Pulwama Attack Mobilization: Young Voters Mislead By Patriotic Illusion

Poor they who are fooled!

Zainab Siddiqui

Zainab Siddiqui

Feb 25|4 min read

More than a week after several attacks and cases of intimidation were reported on Indian Kashmiris in the wake of the Pulwama attack, the civil unrest across India is not finding a comma or a full stop.

Why is India on the roads?

The 2019 general elections are just a month away and the nation is roaring in anger, showing their resentment in wake of the Pulwama attack. There are candle marches on the roads of nearly every recognized city on the Indian map. And each of these cities would participate in the upcoming 2019 elections. 

Not only this, there are rallies and protests, with the tricolor in hand and revolutionary slogans, too. If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to reach the hot spots for this ‘limelight gain presentation’. 

The hot spots for these are the boundaries and gates of government buildings and popular roundabouts of the cities. You will be able to identify them very easily. Here are the traits that will help you in the identification:

They will be screaming on the top of their voice (which will never come out if they are asked to replace even one soldier of the Indian army), 

They will be waving the tricolor (which they will leave to face the dust once the show is over), and 

They will be making smart videos (otherwise the social media sensation won’t be made.)

Please don’t laugh now. I am telling you what I observed since the Pulwama attack posters, pictures and slogans began circulating, and of course, India came on the roads to show its anger.

Why has Indian youth become so dysfunctional? 

Had our National Leaders been alive, they would have been proud to see the patriotism in these youngsters. The only good that Pulwama attack did was to unite the Hindus and Muslims as Indians – note it – the propagation of ‘we are Indians’ feeling was the only good thing that happened. 

Remembering our national leaders, I went back to the first war of independence - the revolt of 1857. I realized we were never so disillusioned and disoriented, as we are today. Politics has made our youth especially abled – they are blind, they are deaf and even dumb.

When our national leaders were fighting for independence, they dreamt of an India that could sustain itself and take a stand for itself. Little did they know that the youth of India, the building blocks of our nation, would be misled and misused for political purposes. 

Why Indian youth becomes the fodder for politics?

The politicians view the Indian youth as the ‘free citizens’ of the nation. The working class and the rich folks would never come on the roads to protest. Thus, when it's time to build them, the Indian youngsters are busy presenting on the roads. 

But this isn't sad. The sad part is that they don't know the depth of the issue for which they are protesting. If we happen to ask any one of them about the incident - they would not be able to give the correct information. 

All they know is to follow the instructions and scream and revolt - for nothing substantial or sustainable. Most of them go on the roads for a good social media highlight. I have seen many clicking selfies in the midst of the protest.

Is this the real kind of protest?

No, it isn’t. To me, this is a theatre act. Real protest requires hardships, determination, and sacrifice. In all these presentations on the roundabouts and outside the government building, all these elements are missing. Instead, it has unacceptable elements – fun, glamour and time boundations.

These limelight protests, which are causing mobilization of Youth (formation of mobs and protests) is a huge loss in every manner.

Economic loss - they aren't working or generating any income while protesting on roads

Social loss - they aren't going in the right direction while marching on roads

Energy loss - they aren't doing anything productive while on roads, and even

Political loss - we aren't going to get any good leaders out of this limelight protests

What good is this mobilization for?

In simple words, this is organized destruction and liberalized degradation. When the nation's youth is on the roads, blocking police vans and ambulances, in protest of something they are clueless about, we aren't going to achieve supreme, powerful India.

But the politicians don’t give a damn to this. They simply don’t care. All they care is about the votes. This mobilization of youth is a planned strategy for vote gain by the politicians. 

So this mobilization is good for vote gain from youth, as now they want the BJP government to come back again and execute Surgical Strike 2, to stop the Indus river waters from reaching Pakistan and even to make more soldiers martyrs.

They are simply misled by the illusion of patriotism.

Zainab Siddiqui

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