40 Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

For that joyous Wintery Vacation!

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India is the motherland of culture, religion and is rich in ancient attractions. India is known for its scenic beauty. India serves as the best to visit in any season. It has lush green plains, plateaus, places of historic and ancient importance, pleasant weather to enjoy, and most importantly, lip-smacking cuisine across India.

The Winter season brings along chilly winds, freshness, morning dews, and cozy comfort. Winters have their essence of mist along with hot beverages and bonfires, adding beauty to this snowy season. 

Are you thinking of waking up to a place covered with snowy capes on the mountains and the sky colorfully filled with shades of red-orange and yellow when the sun's rays touch the snowy mountains, new energy, and peace to experience? Then Winters and India is the best combination to backpack and leave. 

Here are the best places to visit in winter in India. This article provides you with a list of the 40 best places to visit in winter in India in misty Winters. 

Let us begin our wintery journey from the northern part of India:

Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu and Kashmir | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

1. Gulmarg: 

Gulmarg or also known as Gulmarg in Kashmiri is one of the best places to visit in winter in India.

It is famous for its skiing attractions.

2. Sonmarg:

Sonmarg or Sonamarg in Kashmiri. It is famous as a hill station. Sonmarg, as the name suggests, is the gold path or The Meadow of Gold. Like a painting, this place will capture your heart with its meadows and snow-capped mountains. Sonmarg- Jammu Kashmir is one of the best places to visit in winter in India.

Now moving downwards, here comes Himachal.

Himachal Pradesh:

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Himachal Pradesh | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

3. Manali: 

As soon as we talk about Himachal Pradesh, the place that strikes our mind is Manali. Another exotic site to enjoy skiing. This place is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon. Are you fond of paragliding and river rafting? Then Manali is the match where you will enjoy your winter vacations to the fullest. 

4. Shimla:

The capital city of beautiful Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. Shimla is known for its handicraft items and a Lakkar Bazaar, famous for its wooden toys. 

5. Dalhousie: 

The scenic view of pine trees and the panoramic view serves us in Dalhousie. It is a hill station. Dalhousie offers us waterfalls, dense trails of forests, and lush green areas allowing us to rest peacefully amidst it, the best place to visit in winters in India. 

6. Dharamshala:

Dharamshala is exquisite to visit. Dharamshala blesses us with exotic Tibetan culture. The Dalai Lama's hometown is Dharamshala. If you wish to preach and look at a different culture, Dharamshala is your pick. 

7. Rohtang Pass:

If you visit Manali, and you do not come across this pass. Then you did not enjoy the winter trip. One of the highest passes in Himachal Pradesh is Rohtang pass and a major tourist attraction too. You can trek, mountain climb, sled ride, and do a lot of adventures here.

The next best place to visit in winter in India is:


Uttarakhand | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

8. Mussoorie: 

The utmost tourist attraction in Uttarakhand is Mussoorie. It is well known for its gigantic waterfalls. You can find her calmness and peace of mind to carry back home. 

9. Nainital: 

Amidst beautiful snow-capped paradise, there lies Nainital spreading its essence of flowering blossoms all over. Queen of Lakes is the name given to this heart-capturing place.  

10. Auli:

An exotic destination again to enjoy the best experience of skiing. Auli offers a trill of skiing, ropeway, trekking, and much more. Auli is one of the best places to visit in winter in India

11. Binsar:

Animal lovers will love this spot. Binsar offers a habitat for animals that are getting extinct or rarely found. The main attraction of Binsar is the scenic view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. 

12. Almora:

Oaks and pine forests surround this place, making it look extinguishing beautiful. Almora is the start of many trek destinations. 

13. Rishikesh:

We are aware that Uttarakhand is known as Devbhoomi then how can we forget the pilgrim place Rishikesh. Rishikesh is known for its different temples and places of religious importance. If you visit Rishikesh, do be a part of the holy Ganga Aarti. 

14. Roopkund:

Roopkund is a lake view destination to enjoy. It is known for the trek it offers. 

If you wish to visit some exotic places in winter in India, Uttarakhand can be at the top of your list of best destinations. 


Rajasthan | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

15. Udaipur:

Udaipur, the land of the most romantic spot on the continent of India, says British administrator James Tod. Udaipur is known for its splendid palaces, Lake Pichola, and much more. It is also known as the White City because of the white marble used in castles and palaces. 

16. Jaisalmer:

The Golden City of Jaisalmer is one of the best places to visit in winter in India. Jaisalmer provides the best landscape view to remember forever. Desert camping is the main attraction of tourists.

17. Ranakpur:

Ranakpur or Jainworld, this place has fostered the culture, rituals, and traditions of Jainism. You can enjoy the cultural part of this place, and the scenic sunset view is bliss to enjoy. 

18. Jodhpur:

Jodhpur is also known as The Blue City. Jodhpur offers a view of forts, palaces, mahals, and a lot more. 


Gujarat | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

19. The Rann of Kutch:

It is a salt marsh situated in Gujarat. It is the world's largest salt desert. Rann of Kutch is the best place to visit in winter in India because of its Rann Utsav, attracting tourists worldwide. 

Further ahead, the best places to visit in India in winters from middle India are:

Uttar Pradesh:

Uttar Pradesh | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

20. Varanasi:

Varanasi is well known as the spiritual capital of India. To experience ancient religious uniqueness, Varanasi will make up for all that. 

21. Agra:

The moment you say Agra, what rushes through your mind? Yes, Taj Mahal. Agra is known for its beautiful Taj Mahal. You will get to learn more about architectural history. The symbol of Love Taj Mahal will make your winter trip memorable.

Next best place to visit this winter in India:


22. Bodh Gaya:

Bodh Gaya is a place where the ambiance fills with prayers in the air. This place is rich in Buddhist culture. If you want to explore Buddhism, this place will acquaint you with Buddhist culture and the perfect natural ambiance. 

West Bengal:

West Bengal | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

23. Darjeeling:

The essence of tea leaves is spread far and wide across Darjeeling. It is famous for its tea plantations and the toy train that is the Darjeeling Himalayan train. Calmness and peace will attain our hearts by seeing its lovely sunsets and scenic beauty. Darjeeling is an idle place for a romantic honeymoon.


24. Shillong:

It is the scenic hill station situated in Meghalaya, the land of beautiful clouds. Music is at the heart of Shillong. 

You will surely be awestruck by the waterfalls present in Shillong. A truly mesmerizing and best place to visit in winter in India.


25. Imphal:

The capital city of Manipur is Imphal. It is one of the ancient places to visit in India. Imphal has sanctuaries, zoological gardens, national parks, and forts to visit. 

Arunachal Pradesh:

26. Tawang:

Tawang is known as the land of beautiful peaks. An exotic combination of Buddhist culture and colorfully breathtaking natural beauty. Tawang is one of the best places to visit in winter in India for a memorable icy experience. 


27. Gangtok:

A beautiful hill station and the capital city of Sikkim is Gangtok. This place offers you river rafting, coolness, and peace with mist present in the air. Adventurers seeking new adventures, this place best fulfills your needs. 

Moving to the southwestern part of India, the places best suited for winter vacations are:


28. Alibaug:

Alibaug is famous for its seas and coastal area. It is a beautiful destination for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Fresh coconut waters and perfect sandcastles are the definitions of Alibaug. Water sports are a thrill to enjoy here.


29. Goa:

The DJ and party place in India is Goa. Goa is a beautiful state in India with perfect beaches and beach party provisions. Goa is the best place to visit in winter in India. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Coral reefs, watersports, and seafood is the main tourist attraction. 

Let us explore the South’s best places to visit in winter in India:


30. Hampi:

Hampi is the place where broken rocks and mounted places say a lot. Stunning ruins and Vijayanagara heritage can be joyous. Hampi Utsav is the main attraction of tourists. Hampi bazaar also attracts tourists.

31. Coorg:

The Scotland of India is Coorg. Coorg is well known for its coffee production. It is a hill station famous for mouth-watering cuisines, adventures, and luxuries. Lush greenery here captures every tourist's heart. 

32. Gokarna:

Gokarna is another land of golden sands, palm trees, and blue seas. This place is known for its Hindu pilgrimages. And newly tourists are attracted to the place's beaches and lush greenery. 


Kerala | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

33. Munnar:

Munnar is a hill station known for its tea plantations in Kerala. Forests, wildlife, sanctuaries, and much more are present here. 

The lovely weather and aroma of varied spices will make you fall in love with this place in India. 

34. Alleppey:

A combination of backwaters and houseboats best describes this place. Beautiful lagoons and water sports are a thrill to enjoy. Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East. It should be on the list of the best places to visit in winter in India.

35. Wayanad:

Wayanad is called paradise. This place also serves as the best honeymoon destination. The site offers lush greenery, blue seashores with golden sand, and freshness in every breath. 

Wayanad fills itself with plantations, wildlife, and forests.

36. Kumarakom:

Kumarakom is the best place to visit in winter in India to explore the backwaters. The bird sanctuary is present here. If you wish to live in houseboats, this place fulfills your desire. 

37. Lakshadweep:

It is India's union territory. Lakshadweep are beautiful islands to visit and rejuvenate ourselves in this winter in India.  

Different water sports and adventures draw tourists' attention. It is in the process of becoming the world's best cruise provider. 

38. Kovalam: 

The tourists who wish to visit beaches in their every tour, Kovalam is their first pick in Kerala. Special cruises, massages, water sports are a gateway that Kovalam provides. Indeed Kovalam is one the best places to visit in winter in India.

Now, coming to the end of the India wintery tour, the last state we give a visit to is:

Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu | Best Places To Visit In Winter In India

39. Pondicherry:

Beautiful beaches, sunsets, and sunrises add beauty to this place that surrounds itself near the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry is well known as The French Riviera of the East. Explorers do not forget to visit this breathtaking place in winter in India. 

40. Ooty:

Ooty is a heart-capturing place. 

It is a combination of tea plantations, hill stations, sculptures, architecture, and much more. Ooty is India's Switzerland. 

This winter, let us give our loved ones a vacation at Ooty's misty tea plantations.

Here we come to an end of this windy wintery journey. I hope you have a clear idea of which region to explore in this winter vacation. 

Let us get set backpacking to enjoy the surreal beauty when winter adds beauty to these marvelous places in India. Travelling is all about exploring beauty and ourselves in a fun manner.

Do let us know about your travel experiences to these places. Also, like and share this list of best places to visit in winter in India with your travel buds.

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