45 Secret Santa Gifts for Men To Help In Selecting One For This Christmas

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Dec 25, 2020|8 min read


2020 has been a gloomy year for all, but a joyous festival is knocking on our doors. There will be parties, gatherings and a lot of fun. One thing many people are always conflicted about is a gift, especially for a secret Santa. It is even more confusing when we have to pick Secret Santa gifts for men because there are not many options. We have picked out 45 gift ideas that are ideal for men. So if you are going to have a secret Santa among the boys, then this is for you. Let us begin with an essential item for all the parties:

1. Electronic Wine Bottle Opener

Do not cry over spilt wine, rather avoid spilling it. Save that expensive wine by using a proper bottle opener to avoid embarrassment. It may cost you between 13$ and 60$.

2. Beanies

Beanies make most men look cool, and they are comfortable and warm. As cheap as 3$ to 20$, you only have to pick a nice colour for a good beanie.

3. Drink Holder

Some of us like to sip something delicious while we are in the middle of our chores, but we often knock them over due to our lack of attention. Besides, some places do not even have a stable platform. Gift the lucky man a portable drink holder and save him from the mess with just 3$ to 12$.

4. Mixology Cocktail Dice

Mixing cocktails is a game of creativity, but you need some guidance to get you started. A mixology dice set, usually ranging for 15$ to 24$ is a perfect gift for anyone to explore the cocktail goodness.

5. Skincare Products

Give him skincare set with a note to take care of himself. It is not only a useful gift but also a heartfelt gesture, especially within a range of 244 to 60$.

6. Tiny Vacuum

Anything that can clean a laptop and the small hard-to-reach places is a blessing. Forget about gender specificity, because everybody needs a little vacuum cleaner. You can buy a good one for between 17$ to 30$.

7. Bathing Products

We know how specific women can be about their products, but there is a stereotype about men not being bothered about their body hygiene. It is because they do not know about all the refreshing products made for them! Gift him a menthol or lemongrass bathing kit for starters. The price range is wide starting from 30$ and going beyond 200$!

8. Flexible Tripod Stand

If you are a part of the creator community, you know the importance of the right equipment. These are usually cheap, ranging from 4$ to 20$. A flexible and easy to carry tripod stand is all a creator needs this Christmas.

9. Charging Stand

If we consider the number of electronics we use every day, then most of us need one of these. Go ahead and buy one for the lucky man between 17$ and 50$.

10. Video Games

There is something for everybody in the video game world. Those who do not love it just have not found the right game for themselves. Buy a random popular game, and watch them get hooked. Video games may be a little expensive, beginning from 50$ to as high as 150$ for new releases.

11. Mini Projector

Who does not love to watch their favourite movie, in their room, with their favourite food? Almost no one. A mini projector is an ideal gift for the cold and cuddly winters. It is a good deal between 45$ to 100$.

12. Cell Phone Armbands

Anyone who runs knows how difficult it is to handle a cell phone while doing so, but you can avoid it with as little as 4$ to 17$. Besides, keeping anything else in the same pocket as the phone is inviting trouble. 

13. Coffee Grinder

Coffee keeps us sane in this twisted world, hence it is only wise to brew it from scratch with your beans. Coffee grinders cost between 15$ to 100$.

14. Humidifiers and Diffusers

Having a perfect atmosphere significantly elevates your mood. Some people are more sensitive than others, but you would also feel great if a secret Santa gift let you adjust the air. There are many different designs available from 14$ to 30$.

15. Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a staple in most houses by now. Their price ranges from 16$ to 100$. Your secret Santa recipient probably already has an old one but is thinking of replacing it.

16. Knife Set

It is not like men do not like cooking altogether, because most of them have never tried it. Working with a proper kitchen knife set is a whole another cooking experience because it is easier and allows for more creativity. Let that inner chef emerge with just 24$ to 90$!

17. A Mini Pac Man Game

Yes, we already mentioned video games. But a Pac man-machine is different. The big one will empty your large portion of your wallet, so go for a tiny one. It is cute, classic and between 19$ to 30$.

18. Clothing

If you do not want to spend time thinking, give them a good quality shirt, trousers or jacket. Most people would be happy to receive some new clothes at Christmas. The price range is quite flexible from under 20$ to over 100$.

19. Touchscreen Gloves

Winter is here, our warm gloves are out, and they are frustrating. However, your problem is easy to resolve with 12$ to 20$. They do not work well with a touchscreen device. Save them from the frustration this year. 

20. Infusion Kits

Let someone experience the joy of customizing their drinks, and all they need is an infusion kit, a drink and a fruit. All the goodness is available between 20$ to 60$. It is among the unique Secret Santa gifts for men.

21. Fitness Dice

We have seen cocktail dice, and now it is time for some fitness dice. A new sequence of exercises will help people do a workout without getting bored with the same monotonous routine. These cute things cost only 17$ to 30$.

22. Fun Ice Moulds

You are never too old for some funky looking ice, especially when the price range is as cheap as 4$ to 11$. Check all the different shapes and characters out there, and it suits the wholesome vibe of Christmas. 

23. Metal Straws

Take a step towards sustainability by gifting a set of metal straws. It is a wonder why we did not come up with these things earlier. Also, they look futuristic, so there’s another plus, just for 3$ to 15$.

24. Wallets

A new leather wallet is a classic, old fashioned gift for a man. Wallets are a convenient option if you want to buy something on a budget between 10$ to 40$.

25. Drinkware Sets

Gift him some glassware for beer, tequila and wine. Anyone who receives a drinkware pack is all set for family gatherings and parties. They cost from 20$ to 50$.

26. Hangover Tonic

It will be helpful after the Christmas party, and also after the new year’s eve. It is possibly the most useful gift you could give a man, on a 17$ to 30$.

27. Travel Cord Roll-up Pack

Would your friend/colleague like it if he had something that kept all his cords perfectly wound and organized? Of course, he would! Get him a cord roll-up pack so he can travel without having his earphones all tangled, for a budget of 25$ to 40$.

28. Paint Your Mug Kit

You never know who will receive your gift in a secret Santa, so customized products are out of the question. However, he could customize his mug with all the materials with him, who knows? He might indulge in creative activities for 20$ and 30$.

29. Long Charging Cords

How often have you had to keep something under your device so that it does not hang from the charging port? Too many times, and you can rest assured that it has happened with everyone else. A long charging cord is only 60$ to 75$. 

30. Toolset

One of the perfect Secret Santa gifts for men is a tool kit. A toolset is a daily necessity, and a man can be happy when he receives a good one, for a price of 10$ to 35$.

31. Portable Campfire

Most people love camping, but lighting the fire is a hassle. A portable campfire makes it easy and quick, making it an ideal tool for the winter. They come with a budget between 31$ to 114$.

32. Comics

A comic sends people to an exciting world, just for the price of 20$ to 50$. They are stimulating and relaxing at the same time, and everyone should be enjoying them. Gift them a new copy of your favourite comics. If they are one of your colleagues or classmates, you might make a new friend someday.

33. Portable Coolers

Every man needs a portable cooler for his next road trip. Save his drinks from getting all warm for about 20$ to 60$.

34. Shoes

If he does not need it now, he will need them later. Shoes are a good bargain for 20$ to 60$.

35. Electronics

Hard Drives, pen drives, headphones are bound to be outdated and damaged. Just like shoes, the man would need them someday. Depending on what you buy, your cost can range from 20$ to 125$. 

36. Roombas

The primary function of a Roomba is cleaning, the other is entertainment, especially when the pets are amused by it. Take some load off a fellow by gifting him this quirky invention. These gadgets are expensive, ranging from 100$ to more than 500$.

37. Home Gym Kit

Many of us are uncomfortable going out in these times, and we probably will avoid places like gyms even after covid 19 dies down. It might take the whole next year for the outdoors to be safe again, and a few affordable gym types of equipment would benefit everyone. The price depends on the equipment, ranging from 20$ to more than 100$.

38. Virtual Reality Headset

Men love video games, more so when they are immersive. Add some fun in his quarantined life with a VR headset. These can range from 30$ to 400$.

39. Vitamin and Protein Supplements

It could push them to work out or fix them a month’s supply. Either way, it would do something positive for them. They rest in the affordable range of 15$ to 30$.

40. Hammock

A hammock is necessary for anyone who likes the outdoors and camping, maybe not in winter though. Regardless, it is a good addition in anyone’s backyard in the price range of 20$ to 80$.

41. Helmets

Protective gear is a necessity in every household, irrespective of whether one is a biker or not. Helmets cost between 20$ to 50$.

42. Hot Sauce Set

Men are always unsatisfied with the standard hot sauce. It is a spice that needs a personal touch to it, and there is no right way. Gift them a set so they can mix them and create their hot sauce. These are popular gifts ranging from 15$ to 30$ per set.

43. Bags

Bags wear out and eventually need to be changed. Get a standard design so anyone can use it. A bag is not just Secret Santa gifts for men, but it is for everyone. They cost as little as 20$ to 60$.

44. Shoulder and Neck Massagers

Whether it is work from home, or away from home, the seat and the computer are never in the right position. The extended working hours are bound to cause pain. A massage is not a luxury, but it is self-care. These essential items range between 50$ and 200$.

45. Sleep-aid Devices and Pillows

The work environment, college and just the general pace of life has deprioritized sleep. Most people have something wrong with their sleep patterns, and some comfy pillows and a sleep aid device could be beneficial in the long run. The sleep-aid can cost anywhere between 30$ to 50$, and pillows are 20$ to 50$.

Secret Santa gifts for men are just one part of the celebration because significance lies in how you make others feel. It is up to you, but a handwritten note addressing that stranger could make his day. It is a harsh world out there for men because it is uncommon for them to express pain and suffering. 

Remember that Christmas is an occasion to spread compassion and make new friends. A brief positive exchange is enough to make someone happy for a few hours, and being the cause for someone’s happiness is a gift in itself. So, this Christmas spread some wholehearted joy and empathy. Merry Christmas!

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