Pink Tax - The Cost Of Being A Woman, The Price Discrimination On The Basis Of Sex

Your existence as a female is expensive!

Abhudai Pal

Abhudai Pal

Aug 11|4 min read

Pink lips, Pink Dress, Pink Scooty, are commodities synonymous with women. You must have heard of them. You must have also heard about PINK - the Amitabh Bachchan starrer B-wood movie. And you must have also been a believer of the notion that pink is the colour of girls.

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However, the color Pink must have never thought that its existence will be a symbol of girlishness. Continuing forward the pink symbolism, the governments have introduced Pink Tax.

Do you know PINK TAX?

The inequality in wages, harassment, sexual-violence, women safety, rape, etc. are social issues proximate to the WOMEN in general across the globe. These are worldwide issues which surfaced up, and have been talked about a lot.

And genuinely, I feel, being a woman is not easy. I am not sympathizing with them, but I am convinced with this statement for the prejudices against women are unending. PINK TAX is one among those prejudices.

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Women are charged more for everything. From apparels to sanitary pads and tampons, women pay more for the same products than men. This is a reality of first world countries.

Do you know only WOMEN pay PINK TAX?

Yes. PINK TAX is levied on WOMEN products only, overcharging them than their male counterparts. It means that it is only women who pay PINK TAX, even when it is not an official tax like VAT, SALES TAX, and GST etc.

The women are forced to pay more, because of their gender or sex, which is something no human has got to choose before birth. It is another form of gender discrimination that our government has brought to life.

Do you know HOW MUCH overpricing PINK TAX does?

A study by the New York City Department of consumer affair compared the price of 800 products and found that women had to pay 7% more than a man. The overpricing of products like razor, just because of PINK TAX is nearly 100%.

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A man may buy a razor (for men) for Rs 100 while a woman will buy the razor (for women) for Rs 200. PINK TAX raises the price of product by 10%.

Do you know PINK TAX is applicable on all products that cater to needs of FEMALE GENDER?

PINK TAX begins showing itself right from the birth of the girl. The girls toys cost 7% more than boys toys. Imagine you paid 7% more for your daughter pink bicycle on her birthday.

It might be the U.S government’s way to tell Americans, “Abort a girl child in the womb, or else pay more for rest of life - 4% more for girl’s clothing. 8% more for woman clothing, 13% more for female personal care products.”

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U.S, Australia, U.K, and Slovakia are some of the countries that charge PINK-TAX. And having said this, I have realised that I misinterpreted the concept of PINK TAX before.

The correct interpretation of PINK TAX according to this first world nations is that they don’t charge extra, they simply sell products at a higher price to women, because they are women.

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And the irony is, in these countries only, women are paid lower wages than a man, for the same work. Yes, being a woman was tough since ages, because of social injustice and now it is expensive too. Prejudices you see!

Do we have PINK TAX in INDIA?

You might be having this question in mind by now, what about India? Do Indian women faces discrimination by PINK TAX? No. Not Yet. Indian women are highly obliged to the government for not charging PINK TAX.

To promote India’s aesthetic culture, Modi government exempted SINDOOR, BINDI, and KAJAL from taxes. Generally, goods which were necessities for women were kept out of tax bracket in India. However, the Indian Government’s priority for easing makeup is commendable.

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Fun Fact – Condoms and Contraceptives are also exempted from taxes. Thus making it a necessity as per Government taxable norms. And recently, sanitary pads have also been made tax free. However tampons are charged at 18% G.S.T.

Now that sanitary napkins have been made tax free in India, the percentage of women using sanitary napkins in India is expected to rise from 12%.

We hope India remains PINK TAX free forever. This would be the best way to make our country’s women empowered.

What do you think?

Abhudai Pal

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