poverty.” He started taking movie roles that were rejected by other stars and one time in the early days of his career, one director told him that he was extremely ugly and not the hero type, but nothing could discourage him. “I was nobody when I arrived here and since I had nothing to lose and everything to win. I decided I would give this industry everything I had.” In 1992, he got the role of the second male lead in the movie Deewana. He was cast as a replacement and agreed to do the role for a small amount of money.

He even took the job of selling tickets for the movie at the movie theater and that year his patience, hardships, and struggles finally paid off when he won his first Filmfare Award for the Best Male Debut. He never gave up his attitude, his hard work, and his dedication, which made him one of the best actors in the biggest and most successful superstar in Bollywood. He has done more than 80 movies and earned plenty of awards. He started to build his success from zero and today, Shahrukh Khan is the richest Bollywood actor, and one of the richest actors in the world.

3.     Shahrukh’s Path to Success

He is also a humanitarian with an amazing heart and was honored by UNESCO for his charity. Shah Rukh Khan has one of the best motivational success stories out there. The inspiring story of how the boy who struggled with poverty was homeless and slept on the streets and became one of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world will motivate us to never give up. A moment will come when there isn’t anything, that’s going right, but don’t panic with a little embarrassment. You will survive it. All you have to do is make a move and move on a bit whatever it is. that’s pulling you back is not going away. Unless you stand up and start finding your path in the opposite direction, stop whining and start moving. Don't let your fears become boxes that enclose you open them out, fill them, and turn them into the greatest courage.

4.     Fight Your Fears

You’re capable of doing everything, I promise you. Nothing will go wrong, but if you live by your fears, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I want to let you all know that. Remember, no matter how many times you go wrong work hard and play harder. No matter how many times you fail, no matter if the world is against you. You never live somebody else’s dream.