Rockstar Movie Songs & Dialogues That Are Still Winning Hearts

Nadaan parindey ghar aaja!

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Imtiaz Ali is known for making movies catering to the audience chasing their dreams or adjusting their lives with their dreams. Rockstar movie is one of those jewels.

Released on November 11 in 2011, that is 11/11/11, Imtiaz Ali already made sure that people treat it special, and no doubt they did.

Rockstar movie shows a life of a teenager who had everything in his life except a goal. Moreover, he was also single and doesn't have a love life.

The journey of Janardhan Jakhar(just another teenage boy) to Jordan(a rockstar) won everyone's hearts. Ranbir Kapoor did justice to the character and played a fantabulous role as the lead cast in the movie. Nargis Fakhri was the lead female cast as Heer Kaul in the Rockstar movie. 

Janardhan Jakhar | Jordan | Rockstar Movie

It would be unfair to reveal the story of the movie here. If you have already watched it, then I suppose you must be able to relate to the above content, and if not, you must watch it.

One of the important ingredients of a successful movie is music. The Rockstar movie has the best of these guys in the industry for it. A. R. Rahman, Neeraj Shridhar, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were the music directors. 

No doubt, the album has to be a hit. Even after more than a decade, I can assure you, a lot of us must be having these songs on our playlist.

Let's have a look at the iconic songs of the Rockstar movie:

1. Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Talking about today's generation, one thing you'll hear from all the older people is that, "We are Rebels!" And the main reason behind it is the reasoning we do before accomplishing any task, at least that's what I think.

Sadda Haq from Rockstar movie became an anthem for this generation as everyone could relate to it.

Marzi se jeene ki bhi main

Kya tum sabko arzi doon

Matlab ki tum sab ka mujh pe

Mujh se bhi zyada haq hai

Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh

2. Kun Faya Kun

Kun Faya Kun | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Kun Faya Kun from Rockstar movie is another treasure from the album. It is a Sufi song and will bless your ears with its soulful music and lyrics.

Kun Faya Kun | Rockstar

Mann ke, mere yeh bharam Kachche, mere yeh karam

Leke chale hain kahaan, Main to jaanu hi na,

Tu hai mujh mein samaaya, kahaan leke mujhe aaya,

Main hoon tujh mein samaaya, tere peeche chala aaya,

Tera hi main ik saaya, tune mujhko banaya,

Main toh jag ko naa bhaaya,

Tune gale se jagaya, haq tu hi hai khudaya,

Sacch tu hi hai khudaya aa,

Kun faaya kun

3. Naadan Parindey

Naadan Parindey | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

The deep and soulful lyrics will give you goosebumps. This song reflects the pain and loneliness that a listener can feel it.

Rockstar movie had an album, which can turn anyone, despite their age, fall for it.

Koi bhi le rasta, tu hai tu mein basta

Apne hi ghar aayega tu

O Nadaan,

O Nadaan parindey ghar aaja

4. Phirse Ud Chala

Phir Se Ud Chala | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

We all have regrets in life! This song from the Rockstar movie can be an optimistic reply to all of them.

Mitti jaise sapne yeh, kitna bhi palkon se,

jhaado phir aa jaate hain,

Itne saare sapne kya kahoon

Kis tarah se maine, tode hain chode hain,

Kyun, Phir saath chale, mujhe leke ude yeh Kyun!

5. Tum Ho

Tum Ho | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Suzanne D’Mello

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

This one is a romantic track from the Rockstar movie. The simplicity of the song creates soothing vibes.

Kahin se, kahin ko bhi,

Aao bewajah chale, 

Poochhe Bina, kisi se Ham mile!

6. Jo Bhi Mai

Jo Bhi Mai | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Rockstar movie has a unique and versatile music album. Every song is simply perfect in its way. This song can be the perfect track for an overthinker.

Kabhi mujhe lage ki jaise,

Saara hi ye jahaan hai jaadu,

Jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai ye

Fiza, Ghata, Hawa, Baharein

Mujhe kare, ishaare ye, Kaise kahoon,

Kahani main innki, Jo bhi main kehna chahoon,

Barbaad kare alfaaz mere!

7. Aur Ho

Aur Ho | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Alma Ferovic

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Aur Ho from Rockstar movie is an intimate romantic song. One can feel the boldness along with helplessness while listening to it.

Is lamhe me kya kar doon main,

Jo mujhe chain mile, aaram mile,

Aur ho, aur ho, saans ka shor ho,

Aanch bhi aur badhe!

8. Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Hawa Hawa from the Rockstar movie is a storytelling song. The song is performed on a street portraying the plot of the movie with a few tweaks.

Sone ki deewaren, Mujhe khushi naa ye de paayein,

Aye aazadi de de mujhe, Mere Khuda….

Le le tu daulat aur kar de riha,

Hawa Hawa!

9. Katiyan Karun

Katiyan Karun | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Sapna Awasthi, Harshdeep Kaur

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

The song expresses the joy of freedom. We all love to sing and dance when we are overjoyed with happiness. Nargis is seen doing the same in this song from the Rockstar movie.

Nachdi Phirun Tap Di Phirun, Killi Main Napdi Phiru,

Hadd Karun Hadd Karun Hadd Karun Roon Roon!

10. Sheher Mein

Sheher Mein | Rockstar Movie Song

Singer: Mohit Chauhan, Karthik

Lyricist: Irshad Kamil

Music: A. R. Rehman

Sheher Mein is a fun song. The other tracks from the Rockstar movie are so good that this gets overshadowed.

Sheher mein hun main tere,

Aake mujhe mil toh le,

Dena na tu kuch magar,

Aake mera dil toh tu lele jaana!

The music album of the Rockstar movie is one of the best to date. Now, let's look at the iconic dialogues from this masterpiece of Imtiaz Ali.

1. Tu Na, badi cool lagti Hai Mujhe, aur hot bhi kitni hai tu, Kamal combo hai na? hot cool same time!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

This dialogue from the Rockstar movie is a nice startup line to approach a girl. (Singles can a take note)

2. I love you, girlfriend Banja Meri!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

Beating around the bush is useless. Go direct and use this Rockstar movie dialogue to propose your love straightaway.

3. Dil todne ki Machine hai ye!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

The character of Jordon and his immense love for Heer have made him a short-tempered man. He used all his emotions in his songs. 

We can relate this dialogue to a lot of songs from the Rockstar movie.

4. Wo dusre type ki zindagi hoti hai jo insaan ko kalakaar bana deti hai!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

It's never easy to dream big or chase your passion for a middle-class person. This Rockstar movie dialogue is from one of them.

5. Tere liye pagalpan hoga class bunk karna ya golgappe kha lena, itna karke sochti hogi, oh my god aaj to bahot crazy kar liya maine!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

Fun has a different meaning to every individual. Some have fun just by sitting at home while some have it while going out.

This dialogue from the Rockstar movie is said to Heer, who is supposed to be a sincere student, in the college.

6. Kabhi dil toota? Kabhi pyaar bhi hua tujhe? Sochna pade to kya ghanta pyaar hua!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

This Rockstar movie dialogue is for all teenagers! I guess we all have gone through a stage when our friends question this!

7. Tute huye dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai, jab dil ki lagti hai, Tukde tukde hote hai, Tab aati hai jhankaar!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

Songs without emotions are of no use. This Rockstar movie dialogue express the same.

8. Jab Dil tootta hai, Halak se niwala nahi utarta hafto tak!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

We all have a different way of dealing with our heartbreaks. But a common way is by not eating food. It's not like one does not want to eat it, but when a heart breaks, one loses its senses for a while. This dialogue from the Rockstar movie is a reference to it.

9. Jab tak taklif na ho na life me, koi bada nahi banta!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

I guess, the first thing that comes to our mind after reading this is, "Thukra ke mera Pyaar, mera inteqaam dekhegi!"

This Rockstar movie dialogue wants to convey that emotions have a lot of potentials. We can do, even the most difficult tasks, if we are emotionally attached to them. 

10. Shiddat Honi chahiye Pyaar mein!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

We all can agree to this Rockstar movie dialogue. Without difficulties and dedication, love cannot grow strong!

11. Tu list bana, jitne bhi ye tere keedein hai na, un sab ki list, maa kasam shaadi se pehle saare maar daalenge!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

That's what a true friend does! This Rockstar movie dialogue is proof of a strong bond of friendship.

12. Ye koi pyaar vyaar nahi hai, dil ka tootna nahi hai, ocha pan hai ye!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

A sarcastic dialogue from the Rockstar movie.

13. Ye bada jaanwar hai, ye aapke chhote pinjare mein nahi samayegaa!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

When your potential is pure and big, people can see it even without you pointing it out.

This Rockstar movie dialogue is used for Jordan.

14. Mai jaati hu pehle, phir tum aa jana! Prague me milke gandh machayenge! Ye plan theek hai.

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

The stupid promises we make with friends. This Rockstar movie dialogue is of them.

15. Puchna Mat Kuch bhi, warna mai Sachh bol dungi!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

A lot of time times we know what we are doing is not right but due to circumstances, we have to do it! This dialogue from the Rockstar movie is from one such situation!

16. Ye plan theek hai ya abhi bhaag chale?

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

The constant fight between mind and heart is experienced by all. This Rockstar movie dialogue was said by Heer just before her marriage. 

17. Jaldi me ho? Theek se gale lagao, zor se!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

What's the point of a hug if we can't feel it! This dialogue from the Rockstar movie is for the people who are in a hurry and hug as a formality.

18. Ye kuch aur hai, jo tujhe aur mujhe saath laa raha hai! Reh nahi paaye na ham alag!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

Soulmates can't be separated for long. This dialogue from the Rockstar movie says the same.

19. Mai aaj itni badi hasti hoon Heer, star hoon mai, itne saare paise hai mere paas, Famous hoon! Par pata hai sirf Jalan hai mere andar, bechaini hai!

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

The frustration of achieving everything yet feeling helpless is expressed through this Rockstar movie dialogue.

20. Pata hai… Yahaan se bahut door, ghalat aur sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai, main wahaan milunga tujhe! 

Rockstar Movie Dialogues

The above written is a Rumi Shayari. Imtiaz Ali has used a lot of his shayaris in all his movies. This concludes the list of dialogues from the Rockstar movie.

Rockstar movie is an emotion. The songs, dialogues, storyline, and literally everything is just perfect. Movies like these are just made once in an era. It is a must-watch.

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Rockstar | Ranbir Kapoor Movies

I hope, we get to see a lot more such movies, not just from Imtiaz Ali but from other directors as well.

Rockstar movie is one of my favorites, and I loved everything about it, do let me know your favorite part from the movie. The songs, dialogues, or the cast, what did you like the most?


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