15 Best Programming Languages That You Must Know

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Programming Language is a computer language for expressing instruction in digital language. Today, Programming, Language has spread widely and it is beneficial for web developers and script languages. There are many Programming Languages which are developing day by day. So here we will discuss some best of them.

Here are some top Programming Languages that you must learn about further.

#1. JavaScript


Java Script is the most popularly used Programming Language in 2022. This Programming Language's original name was Mocha lately it remained Java Script. It is used for making web pages static, dynamic and interactive on websites Facebook, Gmail, etc.

• Pros - It is fast, simple, and versatile.

• Cons - Less secure.


#2. Python


Python is the most trustable Programming Language to learn in 2022. It is popularly used for machines and deep learning programs. This Programming Language can also be used to create games, mobile applications, and many more.

• Pros - Good in code readability.

• Cons - Not suitable for mobile developing applications.



#3. Java


Java, the easiest Programming Language spread all over the world. This Programming Language tells about how classes and objects work. The electronics and mobile operating systems use apps made on this program.

• Pros - Easy to learn, write, and versatile.

• Cons - Consume more memory.



#4. Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails is an easier Programming Language to build websites and applications. It is a new technology compared to others. This Programming Language is straightforward to learn about open-source.

• Pros - Helpful tools and libraries.

• Cons - Comparatively slow.


#5. PHP


PHP is an open-source programming language. This Programming Language is used for developing data-heavy, dynamic, and many more. It is one of the popular web page languages and programming languages.

• Pros - Easy to learn, use, and a great operating system.

• Cons - Error handling features are not good.



#6. C++


C++ is mostly used and a popular Programming Language widespread. This Programming Language is the extension of the language C. Advanced games and game engines use C++. It is also used on desktop applications.

• Pros - Simple, portable, and scalable.

• Cons - No automatic garbage cleaner.



#7. CSS


CSS is another Programming Language which is helpful for every developer. This Programming Language CSS stands for Cascading Style Steel. CSS is the mother of all Programming Languages.

• Pros - Simple for beginners.

• Cons - Possibility for cross-browser issues.



#8. C#


C# is pronounced as C-Sharp. This Programming Language has the NET framework to build Windows applications. It is extensively used in the backend, and mobile, development. It is the best website coding language.

• Pros - Ideal for all web development.

• Cons - Less flexible.



#9. Go


Go or Golang, an open-source Programming Language. It was developed in 2007. This Programming Language allows the development and secure web applications. It has excellent memory safety.

• Pros- Easy to learn and a high performer.

• Cons- Lack of flexibility.



#10. C


C is the oldest Programming Language. It is used for the development and various operating system. This Programming Language was created in the 1970s. It was the first Programming Language which was published.

• Pros- Powerful and efficient Language.

• Cons- Lack of OOP's concept.



#11. TypeScript


It is an open-source Programming Language developed by Microsoft in 2012. According to Github, it is a wanted Programming Language in web development. It is a type of safe language.

• Pros- Support the OOP concept.

• Cons- Require additional learning.



#12. SQL


SQL or Structural Query Language is a programming language based on the database. This Programming Language comes 3rd in the list of most used languages. More than 50% of people and developers use this Programming Language.

• Pros- Easily accessible, functional.

• Cons- Works well only with a small database.




#13. HTML


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the founder of web development. It is the second most commonly Programming Language in 2022. It provides structure to web pages and is lightweight.

• Pros - Easy to learn and implement.

• Cons - Not possible to create dynamic pages.



#14. Scala


This Programming Language is grouped in the Java family. It is the latest addition to the Programming Language. This Programming Language is great for data analysis. It has great IDE support.

• Pros - Easy to learn.

• Cons- Limited community support.



#15. Objective-C


This Programming Language was developed in 1972. It is the first choice of programmers and a popular programming language. This programming language is used for coding the IOS operating system.

• Pros - Powerful, flexible and fast.

• Cons - Does not support error detection.



Here we complete the list of the Best Programming Languages for today's generation of people and developers. These may help you in many fields whether you are a beginner or a master.

So, choose a Programming Language that attracts your interest.


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