46 Presidents of The United States of America (USA) With Great Personalities

Ojesvi Singh
Jan 5, 2021 8 min read

The US just held the 46th presidential election and elected Joe Biden. We have seen a long history of presidents of the usa since 1789. William Henry Harrison had the shortest term of 31 days due to his abrupt death. The longest term was that of Franklin Roosevelt, which lasted for over 12 years. 

George Washington, the first president, was the only one to have remained unaffiliated to any party. After the twenty-second amendment was passed, no candidate was elected more than once. Each president came with a little transformation of the system. Let us have a look at the 46 presidents and the people affiliated with them through their tenures. 

1. George Washington

Unaffiliated to any party, he served from 30th April 1789 till March 4 1797. Jon Adams was the vice president then. Martha Washington was the first lady. 

2. John Adams

His term ended on the 4th of March 1801. He was a federalist. Abigail Adams became the first lady at age 52. The then vice president, who was also the succeeding president, Thomas Jefferson was Democratic-Republican. 

3. Thomas Jefferson

Serving an 8-year tenure till March 4 1809, the democratic-republican president had 2 vice presidents. Aaron Burr served till 1804 and George Clinton held his position after Jefferson’s tenure ended. Martha Jefferson was the first lady.

4. James Madison

Another democratic-republican, James Madison saw an 8-year long tenure beginning from March 4, 1809, till March 4, 1817, with first lady Dolley Madison. Both George Clinton and Elbridge served as vice presidents, the latter being the successor. However, the vice president’s position remained vacant for a significant time. 

5. James Monroe

Affiliated to the democratic-republican party, he was the president from 1817-1825. Elizabeth Monroe was 48 when she became the first lady. Daniel D. Hopkins was the vice president during his entire tenure. 

6. John Quincy Adams

Initially a Democratic-Republican and later a National-Republican, he saw a 4-year tenure from 1825 to 1829, with Louisa Catherine Adams as the first lady. John C. Calhoun was elected vice president in the year 1824. 

7. Andrew Jackson

The first president from the democratic side began serving on March 9, 1829, and ended his tenure on March 4, 1837. Martin Van Buren succeeded John C. Calhoun as the vice president during this time, although the position was left vacant for a brief period following 28th December 1832. His niece, Emily Donelson was the first lady, later succeeded by Sarah Jackson in 1834. 

8. Martin Van Buren

Buren was also among the democratic presidents of usa. His presidency lasted for 4 years, from March 1837 to March 1841. The vice president then was Richard Mentor Johnson. Sarah Angelica Van Buren became the first lady after the position was left vacant till 1838.

9. William Henry Harrison

Affiliated to the Whig Party founded by Henry Clay, Harrison saw a short tenure of March 4, 1841, to April 4, 1841. His then vice president would become the next president. Anna Tuthill Harrison and Jane Harrison were the first ladies.

10. John Tyler

John Tyler was also associated with the Whig Party. His wife, Letitia Tyler was the first lady. Elizabeth Priscilla Tyler succeeded her after her death in 1842 and was later replaced by Julia Tyler. He kept the vice president’s position vacant throughout his tenure, which ended on March 4, 1845. During his tenure, he left the Whig Party and remained unaffiliated. 

11. James K Polk

The presidency of James Polk lasted for 4 years, from March 1845 to March 1849. He was a republican and ran the country with vice president George M. Dallas and first lady Sarah Polk.  

12. Zachary Taylor

The affiliate of Whig party held the presidency for a little over a year, His tenure ended on 9th July 1850, under the vice president Millard Fillmore who succeeded him. Margaret "Peggy" Mackall Taylor served as the first lady. 

13. Millard Fillmore

He belonged to the Whig Party. He served till March 4, 1853, and served without a vice president throughout his tenure. Abigail Fillmore became the first lady at age 52. 

14. Franklin Pierce

Supporting the democratic party, Pierce held the presidency till March 4, 1857, with wife and first lady, Jane Means Pierce. The then vice president was William R. King, and the position was left vacant after 18th April 1853.

15. James Buchanan

The democratic party affiliate served from March 1857 to March 1861 with vice president John C. Breckinridge. The first lady was Harriet Rebecca Lane.

16. Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s term was a little over four years, beginning in March 1861 and ending in April 1865 with Mary Lincoln as the first lady. He was initially a Republican and switched to the National Union later. Hannibal Hamlin served as the vice president first, followed by Andrew Johnson. He is one among the most renowned presidents of usa. 

17. Andrew Johnson

Johnson was affiliated to the National Union and joined the Democratic Party later. His presidency lasted almost four years, till March 4, 1869. No vice president was elected during his term. Eliza Johnson was the first lady.

18. Ulysses S. Grant

The Republican president saw an 8-year long tenure ending on March 4 1877. Henry Wilson was the vice president for some years, and the position was vacant following November 22, 1875. The first lady was his wife, Julia Boggs Grant. The next 3 presidents after Grant were all Republicans. 

19. Rutherford B. Hayes

The former US president ran the country with vice president William A. Wheeler till 1881. Lucy Ware Hayes became the first lady at age 45.

20. James A. Garfield

The Republican president and first lady Lucretia Garfield had a short tenure of 6 months, ending on 19th September 1881. The then vice president Chester A. Arthur proceeded to become the 21st president.

21. Chester A. Arthur

Arthur governed the country for nearly four years, ending his tenure on March 4, 1885. He was one of the presidents of usa with no vice president throughout his tenure. His sister Mary Arthur McElroy was the first lady.

22. Grover Cleveland

Cleveland was affiliated to the democratic party. He ran the US alongside vice president Thomas A. Hendricks till November 25, 1885. The position of vice president was left vacant after that and Cleveland continued his tenure till March 4, 1889. His sister, Rose Elizabeth Cleveland was the first lady during this time.

23. Benjamin Harrison

The Republican president had a tenure of 4 years, ending on 4th March 1893 alongside vice president Levi P. Morton. The first lady was Caroline Lavinia Harrison until she died in 1892, after which Mary Scott Harrison McKee served as the de facto first lady. 

24. Grover Cleveland

Cleveland got elected again and became the only US president to have served two non-consecutive terms. The vice president Adlai Stevenson I retained his position till the end of Cleveland’s tenure on 4th March 1897. His wife Frances Clara Cleveland became the first lady at age 21.

25. William McKinley

He served till September 14, 1901. Vice president Garret Hobart was in position till November 21, 1899, after which it was vacant until Theodore Roosevelt got elected in 1900. Ida McKinley was the first lady. William Mckinley was a republican.

26. Theodore Roosevelt

Formerly the vice president, Roosevelt was also a republican. In his nearly 9-year tenure with first lady Edith Kermit Roosevelt, there was no vice president till Charles W. Fairbanks started serving in 1905.

27. William Howard Taft

Affiliated with the republican party, Taft was the president till March 4, 1913. His first lady was Helen Taft. James S. Sherman was the vice president until the position became vacant in October 1912. 

28. Woodrow Wilson

The democratic president served till March 4, 1921, with vice president Thomas R. Marshall. During his eight-year term, he saw three consecutive first ladies, Ellen Louise Wilson, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, and Edith Wilson. 

29. Warren G. Harding

The presidency of the republican ended on August 2, 1923. His then vice president Calvin Coolidge succeeded him. Florence Harding was the first lady. 

30. Calvin Coolidge

Another Republican, he served the country till March 4, 1929, with first lady Grace Anna Coolidge. During his nearly six-year tenure, there was no vice president till Charles G. Dawes was appointed in 1925. 

31. Herbert C. Hoover

Hoover was a republican affiliate. He had a 4-year long tenure ending in march 1933 alongside vice president Charles Curtis and first lady Lou Henry Hoover.

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt

The democratic party affiliate governed the country for 12 years alongside first lady Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. The three vice presidents, John Nance Garner, Henry A. Wallace and Harry S. Truman got elected consecutively during this period. 

33. Harry S. Truman

The former vice president was also affiliated to the democratic party. His tenure lasted till 20th January 1953. There was no vice president until Alben W. Barkley took the position in 1949. The first lady was Elizabeth Truman. 

34. Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Republican president had an eight-year tenure ending in January 1961 with wife and first lady Mamie Geneva Eisenhower. The vice president serving during this period was Richard Nixon. 

35. John F. Kennedy

His tenure was nearly three years long, ending abruptly on November 22, 1963. The vice president serving the democratic president was Lyndon B. Johnson. Jacqueline Kennedy was the first lady at age 31.

36. Lyndon B. Johnson

Until 1965, Johnson did not have a vice president. Hubert Humphery became the vice president in 1965. The tenure of the democratic president ended on January 20, 1969. His first lady was Claudia Johnson.

37. Richard M. Nixon

Nixon was affiliated to the republican party, he served for five years along with first lady Thelma Nixon, ending his term on August 9, 1974. Spiro Agnew and Gerald Ford functioned as the vice presidents consecutively. 

38. Gerald R. Ford

This president supported the republican party. He appointed Nelson Rockefeller as the vice president in 1974. The first lady was Elizabeth Ford.

39. James Earl Carter

Walter Mondale was the vice president to the democratic Carter. Carter’s tenure ended on January 20, 1981, after four years of presidency. Eleanor Rosalynn Carter served as the first lady. 

40. Ronald Reagan

Reagan was a republican president. His tenure began in January 1981 and ended on January 20, 1989. George H. W. Bush was the appointed vice president. Nancy Reagan became the first lady. 

41. George H. W. Bush

Bush succeeded Reagan and had a tenure of 4 years with wife and first lady Barbara Bush, ending on January 20, 1993. He was one of the republican presidents of usa. Dan Quayle was the vice president during this time. 

42. Bill Clinton

Clinton had an eight-year-long tenure with vice president Al Gore and first lady Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. His presidency ended on January 20, 2001. He was affiliated to the democratic party. 

43. George W. Bush

The Republican president had an eight-year-long tenure alongside first lady Laura Lane Bush, terminating in January 2009. His vice president was Dick Cheney.

44. Barack H. Obama

Obama supported the democratic party and retained the presidency for eight years with first lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama. His tenure ended on January 20, 2017, with vice president Joe Biden. 

45. Donald J. Trump

The Republican president of usa, will have had a 4-year long tenure, to be ended on January 20, 2021. The vice president is Mike Pence. The first lady as of now is Melania Trump.

46. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

The newly elected democratic president is scheduled to begin his tenure from 20th January 2021, alongside first lady-to-be Jill Biden. Kamala Harris is the first woman vice president-elect in U.S. history. 

Running a nation is not easy. The elections are crucial events deciding the course of the nation for the next few years. There have been several ups and downs in U.S. history. Many of the presidents of usa have left us with memorable lessons which are quoted to this day. The elections have been a season of debate for a long time. The latest results marked a milestone in women empowerment in American history. 

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