Punctuality In Business

The wealth is meeting on time

Victoria Mineva

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If time is money, then wealth is meeting on time

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After learning the importance of human attitude it is good to understand that being on time for business meetings and even dates is a gesture that people treasure the other person.

When a meeting is planned, it's better to go on it earlier or on time. Daily life is busy, and people should treasure others' time and their own. This show that the connection between two persons is significant.

When it comes to professional meetings, punctuality shows care and understanding for the business contact.

Respecting business time is a clear sign that eventual new partners are trustworthy and will not disappoint their prospects.

When I had meetings with clients - before and now, I was punctual. That built my serious reputation. That made me look like a good and stable advisor. In my life, I had maybe four times come late for a business meeting, and I felt like a betrayer. People should put themselves in the shoes of the one person they're meeting to understand what it feels like to be late and waste time.

How would they feel if their experience happened to the person they go to meet?

When it comes to personal dates, punctuality shows attraction and interest in meeting the beloved person. I dare say punctuality is the key to success on the love front more than gifts or flowers. It shows the love partner can not wait to meet their lover.

One of my ex-boyfriends always was late, and that showed me he does not care to spend much time with me. I treasure the quality time together. That was one of the reasons to broke up with him.

However, people are not born with punctuality. They create it. I will share how I created my punctuality habit, and I hope it will be useful.

Reminders, Alarms, or Writing in a personal calendar is a must when it comes to becoming punctual.

Reminders and alarms should be set to the early hours whenever people are sure they will be ready to meet the prospect on time. It could be 1 or 2 hours before the actual appointment. Writing a personal calendar is connected with the daily checking habit of a to-do list which is also a must in every business. Many distractions for going on time to a meeting may avoid. When they are avoided, the expression between business partners remains good.

Punctuality also can be compared to cleaning the shoes. If the shoes are not clean, it is not pretty. Going outside with a whole set of clean clothes, a smile, perfect makeup, and the right shoes, the half of the meeting in every kind is a success. But when the small details like dirty shoes pop up, the image changes immediately. It is well-known that the devil is in the details.

Do you want the details to ruin your long-term business commitment?

Being punctual in business is one of the main leverages for stability and charisma that are important for any business.

Another trick for staying punctual is to think first ''Will I feel good if my newest order comes late?" The answer will make people re-think their punctuality.

Punctuality is tightly connected with self-discipline too. When this phenomenon presents itself, the business goes smoothly. If it's not present, it is a matter of time before the business connection dies by the shown lack of respect toward lazy and late-coming attitude.

I like to give a portion of food for thinking.

Thank you for reading.


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