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Sandra Bullock is an American actress who rose to prominence after a cameo role in the 1987 dramady 'Hangmen'. She became one of the greatest actresses in the Film industry by 2007. One of her favorite performances was as Leigh Anne Tuohy in the chronological drama film 'The Blind Side' (2009), for which she won an 'Academy Award' and a 'Golden Globe Award.' 

The sci-fi genre 'Gravity' (2013), for something she was nominated for an 'Academy Award,' and the animated show 'Minions' (2015), which grossed more than US$1 billion worldwide box office, are among her highest-grossing films. There is a long list of Sandra Bullock Movies.

Sandra Bullock's professional life hasn't decelerated since she took the keys of a hijacked transit bus in the 1994 action-adventure Speed, much like the odometer in that motion picture. 

Her diversified acting career and ways to handle numerous narratives have contributed to the 54-year-old Oscar victor's continued success in Hollywood. She's equally comfortable as the romantic lead in The Proposal, as the badass companion in The Heat. She is one of the most versatile actresses in the film industry worldwide.

So here is the list of 27 Sandra Bullock Movies that is worthy of your attention. These Sandra Bullock movies are the best among all.

1. The Blind Side

The best should come foremost. John Lee Hancock filmed this film, which was premiered in 2009. Sandra portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy in the film.

The plot progresses as follows: Michael Oher, a penniless African-American youth with a rough upbringing, is adopted by the Caucasian family of Leigh Anne Tuohy. This is a biographical sports drama. He can achieve his potential as a student and an NFL player, becoming an All-American offensive left tackle, with the support of his compassionate adoptive mother and a dedicated coach.

The film has received multiple important honors, making it a contender for the finest Sandra Bullock film.

The Blind Side | Sandra Bullock Movies

2. The Proposal

Sandra portrayed Margaret Tate under the watchful guidance of filmmaker Anne Fletcher. During the year 2009, the film was released.

Margaret Tate, a prominent editorial director of a New York publication, finds that she is due to be expelled back to Canada for breaching immigration terms and devises a strategy to marry her shy and exploited sidekick Andrew Paxton before she is expelled. Andrew agrees to her scheme, even though they are both being watched for fraud.

This film, which ranks among the greatest Sandra Bullock movies, features numerous potential star-cast and mind-blowing screenplay.

The Proposal | Sandra Bullock Movies

3. Miss Congeniality

In the year 2000, the movie was released under the skillful supervision of filmmaker Donald Petrie.

When The Citizen, a reputed war criminal, threatens to blow the Miss United States beauty pageant, the FBI determines to deploy an undercover detective to pose as one of the participants. Grace Hart, a rough macho agent, is the only one qualified for the job, but she must first educate how to dress, walk, and act like a supermodel.

Miss Congeniality | Sandra Bullock Movies

4. While You Were Sleeping

The film was directed by Jon Turteltaub and officially launched in 1995.

The story concerns Lucy, a Chicago ticketing salesman, who has a huge crush on Peter, a habitual passenger. Lucy saves him from impending death on the rails one day, and his family, thanking her for unconscious Peter's sweetheart, invites her into their home. Then she meets

Peter's sibling, Jack, further confuses the situation. What will happen once Peter wakes up from his unconscious state?

While you Were Sleeping | Sandra Bullock Movies

5. The Lake House

Alejandro Agresti channeled this fantastical, dramatic film.

Dr. Kate Forster gives away her Lake House when she relocates to Chicago, as depicted in the storyline. She writes a message for the future renter in a letterbox, which designer Alex discovers. 

They begin communicating and fall madly in love; however, they soon discover that they are 2 years different in age. They must resolve the issue of their relationship before it is too late if they want to be together.

6. Two Weeks Notice

It is one of the best Romantic genre Sandra Bullock Movies. The film is directed with the watchful eyes of Marc Lawrence. Sandra Bullock played the character of Lucy Kelson.

Lucy Kelson, a Harvard-educated lawyer, begins consulting for womanizer millionaire George Wade, but quickly discovers that he wants her to handle everything including necktie selection to his divorce proceedings. Infuriated, she finds it important and recruits

Harvard graduate June Carter as her substitute, who looks to be more engaged in the CEO than the profession, causing Lucy to become conscious of her own emotions.

7. Hope Floats

This great movie among the other Sandra Bullock movies is released in the year 1998. The movie is directed by Forest Whitaker.

the storyline follows as After learning that her spouse has been lying on her with her closest buddy, Birdee goes to her homeland. She encounters her high school sweetheart soon after and is drawn to him.

8. Practical Magic

This is one of the finest films among other Sandra Bullock movies. The movie is directed by talented director Griffin Dunne in the year 1998.

The storyline proceeds as Sally and Gillian Owens, siblings, are witches. According to their family curse, any gentleman they fall in love with will die prematurely. When Sally's cruel lover James passes, she experiences the same fate as Gillian. Jimmy's soul awakens after siblings use deadly magic intending to put an end to the Owens family.

9. The Net

Irwin Winkler, a well-known filmmaker, oriented the psychological thriller motion picture.

The plot of this 1995 action movie proceeds as,

Angela Bennett is a computer programmer. She discovers some kind of government secrets that include an unclassified Floopy disc. Later she discovers herself on the run from a mysterious opponent who seeks to eliminate her and her identity.

This is one of the Sandra Bullock movies that is well worthy of your attention.

The net | Sandra Bullock Movies

10. The Heat

Under the cautious gaze of Paul Feig, this 2013 film is proved to be one of the finest Sandra Bullock Movies.

This action-comedy picture follows the story of Sarah, an Undercover officer who travels to Boston to take down a mysterious narcotics boss to advance her career. She is, however, obliged to collaborate with Shannon, a talented but evil and hot-headed police detective. 

Despite their dislike for one another, they strive to work together to bring the drugs boss down. This is one of the best movies among other Sandra Bullock movies

11. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Sandra Bullock began production on the continuation to her earlier success Miss Congeniality in 2005. The film went to the list of best Sandra Bullock Movies under the supervision of John Pasquin.

Following the conclusion of Miss Congeniality, Special agent Gracie Hart's celebrity status and reputation have become a hurdle to her ability to perform her duties. When Special agent Sam Fuller is assigned as her protection, the pair quarrel. 

When Hart's pals Cheryl Frasier and Stan Fields are kidnapped, they must band forces. This is one of the best movies among other Sandra Bullock movies.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous | Sandra Bullock Movies

12. 28 Days

The cinema is one of the outstanding Sandra Bullock movies of the year 2000. Betty Thomas, an actor, director supervises the film.

Gwen Cummings, a journalist for a mainstream newspaper, spoils her sister's wedding and smashes a looted limousine. Following the incident, she is taken to a rehabilitation center. During this period, she reexamines her life and career to become a better human.

28 Days | Sandra Bullock Movies

13. Gravity

Among the list of Sandra Bullock Movies, this is one of the excellent sci-fi films. This film is well worth experiencing. The phenomenal movie has received numerous honors.

The plot works as, After flying particles from a Russian spacecraft, Astronauts Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski are stuck in orbit while onboard a NASA space shuttle. Gravity is the narrative of their endurance in the face of tragedy. This well-directed, sci-fi Movie is worth being a nominee of the best Sandra Bullock movies.

This film is a must-see for space enthusiasts.

Gravity | Sandra Bullock Movies

14. Premonition

The movie is released in the year 2007 under the direction of Mennan Yapo.

This psychological horror-thriller follows Linda, a young lady who tries to save her husband's life after experiencing the days leading up to his death in a non-chronological manner.

15. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Callie Khouri is the filmmaker of this magnificent play.

Siddalee, a well-known writer who publicly admitted having an abusive childhood. This enrages her mom, resulting in a confrontation between the two of them. This drama is one of Sandra Bullock's best Movies.

16. Bird Box

Susanne Bier directed this sci-fi film, which is included on the list of the Best Sandra Bullock Movies.

The plot is as described in the following: When individuals see a mystical supernatural entity, they go insane and commit suicide. After resisting the power for 5 years, Malorie, Tom, and their two kids embark on a journey that will ultimately lead them to safeness. However, now that Tom is gone, Malorie is on the death march with the kids solely, and she must ensure they accomplish it blindfolded.

Bird Box | Sandra Bullock Movies

17. Murder by Numbers

Barbet Schroeder directed this Mysterious crime film, which is included on the list of the Best Sandra Bullock Movies.

The storyline is as described in the following: two intelligent high schoolers engage in a 'perfect' killing of an innocent woman and try to get rid of her body in the woods. When two police investigators are involved in the case, they are pitted against the lads intellectually.

Murder By Number | Sandra Bullock Movies

18. In Love and War

Richard Attenborough directed this romantic film Love and War.

The plot progresses as reporter Ernest Hemingway, an ambulance driver in Italy during World War I, is seriously wounded and ends up in a medical treatment center, where he falls in love with paramedic staff Agnes.

Sandra Bullock's outstanding performance elevated this film to the ranks of the best Sandra Bullock movies.

In Love And War | Sandra Bullock Movies

19. Forces of Nature

Bronwen Hughes is the director of this Comic, Romantic comedy.

The plot thickens as Ben Holmes attempts to travel from New York to Savannah in time for his marriage ceremony. During the travel, his plane is involved in an accident. 

He decides to join a youthful random person in her rental car for a road trip to his better half, the love of his life. The trip was not so easygoing, he had to face several natural obstacles in the way. The story plots comprise the difficulties faced by Ben to meet his bride-to-be.

Sandra Bullock's outstanding performance propelled this film into the top tier of Sandra Bullock Movies.

Forces Of Nature | Sandra Bullock Movies

20. Our Brand Is Crisis

Jane Bodine is a campaign strategist from the United States who is assigned the task of handling the electoral campaign of Pedro Castillo, a hotly debated prominent politician in Bolivia. She is up against a long-term competitor who is operating for another nominee.

The engrossing screenplay and outstanding acting abilities of the cast members elevated this film to the top of the list of the best Sandra Bullock movies of all time.

Our Brand Is Crisis | Sandra Bullock Movies

21. All About Steve

The romantic comedy film was directed by a marvelous director, Phil Traill. Sandra has done a terrific job characterizing Mary Horowitz's character to the best.

The story follows Mary and Steve on a single date. Although Mary is immediately fascinated by Steve, the feeling is not mutual. As an outcome, Mary decides to approach him on his cross-country travels to persuade him that they are the right combination.

22. Gun Shy

Under the watchful eyes of the director, Eric Blakeney this movie proves to be one of the finest Sandra Bullock Movies.

As the name of the movie hints, this story is about an agent with a nervous breakdown. A relaxed and collected DEA agent is a nervous freak. A mishap during one of his mission places him in the therapist's chair. Soon during the therapy under a well know psychiatrist, he met a beautiful girl (Sandra).

23. Speed 2: Cruise Control

Annie and her sweetheart Alex ( SWAT Agent ) are on a dreamy cruise when they are attacked by Giger, a lunatic. They must now ensure that everyone appears successfully onshore before the tragedy happens.

With a compelling excellent cast and a distinctive storyline, this film is undoubtedly one of the best Sandra Bullock Movies.

Speed 2: Cruise Control | Sandra Bullock Movies

24. Two If by Sea

Two If by Sea is a romantic drama film directed by Bill Bennett that was launched in 1996.

The story revolves around Roz (Sandra Bullock) and her swindling boyfriend, Frank (Denis Leary). They both managed to steal a million worth of artwork. Afterward, He convinces her to compliment him on a long drive to a delightful England town. 

Where he actually will, coincidentally, be fencing an artwork he recently picked up. While blending with the beach-goers, the working-class couples manage to solve their connection. Meanwhile, O'Malley (Yaphet Kotto), a government agent, is on their tail, looking for the invaluable work of art the duo is unaware of.

Two If By Sea | Sandra Bullock Movies

25. Fire on the Amazon

Luis Llosa delivered the 1993 American adventure movie about Fire on the Amazon.

After losing his cool against habitat destruction in the Amazon region, Santos (an environmental activist) is stabbed to death. When he believes the authorities have structured and shot an innocent Native American.

R.J. O'Brien, a US photojournalist with no research skills, wants a story. In his pursuit of the truth, he meets Alyssa Rothman, a Santos employee with whom he is infatuated. He requires not only Alyssa's but also the Indigenous people's commander's assist as he digs deeper into difficulties with the police officers and the genuine executioner.

Fire on the Amazon | Sandra Bullock Movies

26. When the Party's Over

Matthew Irmas directed the movie When the Party's Over in 1993.

Four roomies attempt to find peace and support in L.a., putting their health and relationships with friends at risk. While attempting actor Banks (Kris Kamm) tries to make it huge in the Film industry, artist Amanda (Sandra Bullock) tries to make it massive in the exhibition spot. 

Meanwhile, Frankie (Elizabeth Berridge) works as a social worker, which is both mentally depleting and satisfying, but she would be devastated to learn that her flatmate M.J. (Rae Dawn Chong) is having affair with her sweetheart.

When The Party's Over | Sandra Bullock Movies

27. Ocean 8

Ocean's Eight (modeled onstage as Ocean's 8) is a 2018 American bank robbery motion picture crafted by Gary Ross and guided by Gary Ross. Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's prequel is both a progression and a rotational in this screenplay.

Debbie Ocean has been planning the hugest heist of her life for the past 5 years, eight months, and twelve days. She knows exactly what it will take: a squad of the strongest attributes, led by her partner-in-crime Lou Miller. Jeweler Amita, street con Constance, suburban mom Tammy, hacker Nine Ball, and fashion designer Rose are among the experts they gather. The jewelry they're after is valuable more than $150 million.

Ocean's 8 | Sandra Bullock Movies

This concludes the roll of 27 Sandra Bullock movies. These Sandra Bullock movies are among the best-directed and-acted films ever made. These films have a perfect combination of mind-blowing screenplays, well-versed acting that keep you on the edge of the seat.

Make sure to watch these fantastic Sandra Bullock movies and feel the real versatility of this finest actress. In the comments section below, tell us about your favorite Sandra Bullock movies.


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