60 Pickup Lines For Girl To Make Her Smile

Her smile lights up the world

Princy Sachde

12 months ago|16 min read


Don't you think that our loved one's smile is the 8th wonder? 

And we definitely wonder how to make her smile, don't we? 

Smile is the start of love, as she smiles because of you, she builds up a corner for you in her heart. Here we have some pickup lines for girls to charm her.

These pickup lines for girls will make your conversation exciting and soon you can go on a date with her. 

Why are your cheeks turning red just by the mere mention of "HER", I hope all these pickup lines make a similar impact on Her as well. We have got all types of pickup lines for girls and you can choose accordingly.

Lines written with love do have an impact on the mind of your girl. Let's help you out with some conversation builders.

1. Cooking was never my passion until I knew your favorite food.

Pickup Lines For Girls

You can use this pickup line for food lovers, as we know the route to the heart is through food, Am I right or Am I right?

2. Are you afraid of roller coasters? Because I want to see the highs and lows of my life with you.

Pickup Lines For Girls

You can use this amazing pickup line for a girl when you want a longer commitment with her and see the spark of love in her eyes.

3. I envy that kajal, how lucky is it to be lost in your eyes forever!

Pickup Lines For Girls

This is a cute one, You can use this pickup line for a girl that loves kajal and make her blush.

4. I love the way you are dedicated to your goals, and my dedication is to see you complete your goals.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Ambitious queens are the real heroes, hype up your girl. This is a pickup line for a girl who is in love with her goals and makes her fall in love with you too.

5. Your talks calm me like the slow Bollywood old songs.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Old songs are the true definition of love. This one pickup line is for a girl who believes in musical love language.

6. You in Saree look like that mesmerizing beauty my grandma told me fairytales about.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Saree brings out the true beauty, remember seeing your crush in a saree at the school farewell? 

This is one of the best pickup lines for girls to appreciate their pure beauty.

7. Tell me your favorite color so that I can order a wedding lehenga for you.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This pickup line is way too quick But a girl's heart beats for those pretty lehengas and doesn't this line sound like a wedding proposal?

8. When I saw you, I felt "My mom will love her" at first sight.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This pickup line for girls does magic, she would smile like an insane for sure. Being chosen by your loved one's mother is the best feeling she would ever get.

9. Is it your perfume or Do I smell love?

Pickup Lines For Girls

This one was way too cheesy, but who doesn't love cheesy?

10. I love you so much that I wouldn't even mind you stamping on my brand-new white shoes.

Pickup Lines For Girls

For all the shoe lovers, you can indirectly tell your loved one that you adore them more than any other thing.

11. Did you book your train tickets? Because I decided to be your Aditya ‘Jab we Met’

That nostalgia of feeling first love, Imagine the girl being impressed with this line and you can watch this masterpiece movie together holding hands and 'Tum se hi ' playing in the background.

12. I was listening to this wonderful song yesterday, Ohh! It was your voice note.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Partner's voice seems as sweet as sugar, appreciate her voice note with this pickup line for girl and start your day with her love-filled voice notes.

13. Do they give noble prizes for the best smile? You will have no competitors.

This one pickup line for girls is evergreen and might work in any situation. You can make her mood by saying this when she is sad.

14. You are a medical student, right? Give me a cure of INSANELOVENIA.

This fun pickup line for a girl who is a medical student. Doctor girls are the prettiest, aren't they?

15. I heard that you are good at maths, So calculate the time taken for my heart to melt when I see your wet hair look.

Pickup Lines For Girls

The wet hair look of the girl is to die for, impress those math lovers with this pickup line.

16.You can keep asking Santa for a teddy bear and I will keep wishing that I can be in place of that teddy bear.

Teddy bears are those hug buddies of girls and every boy dreams of being in the place of that teddy, Use this pickup line for a girl who loves teddies.

17. I learned different shades of pink to get you your favorite shade of nail paint, what more hints do you want? 

Learning about things that your partner loves are true efforts, and efforts are always appreciated.

18. My heart could defeat a cheetah in the running race when it gets a glimpse of your smile.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Those wonderful smiles make our heart race, use this pickup line for a girl to make her heart race as well!

19. Would it be considered cheating if I play treasure hunt while holding treasure in my hands? Be ready for the game.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Treasure hunt, where the gift is your partner is no less than heaven.

20. Reading books isn't my thing, but reading your innocent eyes while you read the book is the perfect date.

This pickup line for girls who love reading books, impress her with this simple line.


When you find a person you want to adopt a dog with, you know you have found the right one! Flatter her with this pickup line for girls.

22. I Heard that holding hands brings positivity, want to watch a horror movie together?

Holding hands and sitting for hours, close to each other is the definition of perfect moments to cherish forever.

23. I didn't believe in soulmates until you replied " OHHO" to my "jinne mera dil lutteya"

This pickup line for girls works on everyone. Lovers of this song are all around. Go find your perfect match.

24. Please wear sunglasses while going out, I cant see you going to Jail for killing people with those eyes 

This is a special pickup line for girls with beautiful eyes, take a moment to appreciate those.

25. I Love the way we eat sleep repeat, so when are we having our next lazy date meet?

Pickup Lines For Girls

Lazy couple vibe together, no expensive date things just two people in their comfort.

26. I have never hurt my lips with braces Will you help me change that?

Pickup Lines For Girls

This was a naughty one, Love along with those fun moments makes a perfect conversation.

27. My bike feels lonely without a back seat partner, I wonder if you could help 

Wondering how to ask her for that cozy bike ride? Want her hands on your shoulder when the bike speeds up? Use this pickup line for girls and gear up for your ride.

28. They say Kashmiri apples are the reddest, have they ever seen you blushing when I come close to you? Like the way, you are doing now.

Those little cute blush amid talks, this is the way love blooms, a magic tale begins with dreams of forever together, So make your move.

29. Even a heartbreak from you would be a privilege for me, then I can't even imagine what will your love do to me. 

This is a weird-cheesy pickup line for a girl and she will know how true your love is for her.

30. I don't promise to give you moon and stars but I promise to get you the prettiest jhumkas.

Jhumkas add to the beauty of a girl and are her favorites, when in confusion about what to gift give her a pair of jhumkas and she will preserve it forever.

31. I decided not to fall for anyone but then I saw you feeding street dogs.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Feeding street dogs is the best actor, and who wouldn't be impressed at the site of a generous girl feeding those tiny creatures?

Let her know the moment you fell in love with her! You can use other words instead of feeding street dogs as well. Girls love when you remember these tiny moments.

32. I am weak in French, can you tell me what does Je t'aime mean?

Wondering how to let them speak those three words, here is the pickup line for a girl to make her speak her heart out

33. I am buying a new phone because this one shows 'overheating' whenever I stare at your picture.

Exploding the beauty of girls needs appreciation too! "Overheating" is the new hot.

34. I know that you are fond of writing so when will you start writing your life story with me? 

Writing a life story together in mainstream Bollywood and also so cute. Best wishes to all the readers out there who will make amazing love stories, do remember us who gave you a pickup line for girls to win their hearts

35. My only dream is to make you laugh the way Old Tarak Mehta episodes do.

This pickup line is for a girl who spent her childhood binge-watching Tarak Mehta and has a good sense of humor.

36. Can I forever be the person to handle your mood swings, ease your pain, bring you chocolates and cook your favorite food? 

Girls need a companion when they are in pain and simple reassurance will make them happy for sure.

37. I promise to share your memes whenever you feel low.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Sharing memes is the new love language and sharing memes makes up the mood of every person.

38. Your hands look empty. So when are you applying Mehendi for my name? 

Mehendi is the true love of every girl, Asking for rishtas indirectly isn't a bad idea.

39. Hey girl are you online exams? Because I want you in my life forever.

Online exams are truly a blessing, Use this pickup line for a girl to make her feel that she is a blessing as well.

40. I want to be Jethalal to your Babita but from the same balcony.

Jethalal-Babita is the rom-fun pair and this line is working upon girls.

41. If you stand in front of a mirror holding a rose you will see the two prettiest things in the world.

Girls love being called pretty instead of all the other words used for them, so you can try out this pickup line for your girl.

42. Can you balance my love life the way you tally the balance sheet? 

‌Tallying the balance sheet is not very easy But balancing your love life definitely is with this cute pickup line for a girl to make her smile.

43. You are that fixed asset of my life whose value never depreciates.

Pickup Lines For Girls

If your girl is a commerce student she will know the value of a fixed asset and your special emotion attached to this line.

44. Roses are red, Violets are pretty, You give me chills like a hot cup of tea!

This cute line is for all the tea-lovers out there, feel the aroma of love in every sip of tea and go for a tea date with her!

45. People say Disneyland is the happiest place, but I say every place is happiest when I have you with me.

This pickup line for girls gives a feeling of companionship, she will know that you value her presence

46. Is your heart a prison? Because I would like to be sentenced for life.

Being hitched forever with your loved one is one of the best feelings.

47. When are we clicking a photo together for our wedding cake?

The mention of the word "wedding" immediately makes her feel butterflies. Make sure you use this pickup line for a girl to make her smile.

48. I will not let your eyes ever have a tear, My heart feels empty when you aren't near!

Pickup Lines For Girls

Girls love when they know that they have someone to hold onto, someone who would never let them cry and always value their presence.

49. I am not fond of Olympics, but If you are the trophy I might rule the game.

If your girl is fond of sports she will love this pickup line for sure.

50. Your smile is printed on my heart since the first eye contact.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This line is no lie, those beautiful smiles get fixed in our hearts, say this pickup line to your girl, and get a chance to see another smile.

51. Are you oxygen level? Because I want to keep checking up on you again and again.

This is a daily routine for everyone in these covid times, so why not use this pickup line for a girl who is very conscious about oxygen levels, the way everyone should be.

52. Are you business-minded? Because I want to start up, invest and share my entire life with you.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Business-minded women are the real winners, why not flirt with them in Business language?

53. I tried writing a pickup line for you, but your thoughts leave me speechless.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This was a quirky pickup line for girls when you can't think of one.

54. I am bad at tenses, I saw my future with you in the past, and present me is spellbound by your beauty. 

Pickup Lines For Girls

Girls love when their loved ones appreciate their beauty and talk to them about commitments.

55. Working out was never my thing until I saw you in that gym outfit.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Girls hitting gym or I must say girls Heating gym for those gains deserve a cute pickup line. This was a pickup line for gym girls.

56. I want to get locked in a room with you so that we can binge-watch sitcoms and laugh together.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Getting locked in a room isn't always about getting intimated, sometimes those laughs and moments are all that we want to preserve. 

This pickup line is for a girl who treasures moments with you.

57. Your smile is like a chilled glass of water on a hot summer day.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This is a metaphoric pickup line for girls which gives those chill vibes.

58. Since I met you I see every dream of mine on two tickets.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Do you relate to this line from all-time favorite movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Give your girl a nostalgic blush.

59. I know you like fruits, But this man-goes crazy over you.

Pickup Lines For Girls

This healthy pickup line for your girl whose smile is like a cherry on the cake.

60. You won that first Pubg match against me and since then I lose my heart to you every day.

Pickup Lines For Girls

Gaming with your partner is always fun, encourage her with this pickup line. In the game of love, we often lose our hearts.

These cute pickup lines to win the hearts of your loved ones. 

Pickup lines to start your conversation and also helps to make it interesting. These were just a set of cute lines that could make one fall in love. Words are powerful use them to spread smiles 
Also a tip you can use these lines in your language or using your own words. Add your special touch to make these lines effective.

Words coming straight from heart hit straight on to heart! 

Do share your love experiences with us. We love hearing cute incidents and I strongly smell many stories bloom through these lines. 

Like and share this with your loved ones. Keep spreading love.

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