Final Verdict Of Sabarimala Temple Issue: Making Religious Topic Political For Electoral Gains?

Another opportunity for politicians to churn votes.

Damini Bansal

Nov 13, 2018|4 min read


I believe everyone around is familiar with Sabarimala issue and chaotic scenario happening outside the temple. Before debating on why should women be entered or banned from the temple, let us know the backstory of Sabarimala.

What is the back story of Sabarimala? 

Managed by the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) manages Sabarimala temple who bans the entry of women aged between (10-50). According to Purana, Ayappa was born to destroy a female demon. Ayappa was a boon child of Shiva and Vishnu who had the power to do so. 

Following his fate, Ayappa killed the demon and a female Goddesses appeared from the demon body who was earlier trapped in demon’s body. 

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The female goddesses then asked Ayappa to marry her. He refuses to explain his mission is t go to Sabarimala and answer prayers of his devotee’s. But he assures her, he will marry her when kanni-swamis (first-time temple visitors) stop coming to Sabarimala.

So, if you apply your common-sense women are not allowed inside the temple because they are considered unclean during their menstrual age, but because of empathy to Malikapurathamma goddess who waits eternally for Ayappa.

Why women are banned from entering Sabarimala?

Ayappa is a celibate, and devotee’s think he should not be distracted by women and henceforth women aged between 10-50 are banned from entering the temple.

Well, here we can argue with Hanuman being a celibate too, but females of all ages are welcomed in His temple. 

Give it a rational thought, it’s an argument between an old belief system and their traditions and modern-day inquisitive people who aren’t capable to accept ‘NO’ without any rational argument.

My thoughts in Sabarimala Case:

1) If a Hindu God is practicing celibacy can’t his children (male and female) visit him?


2) Why does Hanuman Ji technically Ayappa’s brother who is also a celibate welcomes woman?


3) Can we follow religious belief blindly? If yes, then until when?


4) What happens to other temples where men are not allowed to enter?

Offense to none, but as a rational youth I am putting up questions to make myself more educated about how traditionalist and liberals can do be on the same page.

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What is so Political about it?

Well, it is unimaginable for the political parties to restrain themselves from such religious issues and churn votes out of them.

A religious issue gives two option to the political parties one is to remain on majority side well other one is to oppose the other party who is supporting the majority. Both are well-done jobs are both BJP and Congress. The ultimate aim is to make it contest of votes.

When political leader get involved in the religious issue and support faith and religion it is generally because they can make better votes staying in that side of the debate.

Presently both BJP and RSS are mutinously opposing the Supreme court verdict passed on September 28th, 2018. The verdict states that banning the entry of women into Kerala's Sabarimala temple was gender discrimination and the practice violated rights of Hindu women.

BJP is known for passing a historical nonbailable law of “triple talaq” disappointed me when it came to this issue. However, the two subjects in question are highly irrelevant for comparison. 

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Congress is no good too, earlier we have read an article on “Print” by Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram) which clearly states that Congress has taken a U-turn from being supportive of the verdict to taking the “middle ground” on the issue. 

Sabarimala case will have a huge effect on the 2019 election and thus we see political motives behind the supporters of faith and religion against the Supreme Court of India. 

When is a review of Sabarimala verdict?

In 1990 Kerala high court officially banned women from entering the temple. Where a young lawyers association filed a case again in 2006 for allowing women to enter the temple and not discriminate in gender. And in 2018 it had its verdict by the apex court of India took a non-discriminatory call. But due to protest, it is to be reviewed by on 13th November 2018.

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