55 Places To Visit In Ahmedabad To Make It A Memorable Trip

Manchester of India!

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Ahmedabad is the most populous city within the Indian state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad's population of 5,633,927 (as per the 2011 population census) makes it the fifth-most populous city in India. Ahmedabad is found near the banks of the Sabarmati River. 

Ahmedabad has emerged as a crucial economic and industrial hub in India. It is the second-largest producer of cotton in India, thanks to which it has been referred to as the 'Manchester of India' alongside Kanpur. Cricket is a popular sport in Ahmedabad. A newly built Narendra Modi Stadium at Motera can accommodate 1,32,000 spectators, being the most important stadium in the world. 

The effects of liberalization of the Indian economy have energized the city's economy towards tertiary sector activities like commerce, communication, and construction. Ahmedabad's increasing population has resulted in a rise within the construction and housing industries leading to the development of skyscrapers.

In 2010, Ahmedabad was ranked third in Forbes's list of fastest-growing cities of the last decade. In 2012, the days of India chose Ahmedabad as India's best city to measure in. In 2020, Ahmedabad was ranked as the third-best city in India to measure by the convenience of Living Index. 

Ahmedabad has been selected together of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a sensible city under the Government of India's flagship Smart Cities Mission. In July 2017, the Historic City of Ahmedabad, or Old Ahmedabad, was declared as India's first UNESCO World Heritage City.

There are many wonderful places to visit in Ahmedabad, some of them are listed below.

1. Sabarmati Riverfront

Sabarmati Riverfront | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The first one on the list of top places in Ahmedabad is Sabarmati Riverfront. Sabarmati Riverfront may be a waterfront being developed along the banks of the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, India. 

Proposed within the 1960s, the development began in 2005. Since 2012, the waterfront is gradually opened to the general public as and when facilities are constructed and various facilities are actively under construction. The major objectives of the project are environment improvement, social infrastructure, and sustainable development. 

This place has become a serious tourist attraction due to its lush green promenades, beautiful parks and plazas, and an all-around soothing ambiance. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

2. Dada Hari Vav

Next on the list of best places to visit in Ahmedabad is Dada Hari Vav. Situated in Asarwa,15 km from Ahmedabad, the Dada Harir Vav, initially referred to as the Bal Harir Stepwell is among the 2 famous step-wells of the region. 

Established during the Mehmud Begda era, this octagonal step well designed in sandstone may be a remnant of the Solanki sort of architecture. It is an area of respite for the locals during the summers. The seven levels of the stepwell, which can be an excellent source of conservation, can also accommodate several visitors at the same time. 

Located right behind the Dada Hari grave, this unique construction showcases three stairways to the lowest of the well from the first storey. The whole structure of the Dada Harir Vav may be a masterpiece of Gujarati design and complex artistry in stone. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

3. Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Statue of Unity could also be a memorial to The Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The statue has been erected to propagate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's vision of India and to inspire the Citizens of India through his patriotism and freedom struggle. 

The Bronze statue of the founding father of the Republic of India stands 182 meters tall, grabbing the attention of the whole world due to the 'Tallest statue within the World'. The statue of Unity is found in Gujrat, by the banks of River Narmada on the River Island of Sadhu Bet overlooking the Narmada Dam (Sardar Sarovar Dam) from 3.2 km away. 

The Statue of Unity is going to be well connected via expressways, an improved rail system, and helipads for the convenience of tourists. The surrounding of the statue is proposed to be a haven for clean Industries, Research facilities, and academic institutions to enhance the economic integrity in and around the region. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

4. Swaminarayan Temple

Shri Swaminarayan Temple (also mentioned as Akshardham Temple) could also be a shrine dedicated to Narayan Dev. This splendid temple was inbuilt in the year 1822. Embellished with vivid colors and sophisticated carvings, the Swaminarayan temple could also be a wonderful example of the architecture of the nineteenth century. 

Inside the sanctum, the deities are decorated with ostentatious ornamentations and delightful fabrics. The temple attracts 1,000,000 people on the day after Diwali for darshan. The personal artifacts of Swami Narayan are also preserved for safekeeping here. The temple is additionally quite documented for its morning 'Aarti' or prayer meeting. 

The temple complex also features a multi-storey guesthouse and a medical clinic within its compound for the convenience of visitors. This temple is additionally the headquarter of the Nar Narayan Gadi, which makes it a good more revered temple among believers. 

Beautifully carved out of Burma Teak wood, the intricate detailing within the carvings of this temple makes it an engineering masterpiece. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

5. Rani ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav or 'Queen's Stepwell' may be a distinctive sort of water storage system located within the village of Gujarat called Patan, on the banks of River Saraswati. 

Believed to be the grandest stepwell within the state of Gujarat, Rani ka Vav epitomizes the height of the Maru-Gujarat style of architecture. The 900-year-old structure listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is displayed prominently within the new ₹100 currency note issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of India. In the olden days, the water of the well had medicinal properties which helped keep off diseases like viral diseases and fever. 

The well was excavated within the 1960s during a well-protected state because it was buried under a slit for sanctuaries. In addition to this, Rani Ka Vav was an important center for socializing among the locals as well as taking refuge from the heat. It's a superb example of turning something functional into a bit of art. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

6. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Sabarmati Ashram. Once the residence of Gandhi and his wife Kasturba, Sabarmati Ashram is the site where Gandhiji started the famous Dandi March from. Situated within 5km north of Ahmedabad's center, it's located on the tranquil stretch of the Sabarmati River. 

Also mentioned because the 'Gandhi Ashram', 'Mahatma Gandhi Ashram' and most significantly, 'Satyagraha Ashram', it's believed that Gandhi chose this site for it's located between a prison and a cemetery and a Satyagrahi is probably going to finish up in one among these. 

In gratitude for the substantial impact the Dandi march had on the Indian independence movement, the Indian government has recognized the Sabarmati Ashram as a national monument. The Mahatma Gandhi Ashram has several other establishments within its bounds. 

The most famous among them is the museum 'Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya' which has several of Gandhi's letters and pictures on display. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

7. Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell or Rudabai Stepwell may be a stepwell located within the village of Adalaj, Ahmedabad, and thought of as a fine example of Indian architecture work. It was inbuilt in 1498 within the memory of Rana Veer Singh, by his wife Queen Rudadevi. The Adalaj stepwell or 'Vav', because it is named in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is five stories deep. 

The history of the Adalaj step-well is established by an inscription in Sanskrit found on a marble slab positioned during a recess on the primary floor, from the eastern entry to the well. Built-in sandstone within the Solanki style of architecture, it's octagonal during a plan at the highest, built on an intricately carved sizable amount of pillars. Each floor is spacious enough to provide for people to congregate. It was dug deep to access groundwater at that level, accounting for seasonal fluctuations in water level thanks to rainfall over the years. 

The air and lightweight vents within the roofs at various floors and the landing level are within the sort of large openings. The motifs of flowers and graphics of Islamic architecture blend alright with the symbols of Hindu and Jain gods carved at various levels of the well. The dominant carvings on the upper floors are of elephants (each of a different design).

The Islamic style of architecture might be attributed to the Muslim king Begda who built it. The walls are carved with women performing daily chores like the churning of buttermilk, adorning themselves, scenes of the performance of dancers and musicians, and therefore the King overlooking these activities. An interesting depiction carved from one block of stone is of the Ami Khumbor (symbolic pot of the water of life) and therefore the Kalp Vriksha (a tree of life). 

Also seen maybe a fresco of navagraha or nine planets. These depictions are said to draw in villagers for worship during marriage and other ritualistic ceremonies. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

8. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was completed in 1451 during the reign of Sultan Qutb-ud-Din Ahmad Shah II though its origin is placed within the Chalukya period sometimes. 

A lakefront is developed around it, which has many public attractions like a zoo, toy train, kids city, tethered balloon ride, water rides, water park, food stalls, and entertainment facilities. The reservoir may be a 34-sided isogon covering a neighborhood of 76 acres and having a shore length of roughly one and 1 / 4 miles, or 2 km. It is surrounded by flights of cut stone steps and in six places, slopes, giving access to the water. 

These slopes were covered by square cupolas, each raised on 12 pillars. Kankaria Carnival is an annual week-long cultural festival organized within the last week of December since 2008. The festival includes art, dance, and music performances, social awareness programs, games, and activities for children. 

The pristine lake is right for evening strolls with multi-colored lights glowing all around its periphery. For adventure buffs, Kankaria Lake lays down a plethora of options like archery, gymnastics, and water rides. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

9. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk, a bustling city square in Ahmedabad. It is surrounded by historic structures and is taken into account as a neighborhood of Old Ahmedabad. If you've got a much bigger appetite for shopping, this is often the place to be, because Manek Chowk plays three different roles during a day. 

It is a vegetable market within the morning, a bullion market within the afternoon, and a foodies hub within the evening. It is considered India's second-biggest and busiest market. Manek Chowk is known after Saint Maneknath who is believed to have interrupted Ahmed Shah I's efforts to create Bhadra Fort in 1411. 

Today the market is estimated to possess a turnover of three million per annum. Locals consider it an apt place for hanging out with friends and family. Your look for the simplest of women's attire and accessories will end at Manek Chowk needless to say because you'll find a spread of styles, patterns, and traditional work to choose from. 

It is also best known for its Kulfi and other snacks like bhaji-pav, Dosa, Sandwiches, etc. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

10. Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Modhera is an ancient village within the state of Gujarat, famed for housing the remains of the Sun Temple built by the Chalukya dynasty may be a true historical treasure. 

The village is surrounded by a mystical aura that the Sun Temple brings along, it's also a hub for spirituality and culture. Modhera gives you a glimpse into the glory days of the royal lineage of the Chalukyas and is one of the best testaments of the architectural excellence of the past. If history entices then this place is ideal for you with the village being neck-deep in historical relics, structures, and legends. 

The Sun Temple may be a Hindu temple dedicated to the solar deity Surya. The temple complex has three components: Gudda Mandapa, the shrine hall; Sabha Mandapa, the auditorium and Kunda, the reservoir. The halls have intricately carved exterior and pillars. 

The reservoir has steps to succeed in rock bottom and various small shrines. The temple complex is made in Māru-Gurjara style (Chalukya style). The platform or plinth is inverted lotus-shaped. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

11. Bhadra Fort

Next on the list of top places to visit in Ahmedabad is Bhadra Fort. Located within the walled city of Ahmedabad, the 44 acre-Bhadra fort is composed of intricate carvings, latticework, and frescos alongside impeccable arches and inscriptions at the doorway. 

Built-in 1411 by Ahmed Shah I, the walling is claimed to have been established to guard the Gujarat Sultanate, reigned by Ahmed Shah I at the time. Bhadra Fort is claimed to inherit its names from the Bhadrakali temple installed by the Marathas here. 

This red stone-fort located along the Sabarmati river was revamped by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (the AMC) and therefore the Archaeological Survey of India (the ASI) in 2014. Bhadra Fort housed royal palaces and the beautiful Nagina Baugh and the royal Ahmed Shah's Mosque on the west side and an open area is known as Maidan-Shah on the east side. 

It had a fortified city wall with 14 towers, eight gates, and two large openings covering an area of 43 acres. The citadel's architecture is Indo-Saracenic with intricately carved arches and balconies. There are some Islamic inscriptions on the arches of the fort. 

The palace contains royal suites, the imperial court, halls, and a jail. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

12. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The Jama Masjid situated in Ahmedabad is one of the most important mosques in India inbuilt in 1424. This marvelous edifice formed a major part of the old walled city and was built by Emperor Sultan Ahmed Shah, who is the founder of Ahmedabad. In addition to being a revered shrine, Jama Masjid also houses the tombs of Ahmed Shah I, his son, and his grandson followed by the graves of the queens of the king. 

A beautiful blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture styles, the expanse of the Jama Masjid could also be a powerful sight to behold. It was constructed to serve as a personal shrine to the Sultans and took about 13 years to succeed in completion. What's interesting to notice is that the mosque was built out of stones and rubble rescued from demolished Hindu and Jain temples. 

The facade of Jama Masjid features a huge archway that welcomes you into the most complex. Made out of intricate stonework, the mosque opens into a splendid courtyard with an abolition pool right within the center. 

The most striking feature of the development is its unique meshwork within the main prayer hall, which allows enough illumination into the space with no direct sunlight. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

13. Hutheesing Jain Temple

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Hutheesing Jain Temple. Established in 1848, the Hutheesing Jain Temple is one of the foremost revered Jain temples in Ahmedabad. Dedicated to the 15th Tirthankara of Jains, Lord Dharmanath, this two-storied white marble structure is home to 11 deity sculptures, six in the basement and five in the three-bay sanctuary. 

The temple architect was Premchand Salat. The main shrine lies on the east and the temple is roofed with an enormous dome supported by twelve ornate pillars. In addition, there are 52 shrines, each adorned with a picture of a Tirthankara. The secondary shrines form an extended gallery on its three sides. The front is exquisitely ornamented by a 'dome' shaped structure. 

There is an exquisite mirror and gateway with architectural elements of haveli style including, carved balustrades, overarching balconies, chabutras, jaalis, etc. are present. The Manasthambha is sixty storeys tall and enshrines an idol of Mahavira. 

The temple apart from its rich architecture is additionally known for its rainwater harvesting structure. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

14. Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Auto World Vintage Car Museum could also be a connoisseur of over 120 vintage cars including old utility vehicles, automobiles, and ancient carriages. It is organized and maintained by the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India. 

The museum also houses a restaurant and a museum shop with ample parking and toilet facilities. The museum houses an array of royal cars and carriers ranging between 1900 to the 1970s. Most of them belonged to a number of the foremost prominent Kings or Maharajas of the time and a few notable colonizers of the country also. 

The signature exhibits include the 1949 Rolls Royce, 1906 Minerva, 1927 Phantom I, and therefore the 1923 Silver Ghost including the long-lasting French Hotchkiss cars. The oldest antique here is the 1903-model of Fiat. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

15. Law Garden Night Market

Law Garden Night Market | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The Law Garden Night Market, situated at the Law Garden in Maharaja Society is prominent in Ahmedabad. Housing an array of authentic stalls from Kutch and Saurashtra, the very best buys here include traditional clothing, wall hangings, bandhej sarees, long colorful skirts (chaniyas), antique jewelry, traditional footwear, and home decor items. 

The night market is additionally lined with food trucks serving some delicious local dishes and street food. Navratri may be a great time to go to the Law Garden night market. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad. 

16. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Sidi Saiyyed Mosque. Popularly referred to as Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jali, the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque was inbuilt in the year 1573 and is one of the foremost popular and delightful mosques in Ahmedabad. 

This attraction has gained much admiration and reputation over the years, due to the architectural grandeur of the entire structure, and particularly, the ornate latticework mentioned as jali in colloquial terms. It is then the little question that the place may be a paradise for photographers and history buffs alike. 

This monument is among the previous couple of mosques that were built under the Gujarat Sultanate and was completed within the last year of their reign before the Mughals invaded Gujarat and defeated them. 

The construction of this fantastic mosque is credited to Sidi Saiyyed within the retinue of Bilal Jhajar Khan, overall within the army of the last Sultan, Shams-Ud-Din Muzaffar Shah III, of the Gujarat Sultanate. 

The stone slabs are carved within the designs of intertwined trees and foliage with a palm motif. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

17. Calico Textile Museum

Established in 1949, the Calico Textile Museum is the oldest in Ahmedabad. Started by the renowned industrial personality, Gautam Sarabhai, this museum was opened by the former Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 

The museum has been preserving various weaving materials, an array of designers, and vibrant fabrics from different parts of the country. Although initiated at the Calico House, the Calico Textile Museum was further moved into a part of the Sarabhai House called "The Retreat" in 1983. 

The museum is currently managed and maintained by the Sarabhai Foundation; an NGO organized by the Sarabhai family. Besides textiles, the museum also showcases South Indian bronze art, temple hangings, furniture, miniature artworks, and Jain artifacts. 

The Calico Textile Museum also has gallery sections and a library. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

18. Jhulta Minar

Jhulta Minar | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Jhulta Minar. Located in Ahmedabad, Jhuta Minar is one of the foremost intriguing architectural wonders that the earth has ever seen. They are still an unsolvable mystery. What makes the minarets unique is that if one of the minarets is shaken then the other minaret shakes within a few seconds, while the connecting passage doesn't transmit any movements or vibrations. 

Many architects and historians have tried to understand the physics and logic behind the unrelated movements of the minarets. It is these movements that have led to its name, Jhulta Minar which translates to swinging minaret. The 500-year-old structure is found within the Sakar Bazar of Ahmedabad. It was initially an area of the Sidi Bashir Mosque which was later torn down during a Gujrat Sultanate war. 

The minarets were to be the doorway of the mosque. The minarets have a striking architecture that creates them stand out and leave the visitors in awe. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

19. Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Museum

Situated within the premises of Moti Shahi Mahal at Shahibaug in Ahmedabad, Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Museum maybe a museum and a memorial dedicated to the First Deputy Prime Minister of India - Sardar Vallabhai Patel. 

The museum has exhibitions in English, Hindi, and Gujarati. Surrounded by a gorgeous garden, the museum also has umpteen exhibits and pictures from the Indian National Movement and thousands of memoirs and relics that were significant to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his life. 

The memorial exhibits over a highlighted feature of the museum are the original Indian flag from the 1930s designed by the Congress party of the time. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

20. Vaishnodevi Temple

Located along the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, also referred to as the Vaishnodevi Circle, the Vaishnodevi Temple may be a stone-built place of worship. The temple architecture may be a deep carve of about 50 feet in diameter into a man-made rock. Citing a 1350-square-feet hall, the temple can house about 5000 devotees at a time. 

Mirroring the Vaishnodevi temple in Katra, Jammu, and Kashmir, the Vaishnodevi Temple in Ahmedabad could also be a smaller version of the primary. It is dedicated to Vaishnodevi, an avatar of the Hindu female deity of Maa Durga. 

The heads of three other Hindu goddess idols, Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati alongside a Shaiva shrine are installed within the temple. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

21. Kamala Nehru Zoo

Kamala Nehru Zoo was established at Kankaria in 1951. Bracketed by the 117-acre Kankaria Lake, the zoo is home to varied Indian species of about 450 animals, 140 reptiles, and 2000 birds. The Kamla Nehru Zoo is under the management of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. 

The AMC also takes care of the Kankaria Lake. Apart from familiar Indian animals, the zoo also houses many species like tigers and elephants. It also cites many rare animals like the White Blackbuck, Nicobar pigeons, the Indian Star Tortoise, the White peacock, and therefore the Spotted Deer. 

The Kamla Nehru Zoo had also been given the "Best Zoo in India" award in 1974. The zoo also organizes free Educational Tours every Thursday. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

22. Alpha One Mall

Ahmedabad's largest mall is the Alpha One Mall or because it is additionally called Ahmedabad One Mall. Spreading over an area of 706,000 square feet in the busy Vastrapur area, Alpha One Mall is the most extensive mixed-used city center in the former capital of Gujarat. 

The three floors of the mall are dotted with various national, international, and a few local brands also. From one location shop to franchise outlets, there are all kinds that you simply can consider. 

With entertainment facilities like a movieplex and an excellent food court to go to after the show, Alpha One Mall is a perfect spot to spend a full Sunday with family or a Friday afternoon with friends, or simply for a window-shopping stroll whenever you feel like it. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

23. Lal Darwaja

Lal Darwaja | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Lal Darwaja. A bustling area within the old city, Lal Darwaja is the foremost crowded yet hottest street shopping hub in Ahmedabad. 

With winding lanes that lead you to unknown treasures, you're sure to come for more once you step foot here. If you're a foodie, you're in for a double bonanza because the dhoklas, pani puris, samosas, and dosas here are likely to sweep your taste buds off their feet. 

Put on your bargaining hats and keep your valuables close while you're here and enjoy an authentic Amdavadi shopping spree. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

24. ISKCON Temple

The ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad is the simplest place to experience spirituality and mental bliss. Also mentioned because of the 'Hare Krishna Temple', this temple with its calm and peaceful atmosphere offers the right spot for meditation. Inside the Hare Krishna Mandir, one can always hear the chantings of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. 

Many devotional lectures and addresses are arranged for the advantage of devotees, especially those with a spiritual bent of mind. The followers hold sessions in institutes, corporates, etc., to show the techniques of spiritualizing the lifestyle. The beautiful ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad boasts of an imposing height with amazing pillars carved with the events of Lord Krishna’s life like his pastime activities, etc. it is one among the foremost important modern temples in India. 

It is built in a lovely combination of the Gujarati Sompura and the Rajasthani-Khamira architectural styles. The temple can house 4000 people on just one occasion and has the idols of Radha-Krishna, Gaur-Nitai, Sita-Rama-Lakshmana-Hanuman, Shrinathji, Jagannath Balaram Subhadra, and other sorts of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati. 

The pillars have ornamental stone carvings, marble floors with marvelous colorful granite designs. The windows are carved in Rajasthani Mewa’s style and therefore the Khemira decoration. The ceilings also have stunning Araish designs. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

25. Sindhi Market

Next on the list of best places to visit in Ahmedabad is Sindhi Market. Near the iron-plated timber gates of Kalupur starts the Sindhi market which looks just like the streets of Lal Darwaja, but features a charm of its own. 

Alternatively known as Revdi Bazar, this arena is mostly popular for household upholstery, traditional household artifacts, and handicrafts as opposed to fabrics. However, you'll find decent footwear and saree materials if you walk the length and breadth of the Sindhi market. It is famous for the bedsheets, dress materials, sarees, dresses, and traditional items it offers. 

Various kinds of products are available in one marketplace. Sindhi Market is famous for wholesale Punjabi kurtas & dress materials. Once again, haggle till you're convinced that your purchase is value for money. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

26. Teen Darwaja Market

Next on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Teen Darwaja Market. The historical and architectural landmark, Teen Darwaza is a superb sightseeing spot in Ahmedabad. A lot of tourists are often found around the Teen Darwaza, which is situated within the heart of the town, on most roads. 

The place may be a hub for vendors who sell everything that one can consider. From shoes to clothes to home items, one can bargain and buy an entire lot of things. During festivals, the area becomes heavily crowded. The area is legendary for its Patharwala stalls, from where both rich and poor people purchase useful things. 

The wholesale market may be a paradise for shopping lovers. It is recommended that you simply visit the place during the festival of kites because this is often the time when the market is brimming with colorful kites. This is often the kite market of India, where kites are made and distributed everywhere in the country. If you would like to select some souvenirs, the market abounds in many such shops. 

Art lovers can purchase rustic artifacts and showpieces made by local artisans. Here, you'll also find specialty goods like Meenakari furniture and beautifully embroidered goods. Teen Darwaza market is especially admired for its ethnic wear and artifacts. So, do not forget to bag them for yourselves and your loved ones once you are in Ahmedabad. It is one of the best places to go to in Ahmedabad.

27. Rani No Hajiro

Rani No Hajiro | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The area surrounding the complex of Rani no Hajiro, the favored tomb complex near Manek Chowk may be a beautiful market, mostly flooded with women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories. It is the perfect place to go if you are looking for traditional earrings and jewelry. 

You can buy traditional Garba clothes from here, and be assured that they're the simplest in Ahmedabad. The lively open square showcases some intricate jewelry that you simply won't find anywhere within the city. A lot of colorful fabrics are available at budgeted prices. 

The best handloom fabrics like Ikat, Mashrush, and Ajrakh are often found here. The place which was once a tomb of queens is certain to form if the women desire a queen once they shop from here. There is a spread of mouth freshener shops around the tomb complex. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

28. Law Garden

Law Garden, a lush green garden within the center of a bustling city, is found in Ahmedabad within the colorful Indian state of Gujarat. This well-maintained oasis is usually visited by locals for recreational purposes. The garden is legendary for its market where tourists and locals enjoy shopping and find great deals. 

The night market could also be a treat for shoppers because the true colors of Vibrant Gujarat shimmer within the kiosks, and one can find intricate traditional work on the flamboyant items on sale. It's a fabulous place to shop for traditional Gujarati apparel, accessories, ornaments, and handicraft with traditional handwork on them. 

Law Garden may be a true paradise for shopaholics, and one can bargain to their heart's content to urge some fantastic deals. One can purchase souvenirs for family and friends or simply walk around watching the things on display and soak within the fragrances of some delicious street food. 

The Law Garden is additionally documented for street food. Food enthusiasts often visit the garden to get a taste of the traditional Gujarati snacks. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

29. Kapasi Handicraft Emporium

Founded by Shri Kantibhai Kapasi, the Kapasi Handicraft Emporium was established in 1973. Besides being a platform for expertise in wooden, metal, and stone craftworks, the Emporium also exhibits embroidery and painting artworks. 

They include pottery and handicrafts made out of brass and rare metalwork, wall hangings, swings, vases, marble art pieces, gifting options, and more. This is one of the oldest handicraft stores in town which ensures a variety of artworks that fit both desire and budget. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

30. Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum has Indian sculptures, bronzes, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, miniature paintings, woodwork, beadwork, and ancient and contemporary coins. It was established in 1984. 

The museum is found on the premises of the L.D. Institute of Indology. All the main regional sorts of the sub-continent find their place on the bottom floor in Madhuri D. Desai Gallery. The museum has the finest paintings in Gujarati Jaina Style, several of which are older than the Mughal Period. The paintings find their place on the first floor of the Museum Building. 

In its eastern wing of the Muni Punyavijayaji Gallery, there's a neighborhood displaying the Lilavati Lalbhai Woodwork Collection. The museum houses 76,000 handwritten Jain Manuscripts (500 illustrated versions) and 45000 printed books. This makes it because of the largest collection of Jain scripts. 

The old books are written in languages like Sanskrit, Pali, Old Gujarati, Apabhramsa, Hindi, and Rajasthani. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

31. Dada Bhagwan Temple

Dada Bhagwan Temple | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Dada Bhagwan Temple (also mentioned as Adalaj Trimandir) could also be a trimandir situated within the village of Adalaj on the Ahmedabad-Kalol Highway, 20 km from Ahmedabad. 

Built by Dada Bhagwan Foundation, the trimandir brings forth a singular religious concept where statues of all religious deities are placed on a standard platform. It is a calm & peaceful place to visit. 

Along with idols of The Gods of Hinduism, a museum & a small theatre is showing a small film regarding Life Of Dada Bhagwan. There are special attractions for youngsters available, a special theme: "Store Of Happiness". It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

32. Gujarat Science City

Gujarat Science City may be a science education and entertainment center located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Opened in 2002, it's an IMAX 3D theatre; exhibitions on science, space, energy, life sciences, plants, nature, and robotics; an aquarium, an aviary, and a butterfly park; as well as other facilities. 

Science City may be a remarkable initiative haunted by the govt of Gujarat to spread general awareness and a scientific temperament especially among the youth of the country. 

Spread over 107 hectares of land, the center also holds frequent talk shows and workshops for college kids and science enthusiasts. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

33. Parimal Garden

Parimal Garden may be a beautiful well-maintained garden within the heart of Ahmedabad. Replete with swings and dotted with stone benches, the park is popular among both adults and kids alike. Mostly used for morning and evening walks, the garden also has routine laughing clubs for the elderly. 

There is a gorgeous reservoir within the garden which is roofed with gorgeous lotus flowers and you'll sit and luxuriate in its beauty by resting on the wooden and brick benches placed near the lake. You will also find several amateur photographers trying to capture the sweetness of the flowers and therefore the lake. 

Several tall palm trees lining the pond lend it amazing picturesque quality. This lake is additionally home to many fishes and turtles and watching them swim away calmly gives a soothing effect. A small walkover bridge is additionally built over this lake. 

Two small fountains within the garden increase its beauty. If you're lucky, you would possibly be ready to spot monkeys and squirrels frolicking on trees and fences within the park. These animals don't disturb the visitors and increase the charm of the garden. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

34. Lothal

If you are a history buff and ever so curious to peek into the lives of the older generations, you need to visit Lothal because this is a place that ties the past and present together. 

Located at a distance of around 85 km from the town of Ahmedabad, on the banks of the normal mythical river Saraswati (which has now dried up), Lothal is a popular Indus Valley Site and a 4500 years old city discovered in 1954. Even though the place isn't as thriving because it once wont to be, the magic of the ruins is enough to inform you of the colorful tales about the lives of the people that were inhabitants of this place. 

This place is filled with surprises and holds an excellent deal of historical significance. Lothal wasn't only amongst one among the first successful civilization but was also a hub of industrialization adjoining different nations.

Due to its fascinating excavations and dramatic discovery, Lothal is popular among geologists, historians and archaeologists. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

35. Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza may be a mosque and tomb complex located within the village of Makarba, Ahmedabad. Although there are many rozas across Gujarat, the Sarkhej Roza is the foremost revered. Sarkhej was once a prominent center of Sufi culture within the country, where influential Sufi saint Shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh lived. 

It was on the saint's suggestion that Sultan Ahmed Shah found his capital on the banks of the Sabarmati, a couple of miles far away from Sarkhej. Sarkhej Roza fused both non-Indian and Indian principles of architecture. While the ringed domes, the profusion of pillars and brackets can be claimed to follow the Islamic west Asian genre, much of the ornamentation and motifs have Indian Hindu designs. 

Most of the buildings don't have arches and depend upon pierced stone trellises for stability. In its architecture, Sarkhej Roza is an example of the first Islamic architectural culture of the region, which fused Islamic stylistic influences from Persia with Indian Hindu and Jain features to form a composite Indo-Saracenic architectural style. 

The mosque, with its courtyard, creates a spiritual milieu; the royal connection is formed through the tombs and palaces; the good tank, platforms, and pavilions were employed by the commoner. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

36. Nehru Bridge

Nehru Bridge | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The Nehru Bridge may be a major bridge over the river Sabarmati and is an artery of major conveyance for the town of Ahmedabad. Built-in the 1960s, it's a contemporary and bigger bridge compared to the landmark Ellis Bridge and is devoted to Nehru, India's first prime minister. 

One of the attractions of Ahmedabad City, the Patang Revolving Restaurant is situated near Nehru Bridge on the banks of the Sabarmati River. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

37. Vastrapur Lake

Vastrapur Lake is an ancient lake that was renovated and prettified in 2002. A huge statue of Narsinh Mehta (a famous poet-saint of Gujarat), was installed here and thus the lake was named after him. It boasts of an open-air theatre which is employed for organizing several cultural events of the town. 

When there was an alarm of the Vastrapur Lake dehydration in 2016, the local authorities ensured moving the fish and other aqua life to a safer place. However, many fishes had already died by then. 

In the year 2019, the AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) opened the route for river Narmada to flow into the lake, which was initially only occasional. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

38. Kite Museum

Housed within the premises of Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad, Kite Museum was conceptualized and created by Bhanubhai Shah. Designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier in 1954, the museum is an elaborate display of about 125 uniquely carved kites including mirror embroidered kites, block print kites, and Japanese kites such as Rokuku. 

Besides housing statues of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Rao Bahadur, Runchorelal Chotalall, this historical reserve of the tradition of kite flying consists of relics from 200 and 1200 BC. This piece of nostalgia gives thanks to witnessing kites made from an array of materials like paper, cotton, bamboo, and even nylon. The Kite Museum is the brainchild of Bhanubhai Shah. 

For 50 years Bhanubhai Shah has carefully treasured these uniquely crafted kites. From colorful to large sizes, these kites not only were meant to adorn the blue but stand out as an example of rare collectibles. In the Kite Museum, one can get a glimpse of giant kites which are 22 by 16 feet to a number of the littlest kites also. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

39. Vechaar Utensils Museum

Vechaar Utensils Museum emphasizes the diverse collection of utensils. An imposing museum that takes you back in time with the display of metal utensils including brass, copper, bronze, zinc, and nickel silver. 

The wonderful collection of utensils highlights the iconic artworks collected from different parts of the country like Rajasthan, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh. Built-in a quadrangle shape, the museum has small bodies holding water that provides the visitors a cooling effect. At the center of the museum, there's a little temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

The museum showcases works of artists skilled in brass, silver, ivory, wood, bronze, terracotta, and gold, several of which are believed to be around a thousand years old. The museum is home to quite 4500 unique pieces of utensils. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

40. Sanskar Kendra

Sanskar Kendra | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Sanskar Kendra maybe a museum, designed by the architect Le Corbusier. It is a city museum depicting the history, art, culture, and architecture of Ahmedabad. The building's exterior is of plain brick with exposed elements of a raw concrete structure. 

The building is meant to guard against the recent climate. On the roof, there are several large basins originally intended as planters. One enters from underneath the building where there's an open court with an outsized pool and a ramp that results in the exhibition spaces. The interior spaces are finished in plaster. The museum is analogous to other museum projects by Le Corbusier. 

The museum has various sections associated with the history of the city, art, photography, Gandhi, Indian independence struggle, various religious communities of Ahmedabad. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

41. Vadla

Vadla is an upcoming haven for migratory birds making their way to the marshy wetlands of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. Vadla remains relatively unknown and undiscovered as compared to the Nal Sarovar aviary and maybe a hidden gem only known to the locals. 

The scanty tourist populace and minimal interference within the natural habitat of the birds give thanks to direct unfiltered access and exceptional bird watching options. 

Vadla is a superb opportunity for you to witness the natural behavioral aspects of the birds up close without infringing upon their inhabited area. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

42. Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is situated south of Ahmedabad near Bhadra Fort. The garden spells beauty and charm with its well-maintained lawns, pretty flower beds, rejuvenation trees, and spacious play areas. 

The garden also features a life-like statue of Victoria installed within the heart of it. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

43. One Tree Hill Garden

One Tree Hill Garden located in Kankaria in Ahmedabad is synonymous with beauty. Boasting an enthralling lake, charming gateways, well-maintained lawns, orderly flower beds, and charming fountains, the garden also has the ruins of an ancient structure as a decor to its ambiance. 

It is one of the foremost visited and finest gardens within the city. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

44. Bansidhar Garden

Bansidhar is another one among the gorgeous gardens situated within the heart of the town. With an array of green trees and many spaces, the garden is right for both relaxing or games and activities. 

People mostly visit it for his or her routine walks. In the evenings, you'll find several parents flock to the garden with their kids due to the presence of a plethora of swings and rides. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

45. Fernandes Bridge

Ahmedabad also has something in store for book lovers. There is a market under the Fernandes Bridge that sells old and new books throughout the week. Bookworms can collect tons of books from there at low prices. 

All genres of books are often found there - be it art, design, management, or the other. If you're lucky enough, you'll find some gems too- just like the first editions, out of print books, rare books, collectibles, and a good sort of academic and technical books at the lowest of prices. 

You can find tons of magazines and journals too. Apart from buying books, you'll also sell or exchange books here. This street book market will certainly not cause you to walk out with heavy bags in both hands, but you'll needless to say be walking out proud of something worthwhile. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

46. Raipur Gate Market

Raipur Gate Market | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Gujarat is legendary for its deliciously fried and steamed snacks and also for sweets. These snacks last for an extended time without getting spoilt, which makes them an excellent gift for your friends and family. 

Raipur Gate Market is an old and famous market in Ahmedabad for purchasing and having various sweets and snacks like dhokla, khakhra, fafda, jalebi, khandvi, etc. You cannot complete your trip to Ahmedabad without relishing the favored farsaans of Raipur Gate. 

There are some well-known farsaans vendors within the lanes of the Raipur Gate area. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

47. Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir

Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir is one of the most important Hanuman temples in India. Believed to have been established by Pandit Gajanan Prasad at least 100 years ago, the temple is still managed by the descendants of the Pandit family. 

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the foremost auspicious days of the week for the devotees. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

48. Dhanvantari Garden

Dhanvantari Garden is another one among the beautiful gardens in Ahmedabad. The garden boasts plenteous greenery and umpteen benches where you'll go and relax. 

Besides the spacious tracks for jogging and walking, the park is flocked by local kids within the evening who come to enjoy outdoor games and activities. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

49. AUDA Garden

AUDA Garden boasts of vast stretches of well-maintained green lawns, tall towering shady trees, and a peaceful ambiance. The garden has patches of lovely flower beds lighting up the space with vibrant colorful flowers. 

It is an ideal place to flee the chaos of the town to relax and rewind amidst natural surroundings. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

50. Usmanpura Garden

Usmanpura Garden | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

Usmanpura garden is nothing but a sheer delight to spend a night in summer or to celebrate a sun-soaked day picnic in winters. 

With littered trees, small water tanks, fountains, jogging tracks, and play spaces, the garden may be a common favorite among kids and adults. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

51. Gotila Garden-Talav

Gotila Garden-Talav may be a vibrant green garden situated in Thaltej in Ahmedabad. Blessed with vibrant flowers, beautiful water sprinklers, quaint benches, and shady trees, the garden is a haven for city dwellers as well as birds. 

People also come here to see the various birds that flock to the place in the early morning or late evening. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

52. Rajwadu

Rajwadu is that though it's a sprawling village-theme restaurant. It is a work of art with a profusion of water bodies, pretty gardens, and innovative use of rocks and stones in construction. 

Dressed up like one among the various fortified villages that teem in Gujarat and Rajasthan, an excellent deal of thought and implementation are put into its designing and planning, and the painstaking efforts have borne fruit. Luxuriant and various plants, trees, and well-maintained landscaping have given it a peaceful touch. 

Add to these winding pathways, open courtyards (charpoys, folk musicians, and performers here), water bodies, temples, baradaris (pavilions), and stone walls… all gently blending into each other. 

The ambiance is matched by excellent food, mostly authentic Gujarati. Here you sit cross-legged on a wooden bed and eat off leaves and earthen vessels. But you can also opt for the baradaris, which have low-sitting arrangements, and your food will be served on bronze thalis. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

53. La Feasta

La Fiesta's new 'bistro restaurant' on SG Road has compensated for the shortage of ambiance at their older CG Road restaurant. The restaurant with a spacious patio outside features a pleasant, Italian-inspired interior with woody and brick tones. 

Their Bruschetta, Crostini, and Focaccia have earned them an honest name. Mushroom lovers will have a feast here as there are many offerings with authentic Italian mushrooms, while potato lovers are going to be pleased to see that there are many sorts of mashed potatoes. 

They offer pizzas too: the wood-fired oven pizzas are excellent, with quite a few pizzas to settle on from. There are some Indian-Italian fusion dishes and Mexican dishes for those that like spicy food. La Feasta also has some Swiss food like Fondue and Roesti. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

54. Puran-da-Dhaba

Fresh ingredients, well-prepared North Indian food, and a bracingly vibrant atmosphere, the hallmarks of the Punjabi Dhaba has now been successfully introduced at Puran-da-Dhaba though in fact adapted to the five-star hotel with the addition of starters and therefore the use of rich ingredients like nuts, dry fruits, cream and expensive spices like saffron. 

The decor replicates elements of the dhaba, including a cycle, motorbike, tires, and kitsch, and some live singers and musicians specialize largely in the 1970s and & lsquo;80s Hindi songs. 

They have an outstanding range of starters - Heer Ranjha (chicken kebabs), Phulkari Gosht Gillagi Seek, Amritsari Tawa Macchi, Keema Kaleji Aur Chaamp Takatak, Lawrence Road ki Sharmili Tikki (mincemeat tikkis), Jheenge Ludianvi (prawns in a creamy marinade), Mahi de Sholey (Amritsari masala fish with mustard chargrilled in a tandoor), Bhatty da Jabru Kukkad (a signature version of Tandoori Chicken), or if you are vegetarian they also make good Dhingri de Kofte (mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese), Tandoori Aloo or their kebab platter. 

For the mains, they provided a spread that included Dhabewala Jheenga Rassawala (prawn curry), Roghani Macchi (freshwater fish curry), Dhaba Mutton Curry, Tawa Gosht, and Chicken Patiala. Vegetarians are well taken care of with koftas, various dishes with paneer, gobi or aloo, and Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi, range of Naans, Rotis and Parathas, as also Amritsari Khulcha which goes well with their Chana Masala. It is one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

55. Banascraft

Banascraft | Places To Visit In Ahmedabad

The last on the list of places to visit in Ahmedabad is Banascraft. One of the foremost famous boutiques of Ahmedabad, Banascraft offers an excellent sort of handmade items. Most of the things at Banascraft are handmade and sourced from SEWA, a women's cooperative society. You can shop here for tote bags, purses, wall hangings, cushion covers, door panels, and more. It is indeed one of the best tourist places in Ahmedabad.

The royal charms of Khavanu, pivanu, majja in life! This is the mantra residents of Ahmedabad swear by! Whether they are catching up with friends, or a business meeting, shopping, or picking groceries, snacks and particularly street snacks are looked forward to quite often and are the highlights of the day. 

The city includes an old quarter, some fascinating museums, and an evening market; it's largely about the old-world charm of Gujarat. The Sabarmati Ashram steals the show as far as sightseeing cares, for it had been the headquarters of Gandhi during India’s independence movement. This place is legendary for its cotton textiles, street food places, diamond cutting, and far more.

Gujarati folk music consists of a wide variety. Bhajan, a devotional song type poetry is categorized by the theme of poetry/lyrics and by musical compositions such as Prabhati, Katari, Dhol, etc. The Bard traditions of Barot, Charan, and Gadhvi communities have preserved and enriched the folk's tradition of storytelling with or without music. This includes the sorts of Doha, Sorathaa, Chhand, etc. 

The songs and music accompanying traditional dance forms like Garba, Dandiya Raas, Padhar, Dangi, and Tippani are unique. Dayro and Lokvarta are music performances where people gather to concentrate on a performer who delivers a religious message through it. 

Marasiyas are an elegiac sort of music that originated from Marsiya. Fattanna or Lagna-geets are light kinds of songs and music played during marriages. Bhavai and Akhyana are folk musical theatres performed in Gujarat.

Gujarat has an array of upscale sort of crafts. Its embroidery, beadwork, wood crafts, printed and woven clothes, pottery, and tribal art are expressions of folklore and festivals. 

The exclusive range of these works of craftsmen and woven imbued with the social and cultural hue of the region from where they have sprung are original in nature and craftsmanship. Today far moved from the hut or the village of the craftsman, pieces of handicrafts come to adorn the homes of the elite, the five-star hotels both reception and abroad.

These are some of the things for which Gujarat and Ahmedabad are famous. Here are some of the places to visit in Ahmedabad to gain a wonderful experience and knowledge about the culture and heritage of the place.

Do share your experiences of places in Ahmedabad in the comment box below. Also, like and share this list of places to visit in Ahemdabad with the ones looking to travel in Ahmedabad. 

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