49 Secret Santa Gifts for Girlfriend To Choose From This Christmas

Don’t worry, the budget is under control.



Dec 21, 2020|7 min read


Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way… Oh! I’m sorry. Did I get carried away?

Well, who wouldn’t? After all ‘it’s that time of the year.’ Yeah, you got it right. It is Christmas time. And ever since I was a kid, Christmas for me means bonfires, red wines(which I got after I was 21), cakes, tree decorations, and of course gifts from Secret Santa!

Wait! I hope you didn’t forget about the Secret Santa part. Or did you? Well, if you did forget about buying a secret Santa gift for your girlfriend then don’t worry Jerry is here to save your… I mean to save you.

Buck up boy! We’ve got a gift to buy. And here’s a list of 49 secret santa gifts For girlfriend:

1. Mantra Bangle:

I don’t know a single girl in my friend list who would not like jewellery as a gift. And if that piece is engraved with a quote saying "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think," then I might even shed a tear or two.

2. Charging Hub:

If your girlfriend is as lazy as me then this is going to be a perfect gift for her. Who wouldn’t like all her gadgets being charged in one place? 

3. Sleep Therapy Sound Soother

We all know that girlfriends do become a cry baby when it's that time of the month (I’m sorry feminists but it's a fact). That’s when you will realize the importance of this gadget and thank me for suggesting this as a secret Santa gift for girlfriend. 

4. Fluffy Fur Slippers

We are girls and we love anything that is cute. Fluffy fur slippers in this chilly weather are such a comforting secret Santa gift for your girlfriend.

5. Wearable Blanket

Don’t laugh, it is actually a thing. I know you like sharing a blanket with your girl but think about the days when you are away. She won’t be whining instead she’ll be wearing this wearable blanket. Agree or not, it is one of the best secret Santa gifts for girlfriend.

6. Anything That’s Related To F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

This is a universal fact and you must scribble this in your head that girls love anything and everything related to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So go for it boy! Surprise your girlfriend with cool F.R.I.E.N.D.S merchandise.

7. Custom Name Rings

Custom jewelry! Do you really want me to get a tattoo of your name?

8. Ready To Roll Makeup Brush Set

The ultimate reply to this gift will be a big bear hug from your girlfriend so be ready. 

9. Murder Mystery Detective Game

If all she wants is some quality time with you then this is a perfect game as a secret Santa gift for girlfriend. Grab your coats, hats, cigars, and go solve this murder mystery (game).

10. Personalized Airpods Case

“Will you stop being so cute?” is what she’ll say after receiving this as a secret Santa gift.

11. Boots

Girls love boots and this is a fact no guy can ever change so all you need is to buy her a pair of beautiful and gorgeous boots. She’ll never be able to thank you enough.

12. Back And Neck Massager

I know you love giving her massages but you can sit back and relax too if you buy this cozy and comfy back and neck massager for your girlfriend. 

13. Foodie Dice

If your girlfriend loves to cook then this is an awesome secret Santa gift for your girlfriend. Ask her to roll dice to mix and match ingredients and come up with something fun and tasty.

14. Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Box

Because you want her to keep glowing!

15. Wireless Earphones

If your girlfriend is also a gadget lover then she is going fall head over heels for this amazing secret Santa gift.

16. Bath Salts

This is a gift you both can enjoy. Perfectly warm water, red wine, scented candles, and this amazing gift that you chose from our 49 secret Santa gifts for girlfriend list will make your date nights perfect.

17. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Again. If she is a gadget lover then keep filling her desk with all that she needs. A Portable Bluetooth speaker is definitely one of those things. 

18. Merlot-infused Coffee

“If only I could drink wine for breakfast.” Does your girlfriend also complain about this? Then what are you waiting for? Hurry and order Merlot-infused coffee today!

19. Everyday Hair Gloss

Is she the one with those cute curly hair locks? Help her keep them untangled and gift her an amazing hair gloss that she can carry every day. 

20. Novels :)

Classic. Cute. Not at all nerdy.

21. Clouded Agate Coasters

Ever thought coasters can also be decorative? These clouded agate coasters are so adorable and great for decoration when not in use.

22. Animal Shaped Mugs

Awwwww!!!!! Not all secret santa gifts for girlfriend are this cute.

23. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If you and your girlfriend both are movieholics then this is a perfect secret Santa gift. Scratch and see which is your movie of the weekend and enjoy.

24. Huggable Sloth Heating + Cooling Pad

This speaks for itself.

25. Any Jewellery With Butterflies

She will melt in your arms and if she is anything like me she might start crying with tears of joy.

26. Travel Jewellery Case

This can be paired perfectly with the previous gift and voila!

27. Indoor Plants

If she is a plant lover then this is a perfect gift for your girlfriend. I know you wanna thank me for writing this amazing secret Santa gifts for girlfriend list. You’re welcome.

28. 2021 Planner

Simple. Affordable. Smart.

29. Personalized Wooden Boxes

Is she a keeper? Then help her keep her stuff in a better place. Buy her a personalized wooden box this Christmas and fill it with chocolates. 

30. Pouch!

Do I really need to say anything here? Come on just buy a cute pouch for her no matter what. 

31. Makeup Palette

I know you wanna say that you love her the way she is but, wait, we are girls and we love wearing makeup for ourselves and you must accept this fact. Now buy her a nice palette and move on!

32. DIY Bath Bomb Kit

A fun activity you both will enjoy doing together.  

33. Cute Shaped Diffusers

Is she crazy about fragrant rooms? Well well somebody is going to get lucky.

34. Body Oils

I can guarantee you that this is one thing that every woman secretly desires. Because I want this so badly and I hope my boyfriend reads this post. Oh wait, I’m single :’(

35. Heated Slipper

She will love you even more trust me, pal. 

36. Cotton Knitted Nappers

Is your girlfriend always complaining about heavy blankets on the couch? Well, here is a solution to her problems. 

37. Personalized Water Bottle

She won’t stop smiling every time she drinks water from this bottle. Also, if she’s like me she won’t stop bragging about how cute her boyfriend is who gave her this personalized water bottle. So the choice is yours.

38. Wrist Watch

Might sound old-fashioned but it is always one of the best secret Santa gifts for girlfriend. You just have to pick a piece that is trendy and matches her personality. 

39. Cute Backpacks

Cute girlfriend wearing cute backpacks in this cute Christmas season. OMG ain’t she adorable?

40. Running Shoes

She may be a procrastinator when it comes to her health but you can motivate her by gifting her a great pair of running shoes.

41. Head Massager

Help her relax, secret Santa!

42. Crossbody Bag

Cute and stylish at the same time. How can you deny this?

43. Bath/Sleeping Robe

Secret Santa gifts for girlfriend can spice up your love life too. Gift her a bath robe and leave the rest on her!

44. Balloon Sleeved Dresses

Any dress with balloon sleeves makes girls go awwww. So it is a safe option to opt for a dress with balloon sleeves.

45. Gift Card

Don’t forget to personalize it to spice up the romance in your life. 

46. Ceramic Vases

If she is the one who loves to decorate the house then what are you waiting for? Go buy a beautiful vase. 

47. Cable Bite

These cute animal-shaped cable bites are my new love and I’m pretty sure your girlfriend will also love them. 

48. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

Healthy skin is a blessing every girl dreams of and you can help her do this by giving these exfoliating sugar cubes as a secret Santa gift for girlfriend. 

49. Gift Vouchers Of Her Favorite Salon

And if you are very lazy then this is the last yet cute and pampering option you are left with. 

That’s all folks!

Happy Hanukkah, Monica! May your Christmas be snowy, Joey… Oh! Did I get carried away again?

Well, with this we come towards the end of this super saver list of amazing 49 secret Santa gifts for girlfriend to choose from. I hope you’ve chosen the one that perfectly fits your budget and will suit your girl. 

If you want to add something to this list or have any fun experiences about your secret Santa gift shopping then comment below. Till then, that’s all folks!

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