47 Secret Santa Gifts for This Year To Make Christmas Celebration Special

Tis the season to be gifting!

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Dec 23, 2020|8 min read


With Christmas around the corner, everyone's preparations have begun. Cakes, carols, movies, chocolates, ornaments, songs, decorations, and everything else that is a part of the festivities are arranged. And amid all this, the hunt for the secret Santa gifts also starts. 

Finding a gift for someone can be quite challenging. Gifts are a way to show your appreciation for someone and can be a way to communicate how much you care for them. 2020 has been a difficult year for so many and  giving a great Secret Santa Gift will hopefully bring about a wonderful end to this year.

1) Books

If you know the person well enough, you can buy them a book that they’ve been wanting to read for some time. Or if you know they’re favourite genre you can get thousands of book recommendations and reviews on goodreads or google books. 

You can get second hand books for quite cheap, or if you have a higher budget you can always opt for a limited-edition books. Whatever the case, a book is an incredibly thoughtful Secret Santa gift

2) Bookmarks

While this may be a simple gift, there’s a lot you can do to personalise it. If you’re good at art and lettering you can make them a personalised bookmark or you can design one on Canva! 

If you know the individuals favourite series, you can also give them a themed bookmark set. This should cost you close to nothing; you can give it as is, or pair it with some of the other gifts on the list!  

3) Curated Book Gift Boxes From Local Bookstores

Many local bookstores are selling curated gift hampers starting as low as Rs 500. These hamper include books, chocolates, tea/coffee and stationery. It’s honestly doesn’t get better than that. So, make sure to check your local bookstores for these hampers and gift the perfect Secret Santa gift.

4) Book Subscriptions

If you have the budget and if the person, you’re gifting this to holds a special place in your heart, a book subscription makes for a very unique and unmatched. You can get these subscriptions, starting from Rs 900 a month.

5) Book Merchandise

Trust me, there is nothing more precious. It is one of the best Secret Santa gifts for this Christmas.

6) Gift Cards

A great Secret Santa gift for a book loving people, gift cards come in great variety. You can bring delight to the face of the person you love by gifting this!

7) Library Card

Another gift that you can put into a gift hamper is a library card, they’re a cheap, efficient and supremely helpful gift for a book lover who is trying not to go broke buying books!

8) Audible Subscription

An Audible subscription is the best gift for a person who is constantly hustling and loves to listen to books on the go! It’s Rs 199 per month.

9) Book Lights

An extremely underrated tool, I promise you a cute booklight is a great Secret Santa gift for a book enthusiast.

10) Puzzles

Puzzles keep children very entertained and there is a wide variety for you to choose from. Depending on the age, you can get your little Santa baby a wonderful puzzle. You can buy a puzzle for as cheap as Rs 70 on Amazon

11) Craft Sets

Most children love to get dirty (much to the anguish of their poor parents) and so a craft set is sure to make the child very happy! It can be finger painting, bracelet making, rainbow looms or glass painting, a good craft set is always a good bet for a gift. Like with the puzzles the price range for craft sets are also very flexible with cheapest option being well under Rs 300 on Amazon.

12) A Toy Of Their Favourite TV Character

Screen time (especially in 2020) is the only saving grace for many parents and so it is only natural that TV characters are all the rage right now. Do a little investigating and get a cute little figurine of the child’s  favourite character and you will instantly become one of their favourite people on the planet! You can get these toys in any toy store or on Amazon or Flipkart.

13) A Soft Toy

A cosy and cute soft toy makes for a perfect gift for some of the younger Santa Babies. Children can carry the soft toy with them anywhere and everywhere throughout the holiday season.

14) Lego

You can simply never go wrong with Legos. Although on the more expensive side, Legos are guaranteed to make any child very happy! You can buy Lego sets starting at Rs 400.

15) Slime

A bit of a nuisance for whoever has to clean up, but a very popular product amongst children is slime. Give them a DIY slime kit or a bundle of different coloured slime and you will be the favourite Aunt/Uncle.

16) Jenga

Agree or not, children love to play. Gifting them an indoor game such as Jenga will help you keep them occupied indoors wile it is cold outside. Isn't it an amazing Secret Santa giift for this Christmas?

17) Calendar

A calendar is the perfect gift for Secret Santa, An aesthetic desk or wall calendar is a functional and cute gift that is great to give during the holiday season. There a number of sites online that sell various calendars that from Rs 200 and go all the way up to Rs 1000.

18) A Scarf

If your colleague loves fashion then a scarf may be the way to go. You can find very cute scarfs online starting from Rs 150.

19) Stationery

I have yet to come across a person that does not like stationery, a great gift for when everyone is making resolutions, some cheerful stationary ought to liven up your colleagues day and year! You can get notebooks, organisers, sticky note sets or pens for any budget that you may have.

20) Sustainable Products

Sustainable, eco friendly products are a wonderful Secret Santa gift. Companies like Rusabl are selling a number of products that are sustainable and Eco friendly!

21) A Mug

A good coffee/tea mug is an ideal present for a colleague who is cannot survive without their daily dose of caffeine.

22) Decorative Items

Quirky and colourful decorative items can add a lot of character to a place and they make for lovely Secret Santa gifts. It can be a window crystal, a bobblehead, a snow globe or even a plant!

23) Baked Goodies

You simply cannot go wrong a basket full of delicious baked goodies, a good plum cake, sugar cookies and chocolate are the easiest and the safest gifts to give, and quite honestly, they’re probably the best gift as well!

24) A Keychain

Well, people with too many responsibilities would find a keychain very useful. Nevertheless, others can hang it from the purse or bag and flaunt the secret santa gift they got.

25) A Collage

You can make a collage of some of the most memorable moments of the year and frame it. It is a very cost effective and thoughtful gift that will definitely be loved and appreciated

26) A Cookbook

If you have to give a Secret Santa gift to the chef of your family then find out who their favourite chef is and gift them their cookbooks. PS: A number of cookbooks inspired by popular TV shows like Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones are also a great gifting option!

27) A Bluetooth Speaker

A crowd favourite, A Bluetooth speaker is an ideal gift for any family member. You can get a speaker starting from Rs 900.

28) A Potted Plant

In this fast paced world, you can take a moment to pause and let your loved one know that you care about them by gifting them a potted plant. Trust us, it is one of the best Secret Santa gifts to give this Christmas.

29) Headphones

Headphones are the perfect gift for 2020, with all the lockdowns and zoom meetings having a good pair of headphones is an essential.

30) A Phone Cover

A sturdy phone case and pop socket is a great Secret Santa gift! You can get them on amazon starting from Rs 200.

31) A Painting

A lovely personalised gift that can be given is a painting you made yourself for a loved one, its economical and very personal.

32) A Poster

If you know your family members favourite band or artist a poster works proves to be a great gift! You can design it yourself and have it printed or you can get one online staring from Rs 150

33) A Diffuser

A diffuser with a warm and comforting aroma is a great holiday gift for a family member.

34) Candle Stands and Candles

Bring in the festive atmosphere with a beautiful cand stand and scented candles, you can find these sets online starting from Rs 375.

35) A Planner

A planner is the perfect tool for you scatter-brained friend who vows to set their life on track or for a type A friend. You can get planners on Amazon for almost any budget

36) A Journal

A journal is a lovely present for your friend, you can even personalise it and write a not in the beginning!

37) Merchandise

Get your Friend some merchandise from their favourite artist or influencer, I promise they’ll love it.

38) Bake Them Something

You can bake them a decadent brownie and some festive cookies! It’s the ideal Secret Santa gift for your friend that loves the holidays because of all the delicious food.

39) Makeup

If you know your friend well enough you must know what kind of makeup they prefer, its always wonderful to receive some makeup as a present.  

40) Skincare Products

Treat your friend to some skincare products that they have been vying for some time now, I’m sure they will love you for it!

41) A Spa Day

If it’s safe, then a spa day is the perfect present for a friend who needs a bit of pampering.

42) Jewellery

A matching best friend necklace or some cute earrings make for a great gift!

43) DIY

If you’re any good at creative things then a DIY is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give your friend. Knit them something, make a scrapbook or paint something for them.

44) Sunglasses

Is there a travel lover in your group? If yes, you can select a nice pair of sunglasses for them and gift it. This secret santa gift is bound to bring a smile on their face.

45) A Wristwatch

The best thing about future is that it comes one day at a time. A person who values time and punctuality can be gifted a wristwatch. Whenever they will wear it, they will remember you.

46) A Sling Bag

Sling bags are more or less like us. They keep holding onto thin ropes of hope, guarding a whole lot of stuffed emotions within. You can give it as the secret Santa gift to someone who is close to your heart.

47) Netflix or Amazon Prime Subscription

How can we forget the online streaming platforms while talking of the Secret Santa gifts? Someone who is an internet lover and whose day passes away watching web series, would love to receive a year's Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime subscription!

The joy of gifting is unmatched, and all these secret Santa gifts will bring happiness to your celebrations. You can select a Secret Santa gift from this list for your friends, family, colleagues or children, and give them a beautiful surprise.

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