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It’s no secret that social media has become a huge part of our culture and continues to grow, but how many of us know how it works?

If you are new to social media and want to learn more about this platform that has taken over the world, then check out the list below of 30 must-try social media websites for boosting your personality, learning, and health.

You may even find yourself getting addicted!

7 Personality development and networking websites

1. Pinterest 

Helps you express your creativity. Vastly popular with women, it is one of the favorite social media sites because it makes us feel so creative.

 It's visually stunning and easy to use. 

Want to share a recipe? 

Pinterest has an entire section just for recipes (and if you can't find a great recipe, maybe you should try Pinterest!)

2. YouTube

 Has everything from funny videos to academic lectures and inspirational speeches. One of my all-time favorites! 

3. Quora

This social networking site is slightly different in that you're not looking at photos or status updates but questions by users who are looking for specific answers. The great thing about Quora is that anyone can post a question—even President Obama!

4. Twitter 

When I want to know what’s happening in real-time, Twitter is where I go. Like Facebook, Twitter lets you follow people and organizations whose work interests you; unlike Facebook, Twitter gives you a stream of what those people are doing right now. If someone posts something new on their profile page or website (or tweets something), it shows up on your homepage as soon as they do it. You get timely information on any topic without having to look for it.

5. Reddit

Another good way to get timely information is Reddit. Subreddits are focused topics within Reddit where people discuss everything from Game of Thrones to Photoshop techniques. In addition to learning new things, I have learned so much about what types of careers appeal most to different personality types.

On Reddit, users post interesting content they've found throughout the day. Content ranges from cool videos and images to funny stories and news articles. It has communities called subreddits dedicated to specific topics like photography, gaming, politics, or memes where users submit content relevant to that subreddit. 

6. Facebook 

One of the all-time favorites, Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with friends (and keep up with their photos!) while getting valuable insight into your personality type. If you're looking for something less time-consuming than Twitter or Quora but more immediate than Pinterest or YouTube, Facebook might be just right for you. 

7. Mentimeter 

This free online tool helps you take action on your goals by breaking them down into smaller steps that are easier to accomplish.

7 Educational websites you must know

The must-know social media websites, about education and professional development, are as follows:

8. Udemy

It features a wide variety of video courses on every topic imaginable, from music to data science. Courses are taught by experts in their field and range in price from free to $200 or more. You'll also find e-books written by industry leaders that you can buy outright or rent (usually in PDF format) by chapter. 

9. EdX

One of the top MOOC platforms around the globe is Edx. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are accessible to anyone who wants to learn for free. Udacity.com, AcademicEarth.org, and others are significant MOOC providers.

EdX is a great online learning resource with courses from schools like MIT and Harvard—it's even compatible with Google Chromebooks. I'm a huge fan of big tech companies taking an interest in education—keep an eye out for initiatives at Microsoft, Google and Amazon too. 

10. Coursera

You can add some extra knowledge to your studies by using Coursera, which offers a range of academic learning.

11. MentalFloss

MentalFloss is an excellent resource for learning intriguing vast amounts of information, covering subjects like food, culture, and science. You should learn something, even when its primary purpose may be to help you put things off.

12. UnplugTheTV

By presenting random movies on fascinating scientific subjects, this student resource represents an option to TV (and, regrettably, studying).

13. Gutenberg

Similar to this, Project Gutenberg offers unrestricted internet access to books with expired copyrights; to date, it has digitized over 56,000 books.

14. TedEd

Websites like TED-Ed help you learn new skills with bite-sized videos you can watch whenever it’s convenient. If you have a particular skill or hobby that is important to you, chances are good there’s a site out there dedicated to it: from craft beer brewing to learning about microbes and microscopes. With so many educational resources available online, you no longer need to rely on school or college for your learning. 

The Internet has endless resources for any topic imaginable, just find your favorite subjects in our list of must-try social media websites.

6 Mental Health & Wellness websites

Social media has grown to play a major role in our lives, and it’s not going anywhere soon. They can help you boost your personality, learn about yourself and other people, and even help you improve your mental wellness.

15. Yoga Journal

All degrees of yogis have had access to the Yoga Journal's richness of knowledge for more than 40 years. Yoga Journal offers daily updates on various yoga positions, techniques to enhance health and fitness, and dietary knowledge, with material for both meditation time and time off the mat.

Explore a variety of positions and breathing exercises while learning the philosophy behind a yoga-centric lifestyle. The majority of yoga poses come with written descriptions or instructional videos. If you're looking for a top wellness resource that connects the world and centers your life—both physically and philosophically—then look no further.

16. Shape

For up-to-date information on the newest wellness trends, turn to Shape.

A variety of articles on living and wellness issues can be found on the website. Sustainability, wholesome eating, and fitness are just a few of the topics covered in posts and videos, which also include analyses of the newest wellness goods and experiences.

17. The Mighty

The Mighty should be the first mental well-being community that you visit. You can converse about particular subjects, availability, and access, or even give it through this peer-to-peer system.

The Mighty accepts your works if you enjoy writing or painting about your struggles or epiphanies. Simply upload your writings or photographs to the website for someone else to read and comment on.

18. The Dinner Party

Some websites concentrate on particular subjects. For instance, the Dinner Party is for those who are mourning the death of a loved one. The people here are incredibly friendly, sensitive to your plight, and eager to assist.

You can participate in dinners with other users, as the name implies, both online and physically.

19. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is yet another important website for locating a qualified therapist. It asks you a series of questions to customize your online presence and connect you with experts who meet your needs while also letting them know more about you.

20. CalmSage

Finally, give Calm Sage a try if you enjoy the concept of sharing your unique experiences and finding others who have had similar ones. The website welcomes guest postings regarding mental health victories even though it is more of an educational resource than a social hub.

You simply enter your information and narrative. Your submission will be posted online if Calm Sage accepts it. It can then be read, downloaded, shared, and discussed by other site visitors.

7 websites that help healthy living 

These websites will help you live a healthier life by giving you access to new recipes, fitness tips, and inspiring ideas to help you transform your health. In some cases, these sites can even connect you with other people who are trying to make positive changes in their lives.

21. SparkPeople 

Track your food intake while staying accountable by sharing your progress with friends on social media. Create a personalized plan that will help you reach all of your fitness goals.

22. Fitocracy 

Become a better lifter by finding training partners who encourage healthy competition. This site’s gamification aspect lets you earn points based on how often or well you work out and encourages creativity when it comes to creating unique workouts.

23. BodySpace

 If you’re serious about working out, then BodySpace is an essential tool. Connect with like-minded individuals to share workout routines and motivate each other to hit personal bests.

The Best Fitness Site Ever 

Find a variety of helpful articles covering everything from building muscle mass to eating right on this helpful website.

24. DailyStrength 

If you want to stay inspired during your journey toward better health, then DailyStrength is an ideal resource for those seeking support through peer interaction.

25. MyFitnessPal

You know you're onto something excellent when more than 140 million people join up for a motivating tool like MyFitnessPal. To reduce weight or simply make healthier decisions, users of this site (and app) can keep track of their activity, dietary intake, and water consumption.

MyFitnessPal holds users liable for their daily calorie intake and expenditure. In addition to learning more about the significance of serving sizes, you may log and store your favorite foods. You'll be able to determine if you're moving and eating enough to meet your own goals as a consequence.

26. Greatist

 Look no further than the Greatist if you're having trouble coming up with solutions on how to incorporate nutritious meals into your routine each day. Greatist has a tonne of meal ideas and nutrition information dispersed throughout their site, whether you're cooking up food for yourself or planning a weekly program for the entire family. From items you didn't know could refresh you to tiramisu and protein-rich snack choices.

This wellness website also contains articles about skincare, beauty routines, and exercise. Check out Greatist and their abundance of wellness articles if you've ever wondered about the runner's high, and how to improve your balance.

3 best websites for spiritual growth 

Spiritual websites are sites that offer advice and inspiration to better our souls. Whether you’re a practicing religious person or just someone who strives to live a positive life these sites can help you achieve peace with yourself. With my yoga website teaching flexibility, strength, and mindfulness it was an easy decision to add yoga apps into my routine.

I find inspiration in regular blog posts that provide me with new ways to think about myself. Reading these types of articles increases self-awareness through reflection which helps to act on current behavior as well as plan future goals. 

Spirituality is no different, just more important because every day we fight an uphill battle against our modern society’s disregard for spirituality; we need to do what we can to get back on track by learning about it firsthand through things like readings from some respected websites.

The internet is an incredible resource for helping us explore our spiritual side. It can help you learn about different religions, connect with like-minded individuals, read inspirational blogs and articles, discover helpful tools for meditation, and more.

 For your spiritual growth—whether you’re on a personal quest or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of different traditions—check out these websites:

27. Prashant Advait Foundation 

Acharya Prashant created and is the executive director of the non-profit PrashantAdvait Foundation. It was founded to destroy falsehood and advance both a scientific and a spiritual view of life.

The Foundation arranges spiritual excursions, online courses, seminars, conferences, and one-on-one counseling sessions with Acharya Prashant in addition to facilitating his speeches on various platforms. To ensure that as many people as possible get the Teachings, which are the core of the mission, in the short time available, these discourses are filmed and distributed globally via a variety of social media.

The Foundation was created with a missionary fervor to build an informed, fact-based, and wise human society. The mission is mostly carried out by a group of committed volunteers, each of whom is firmly anchored in Acharya Prashant's teachings.

28. Speakingtree

Here you can follow the writings of spiritual gurus on the website, participate in forum discussions, and connect with other spiritual searchers. It is a collection of spiritual publications, blogs, and forums. Anyone interested in yoga or Eastern religious practices must visit this website.

29. Beliefnet

It is one of the most wide-ranging spirituality websites on the internet. They claim that they have “something for everyone” and they do. The site offers everything from articles on all the major world religions to daily tips for health and happiness. 

Time to conclude

Each one has something unique to offer in terms of blogs/articles/tools that will help you be happy and live a better life. They can also serve as great places to find inspiration when times get tough!

In today’s world, social media websites have become an important part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re looking to stay in touch with family and friends, learn new things, or take care of your body and mind, there are plenty of great social media websites that can help you do that and more! Plus, many social media websites offer tools and features that aren’t available on other sites, so if you want to take advantage of all the available benefits these services offer, make sure to explore all your options.



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