25 Samuel Leroy Jackson Movies That You Can’t Miss Out

Jan 2, 2021 5 min read

‘All movies aren't fun, some are hard work. You try to do something and convey a set of emotions that have to do with some real-life kind of stuff’ with his strong thoughts he has been into many movies and the result seems truly amazing.

Samuel L Jackson is an American actor and producer who was born in 1948. In his 48 years of his career, he has delivered some phenomenal performances that are worth watching. His works are truly amazing because of his way and style of delivering a performance which makes it unique to watch.

In this article, we have listed 25 Samuel L Jackson movies, which speak for his exceptional acting talent. Watch these and find out yourself why is he so good:

1) The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Starting with one of the most amazing Samuel L Jackson movies is the sequel of Hitman’s bodyguard which will release in 2021, well no need to describe a movie that already has a sequeL It is an action pack movie dealing with an Interpol agent trying to prevent cyberattack.

2) The Long Kiss Goodnight

A Samuel L Jackson movie that deals with a woman named Samantha Caine who suffers from amnesia but her past begins to haunt her and then she digs into it to discover who she truly is.

3) Formula 51 

A Samuel L Jackson movie that deals with a man who discovers a drug that gives a high experience never before but in the process meets people who double-cross him and how the story unfolds is the true story involved in it.

4) Pulp Fiction

This Samuel L Jackson movie that deals with the dark realm of the underworld and how two Los Angeles mobsters, a gangster’s wife and two petty criminals get involved in a bigger tragedy.

5) Star Wars

This Samuel L Jackson movie series is so famous that everyone is aware of, without a doubt it is because of the well-known characters played by such great actors is what made it truly worth watching.

6) Resurrecting The Champ

A movie in which story revolves around a guy named Champ played by Samuel L Jackson who was a former boxing legend Bob and a guy named Erik who is a journalist who gets inspired by him and in the process writes a biographical article on him.

7) The Caveman’s Valentine

This Samuel L Jackson movie is a suspense thriller where a homeless man named Romulus digs the cause of a boy’s death on Valentine to be a gruesome murder by a well-known photographer.

8) Avenger’s Endgame

One of the Samuel L Jackson movie  is worth a watch because of his performance as Nick Fury who was a key element in the Avenger series, as he was not present thus Samuel played his character.

9) Avengers-Infinity war 

Again he played the role of Nick Fury in this part too. Notably, a character that had small but a role worth remembering. He attracted audiences attention by playing such a crucial role in the series.

10) Captain Marvel 

He again plays Nick Fury, full name Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury who is the most respected character in the movie and he is the head of SHIELD. He is the one who created the Avengers and was a spy before that. This is one of the best and widely loved Sameul L Jackson movies. 

11) Jurassic Park

A Samuel L Jackson movie which is unforgettable and his role as Ray Arnold gave him all the praise that he deserved. The chief engineer in Jurassic park who meets an unfortunate death.

12) Unbreakable

This Samuel L Jackson movie is a movie where he plays the role of a man who has Type 1 osteogenesis imperfecta and is now a comic book theorist who has an imperfect past associated with him where he was involved in a train crash incident.

13) Hateful Eight

A Samuel L Jackson movie which is about two men who are caught in a snowstorm and they seek refuge at a small lodge where they encounter some twisted events which change their lives.

14) Legend of Tarzan 

A Samuel L Jackson movie where he played George Washington which is actually about a man named John whose wife gets abducted while investigating government’s activities and how he goes back to his Tarzan form to save her.

15) Big Game 

A Samuel L Jackson movie which is full of action scenes. This movie is about a 13-year-old boy who saves the US president by his great tact while spending time in the wild.

16) Kingsman: The Secret Service 

A classic Samuel L Jackson movie which is action as well as a comedy about a man Eggsy who faces challenges when he gets recruited as a secret agent.

17) Robocop 

Samuel L Jackson movies list also has a Sci-fi movie, which is about a terminally injured policeman who returns to the police force with his haunting memories of the past.

18) Old boy 

Well, this one in the list of Samuel L Jackson movies is a mystery thriller where a man is held captive for many years with a cellphone, money and clothes in his hands but suddenly one day gets released and discovers the ill fate following him.

19) Jumper 

Jumper is a wonderful Sci-fi Samuel L Jackson movie, where a name due to a genetic anomaly gets the power to teleport and uses it to rob banks but gets discovered by Palatins who try to kill him.

20) The Spirit

A fantasy genre film in Samuel L Jackson movie where a rookie cop returns as a spirit to track down his killer and in the process intends to clean the city from all the dark crimes.

21) 1408 

A horror genre to awaits in Samuel L Jackson movies list. 1408 is one of the Samuel L Jackson movies where a paranormal expert gets into room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel which is regarded as holding terror in it. The man confronts genuine terror while trying to solve the case.

22) Snakes on the Plane 

Well, this Samuel L Jackson movie is about an FBI agent who accompanies a man who is the key witness to testify against a mob boss and the challenges they face while doing so.

23) The Incredibles

A man who adopts a civilian identity and has a white-collar job turns to Mr Incredible and gets trapped by his evil syndrome whose family brings him back to the bright world.

24) Shaft 

Samuel L Jackson movie which shows his work as a wonderful actor in which he plays John Shaft. A character who is an FBI cybersecurity expert who wishes to uncover the truth behind his friend’s death and asks his dad to educate him for the mission.

25) XXX 

Samuel L Jackson movie where he plays Eugene Gibbons which is about a sports athlete, Xander cage who is recruited as a special agent by the government officials.

This list has 25 Samuel L Jackson movies which gradually mark his journey as an actor and his popularity growth. Watch these films to know the real acting skills behind this unaged actor who still seems in full power with his powerful performances in the movie. Happy watching!

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