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The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments series announcement was a great surprise for the fans of Cassandra Clare's young-adult fantasy series The Mortal Instruments. 

The series lasted for 3 seasons but it made a huge impression on the viewers in such a short span of time. The fans like us are still waiting for more seasons with new turns which can give a new life to the show. 

The show has been good in many ways that some fans might remember due to the politics of the world of Shadowhunters or the love stories which made them connected to the show. 

Whether it be the drama, the action, or the romance that made us interested in the show. But how can we forget the memorable dialogues delivered in the show! Let us see some of the most famous ones and let's see how many of them you can remember from the show. 

1."I'll Love You Until I Die. And If There's A Life After This, I'll Love You Then Too."

Remember this vow that was taken by Jace? If you missed it then it's a pity. Although we are attracted to Alec and Magnus' love, we can't ignore Clary as she is the main character. 

Jace had a hard time denying his feelings for Clary. But after his admittance, we do see them together in the second season but sadly they had to part their way in the third season due to the demon Lilith. But this vow has taken all of us to a wow moment. 

2."I Have You And I Have My Magic. Truly, That Is Enough."

The relationship between Alec and Magnus became the heart of the show in a very short span of time. They were the reason for all the emotional vibes in the Shadowhunters. 

To Magnus, Alec is more important than his immense power or the trinkets he's gathered over the years. Didn't we all become sure the moment Magnus delivered this dialogue in Shadowhunters that all he needed is Alec!

3."The Famous Morgenstern Swagger. Wayland? Herondale? Lightwood? It's Hard To Keep Track Of Exactly Who You Are, Isn't It?"

Nobody would have gone through this big identity crisis than Jace in the Shadowhunters. Fooling himself in childhood, thinking of himself as Valentine's son. While spending his formative years with Lightwoods and seeing them as his family. 

While having so many family names and identities thrown at him in such a short term it ends up confusing him about his identity. It turns out to be something that the real Jonathan Morgenstern can't resist needling him about in a fight.

4."No One In Idris Is Going To Teach You How To Fight In Five Inch Heels."

Do you remember when in Shadowhunters Clary meet Jace, Isabella, and Alec? Yes, that's when they became her surrogate family. 

We all know Isabella can do everything as Jace and Alec but in a more fashionable way. Isn't it? How can we forget the gorgeous outfit of Isabella and how serious it was with her heels. That brings down to the above dialogue she uses in Shadowhunters as a joke on Clary. 

5."The Law Is Hard, But It Is The Law."

Are you guys having any doubts, about where the root of conflict begins in the series of the Shadowhunters? It's this particular dialogue,  which was repeated often in the show. 

Being a Shadowhunters doesn't only mean a lot of weapons and cool abilities but it comes with a lot of responsibilities and rules to follow. This dialogue of Clave made a huge impact. 

6."It Would Be Like Beyonce Riding A Dinosaur In The Middle Of Times Square. People Would Notice."

How can Magnus miss a pop culture reference? And how we forget him being one of the most powerful magic users who always knows what's going on. He also has a flair for the dramatic.

This explains how Valentine's plans in the early episode of the Shadowhunters would expose the Downworld to Mundanes involving the idea of Beyonce riding a dinosaur.

7."When You Walk Into A Room, Magic Or Not, That Lights Up Everything."

Alec and Magnus' romance literally stole the show rather than Carly being the main character in Shadowhunters. 

With the conflict between the Downworld and Shadowhunters, it's interesting to see how Alec is himself when he is with Magnus. This dialogue is one of the many which showcase his feelings towards Magnus. 

8."For The Last Time, World Of Warcraft Is Not A Cult!"

Simon's character in Shadowhunters is a man who has a lot of interests. Be it him having his own bad, him going to college  and his obsession with video games. 

And we all know, things of our interests can take up most of the time. Simon's obsession with World of Warcraft made his mother worried and made her think it is cult-like. 

9."Never Trust People Who Can't Lie. They'll Find Much More Inventive Ways To Stab You In The Back."

Maryse's first appearance in the Shadowhunters showed her strict attitude towards Isabella and her being very focused on her family image. 

Here Maryse's this dialogue in reference to Isabella's relationship with the fae Maliorn, indicates her own past with Valentine. 

10."All The Legends Are True."

Do we have a count on how many times we have heard this dialogue in Shadowhunters? Even I don't remember it but definitely, we remember it was Jace was first delivered this dialogue. Isn't it? 

This dialogue of Shadowhunters not only gave some hint to Clary about the world she was getting into but also to the audience to recognize something happening in the series.

11. “If I listened to my heart, I’d never be able to do my job”

Remember this dialogue of Shadowhunters delivered by Jace? This dialogue is so heart-touching and hearing it from Jace is more to be a wow thing. 

Definitely, for Jace, it would be very difficult if he hears his heart and his feelings toward Clary. Don't you also think it guys? 

12.“Therefore you can never lose hope because if you keep hope alive, it will keep you alive.”

Hope is something that keeps a lot of people alive even in today's world. Isn't it? 

And this particular dialogue delivered by Cassandra Clare, ‘The Mortal Instruments’ has a huge meaning in such simple words.

13.“Are you still mad because I broke your phone? Because you broke my wrist, so I’d say we’re even.” 

This dialogue is a lot more fun than having any huge meaning to it. Remember the character from Shadowhunters who delivered this dialogue? 

Ohhh you can't forget it, it's Jace, ‘The City Of Heavenly Fire’. And were you also one of them who laugh during this series. 

14.“It’s more fun to break the rules than to follow them.”

When the rules are what the Shadowhunters need to follow. Here we have a character in Shadowhunters who said this dialogue. Can you make a guess who said this? 

It's Isabella, who said this dialogue. She is one of the characters with a very straightforward nature. And this dialogue proves it. 

15.“I’m turning 18, it’s not like I’m headed off on some epic journey. "

This dialogue of Clary from Shadowhunters is something we all teenagers can relate to. Isn't it? 

This dialogue in the very first episode of the first season made a great impact on the audience and attracted them to the show. How we wish Clary knew how epic her journey is gonna be. 

That's some of Shadowhunters' dialogue. I hope you like them and do let me know how many of them you guys missed from the series. 

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