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Golden age, we all souls were living in the cosmic world before the start of the golden age. In this age, the central gravitational forces of the cosmic world and the earth were balanced, and zero. In the golden age, Deities were living on earth and there was a kingdom of emperors Sri Narayana, and Sri Laxmi.

1.  The Golden Age

Today this advanced kingdom is well known as Atlantis or maria, whose evidence has been found in the records of old civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptians, etc. In the golden age, the Ether energy was continuously flowing from the cosmic to the physical world through the white hole due to which nature was fully charged with golden particles. Due to continuous Ether energy flow on the earth, the living world was at its highest form of purity. The center of gravity of the earth and the sky was in one direction due to which the sun and the moon were rotating above the earth in a clockwise direction.

Also, 108 stars in the zodiac and seven stars in Saptarushi were arranged in a crown and straight-line form respectively. In this period, the speed of light was very slow due to which day and night period was of 21 hours each also the sky was rotating very slowly because of less density of the universe, and this scenario continued till 2500 years.

2.  Ether Energy in the Cosmic World

In the golden and silver ages, our serpent power was in the crown center, as we were in the soul, conscious state due to which there was a continuous flow of Ether Energy through the pole star and the complete planetary system was following the thought orders of the emperor. At the start of the golden age, there was a bulk quantity of mercury all around the core of the earth due to which the core was charging continuously with Ether energy and resulting in the production of the earth’s strongest magnetic field.

In this period, the earth’s magnetic moment was produced through monopole and its entire energy centers were concentrated at the center of the core. There was no meridian and equator on the earth and its land and water distribution were like lotus shapes. The seawater was pure crystal clear and clean.

3.  Deities World: on Modern Technology

There was an absence of salt in the seawater and it was spread all over in a cyclic pattern covering the complete surface of the earth with less depth and spreading beyond the horizon too. The seawater was completely transparent through which it was possible to see the seabed. Nature was in a complete order of the deities because of their purity.

In this period, airplanes were working on Ether Energy with Tesla Coil technology and could be controlled by the thoughts of the deities. In the golden age, Different types of diamonds were found in Kimberlite and Lamproite types of rocks, from which rays of seven colors were spreading. All around such diamonds were used in palaces, airplanes, for outdoor lighting, etc.

4.  Everything was Controlled by Deities Thought

The colors from the diamonds were controlled and adjusted as per the deity’s thought process. In the golden age, Sunlight particle cones were dynamic when the emperor used to think about the day. The sun’s light particle cones would open at 180 degrees and when he used to think of night the same sun’s light particle cones would shrink and get closed.

During the night there was a reflection of such rays on the moon, due to which full moon condition was maintained. The light cones from the rays of the moon were also being controlled through the thought process of the emperor. In this age, DNA was of 12 fibers, due to which the deity’s body was very beautiful, strong with full of subtle powers.

5.  Birth in the Golden Age by Purity

The Deities never became old and could leave their body by a self wish. After completing 150 years, there was divine light all around the head of the deities and they used to remain continuously in a soul-conscious state. As a memory of this, there is a lamp in front of a deity statue in a temple. The birth of the deity was by the power of purity through eyesight and not by ***. To prove this fact, there is the example of the peacock. The Peahen gives birth by drinking the eye drops of the peacock. Due to the purity of the peacock, Its feathers are used in the crown of Sri Krishna. Hence it is known as the national bird of India.

6.  Animals in Golden Age

In the golden age, Animals were like toys with magnetic filaments, and their look was very beautiful and innocent. The purity of deities controlled the gravity of the universe. For the 2500 years of the golden and silver ages, we will show you the details of the golden age, science, and technology.

7.  Science in the Golden and Silver Ages

In the copper age, deities became body-conscious, hence their degree of purity got reduced and they became impure. At the same time, there was the formation of two black holes, one in space above the earth and the other one below the earth due to which there was the formation of electrical insulator material inside the core. At the center, the core of the earth got divided into two parts.

Hence monopole was divided into two poles due to which there was the formation of two separate electromagnetic fields and hence the sky element at the center got divided into two parts. During the conversion of the monopole into dipoles, there was a Pangaea event due to which the single Indian supercontinent got divided into seven different continents.

There were different types of natural disasters which occurred like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc, due to which modern civilization of the golden and silver ages got destroyed and went under sea, which is known as Atlantis.





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