Seven Stages Of A Man

Life & it's different phases.

Prashasti Rai

Apr 25, 2021|1 min read


I was born in a cocoon,

my mother gave me three boons,

I strived to get out of this shelter ,

 looking everywhere with pride demurs.


I turned a school going fellow,

Sitting & thinking in the meadow.

I never used to concede my mistake.

And my friend told me I’ll fade from my aim.


I turned a teenager,

When my father told me to work hard like a farmer.


I  turned adult when my mother told me to be a nerd,

I walked through in leisure finding what I am destined to.

My mother asked me to marry a man who is right for you.


I turned thirty when I decided to have some adventures in melody.

I turned fifty, 

when I became lazy  & my body started firing me.


I turned old,

When I was ready to serve myself at a place of dignity.

I was waiting for the death to come.

And now I finally reached the kingdom, the heaven was here.


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Prashasti Rai

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