25 Lip Smacking Punjabi Food That You Cannot Miss

Punjabiyan di shaan aur pakwaan!

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A food lover is always keen on trying out new tasty stuff. Food has magic in itself. There is a saying that the key to someone's heart is through delicious food. Food, especially Indian food, has its essence of spices and the love and blessing of every cook's hands, making the food super yummy. 

Let us focus on Punjabi food. Punjabi food is so authentic and tasty that it will make your heart sing Bale Bale!

For your lip-smacking Punjabi journey, This article has the 25 best Punjabi food to try and suggest to others.

The article has three parts- Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, and Sweet Dishes or desserts. 

Let us quickly start by tasting the Vegetarian Punjabi food.


1. Chole-Bhature

Chole-Bhature | Famous Punjabi Food

When we talk about the best Punjabi food, Chole Bhature will always be on the top of the list. Hot-hot Bhaturas taste the best with masaledar Choles and onions to add flavor, the best combination to try. 

2. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka | Famous Punjabi Food

All the Paneer dishes originate from Punjab. This Punjabi food is a mouth-watering starter perfect to start your yummy journey with Paneer Tikka. The dairy product paneer with exotic Punjabi masalas to add essence and flavor is one of the best starters to try. 

3. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal | Famous Punjabi Food

Rajma Chawal is authentic Punjabi food. Rajma Chawal is best suited when you go to a Punjabi's house and wish to eat something traditional. Rice is famous across India. The dal that we combine with rice differs from place to place. Do try Rajma Chawal. I am sure you will keep licking your fingers.

4. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha | Famous Punjabi Food

Aye Haye Aloo ke Paranthe, Punjabiya di Shaan hai! Aloo Paratha is a Punjabi breakfast. A wholesome Paratha with butter melting over it is a killer combination you will remember Punjabi food for a lifetime

5. Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi

Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi | Famous Punjabi Food

A perfect combination of hot onion pakoras and Kadhi is worth trying. The Kadhi has a tadka of Punjabi style and Punjabi flavors, making this Punjabi food popular amongst everyone.

6. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani | Famous Punjabi Food

This Punjabi food is their specialty. Dal Makhani is every Indian's heartbeat. Everyone, right from kids to elders, loves eating Dal Makhani.

7. Sarson ka Saag

Sarson ka Saag | Famous Punjabi Food

When Punjabi food is the topic, how can we forget the big sarso ke khet of Punjab? The authentic food of Punjab considers Sarson ka saag as their king. Do try this Punjabi dish. 

8. Makki ki Roti

Makki ki Roti | Famous Punjabi Food

When we talk about Sarson ka Saag then how can we neglect Makke ki, Roti? Sarson ka Saag is best with Makki ki Roti. The combination of Sarson ka Saag and Makke ki Roti is unbeatable. Makki ki Roti is the queen of authentic Punjabi food. 

9. Masala Chana 

Masala Chana | Famous Punjabi Food

Channa Masala or Masala Chana is similar to Chole Bhature. The masala and Punjabi spices make this Punjabi food a bingo to try.

10. Bread Pakora

Bread Pakora | Famous Punjabi Food

A great snack to start your day. Bread pakora that too of Punjabi style will leave you in the essence of its delicacy for the whole day.

11. Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta | Famous Punjabi Food

Baingan Bharta is a common dish. But have you tried Punjabi style Baingan Bharta? If not, then make sure to try it, an authentic and wholesome Punjabi food to remember forever.

12. Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo | Famous Punjabi Food

Aloo with the Jeera tadka makes Jeera Aloo a perfect mouth-watering dish. It tastes the best with the spices of Punjab. It will leave you spellbound when you taste it making you crave for Punjabi food.

13. Mutter Paneer

Mutter Paneer | Famous Punjabi Food

As I mentioned before, the bond between Paneer and Punjab is unbreakable. Paneer is the heart of Punjab. Mutter Paneer and its gravy, umm delicious Punjabi food.

14. Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha | Famous Punjabi Food

We discussed Parathas and their delicacies before. Amritsari Kulcha is one of the Paratha-type Punjabi foods that you must try. Potato filling and refined flour make this dish an extravagant one.


15. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken | Famous Punjabi Food

Punjabis and chicken are unbreakable. Every Punjabi is a Chicken lover. Creamy gravy with chicken and the best of spices makes this Punjabi food everyone's favorite.

16. Tikka

Tikka | Famous Punjabi Food

Tikka or Chicken Tikka is a delicious starter. In case you wish to have a complete non-veg meal. Then start with Tikka to make it an unforgettable meal.

17. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken | Famous Punjabi Food

Chicken, chicken and chicken, Punjabiyan di shaan hai. Tandoori Chicken has its magic wand that affects all non-veg lovers. 

18. Chicken Kadhai

Chicken Kadhai | Famous Punjabi Food

Chicken Kadhai with its zaikedar Punjabi spices is one of the Punjabi foods to try. It is spicy and very delicious.

19. Murgh Musallam Chicken Curry

Murgh Musallam Chicken Curry | Famous Punjabi Food

Chicken lovers are fond of the curry too. The Punjabi-style Chicken delicacy makes everyone forget all their stress and makes you enjoy this dish.

20. Amritsari Fish

Amritsari Fish | Famous Punjabi Food

Fish lovers, do not worry. 

No one has neglected you. Punjabi food also offers the best Amritsari-style fish leaving you happy and content. 

21. Bhatti Da Murgh Pindiwala

Bhatti Da Murgh Pindiwala | Famous Punjabi Food

Bhatti da Murg pindiwala is a famous roadside Punjabi food to try and enjoy. Sometimes the chicken is barbecued, and sometimes it is not. 

Desserts/Sweet Dishes:

22. Amritsari Lassi

Amritsari Lassi | Famous Punjabi Food

Let us quickly move on to sweet delicacies starting with Amritsari Lassi being the first on the list of Punjabi food. Punjabis are proud of their Lassi. This sweet and cold combination of thick Lassi makes everyone fall in love with its taste, demanding more and more.

23. Shakkar Para

Shakkar Para | Famous Punjabi Food

A great sweet snack to try. Shakkar Para can taste best when tried with tea. 

24. Pinni

Pinni | Famous Punjabi Food

A perfect dessert is Pinni. Winters are suited for making Pinni. A blend of desi ghee, dry fruits, and lots of sweetness describes Pinni the best.

25. Karma Prashad

Karma Prashad | Famous Punjabi Food

As the name suggests, Karma Prashad is a Prashad at Gurudwaras for langars. The Golden temple is very famous for this Punjabi delicacy. Do visit, pray, and enjoy the essence of Prashad.

With this, we come to an end to this delicious journey of Punjabi foods. Do try all the mentioned delicacies and enjoy your fill. Punjabi food is like Punjabis, fully energetic and spicy. Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, or even it be sweets, Punjabi food is one of the best among all authentic cuisine,

I hope you enjoyed this article. Comment down your favorite Punjabi food dish. Do like and share with food lovers. 

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