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Deepa  Ramachandran

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“Fragrance is the most intense form of memory”. 

The quote above describes all about a scent \a perfume\a fragrance. A fragrance can remind you of a place, a person, an incident, a thing, or any memorable event. 

Fragrance interacts with you through smell. 

There are times where each and everything of your personality needs to speak and stand out, while fragrances play a massive role. Perfumes can stimulate the conscious mind, stabilize and modify the emotional state.

Best Perfume Brands In India

Let me also tell you a few psychological facts about perfume on women and men. It's said that women are instantly drawn to perfume to the scent whereas, men are drawn to its image. 

We are most likely to fall head over heels to perfumes for their ingredients as well, scientists are still working on knowing if a single ingredient catches more attention or is it the blend of ingredients. Next, we also choose perfumes similar to our biological nature.

Well now tell me don’t you want to get perfume for yourself ?? if yes, then join me to go on a delightful perfume ride.

There are various perfumes across the world, where the Indian brands have their standard down the market. Among those brands here I will introduce you to the top perfume brands in India with which you will eventually fall in love.

Let's start the list of best perfume brands in India! 

1. Park Avenue Good Morning 

It is a liquid-based morning deodorant spray for men. It contains that feel which keeps you fresh all day long and gives you the nicest vibes to start your day with a ‘good morning’ wish.

Suitable for all skin types, budget-friendly, and worth a try. Two main components of the sensual notes of the fragrance are Patchouli and Mandarin.

It is a 150ml container whose price falls under the range of 170INR-230INR

2. Set Wet Studio X 

Perfume brands in India are well known for being in liquid forms than in gas. This is another wonderful choice for a liquid-based perfume for men. It has been co-created with stylist Aalim Hakim, a well-known celebrity stylist. 

The fragrance gives a subtle edge, masculine, and a classy feel throughout the day. The notes of this fragrance are a mix of Musk and Amber which is topped and cedarwood note as the base. 

Review based it is said to be safe for skin and lasts long, which makes it high on demand all the time.

It is a 49ml container pricing around 400INR-450INR 

3. Engage M1

Another liquid-based men’s perfume brand in India, best suited for daily use. It gives a long-lasting lavender-infused fragrance which also makes you feel fresh throughout your schedule. It was first launched in the year 2015.

It is a 120ml container priced from 160INR-200INR. 

This is a budget-friendly perfume and very impressive for the price.

4. Ossum Delight body mist

This one is for my pretty ladies out there, who are desperately waiting for one. This is an amazing regular use for office and college-going women to make their presence with a soothing rejenuvating smell for the whole day. 

And being a woman looking for options is quite normal, isn’t it?

Yes, you do have them here, there are more three different scents available which are addicting both in fragrance and color, they are:- 

  1. Romance in eyecatching pink
  2. Blossom in revealing red
  3. Pleasure in appealing water blue

Also, there are mini perfumes with different fragrances to carry in your handbag and is very travel friendly. 

This beautiful 115ml purple container prices- 225INR

5. Layerr-Wottagirl

This perfume brand in India is exclusively only for women to experience various scents and add more charm. It is again a most wanted liquid-based perfume perfect for daily use. 

One more additional factor here is the cute bottles which make them more appealing to young girls or those who love cute stuff. They also are given in a different range of combinations like 

  1. Ripe oranges
  2. Lemons
  3. Floral sweetness

Wait, aren’t all these so damn refreshing?

They are available at an affordable price, i,e 135ml for 200INR.

6. Insignia

Here we are back to another perfume brand in India for men. This perfume is a little different from the other both in packaging and fragrance. It has unique packaging which is an option for gifting it to your loved ones. It is pretty costly, but has a royal look and feel that lasts long.

The notes of this fragrance are musky which is the top note, fragrant woody as the heart note, and sweet and spicy for the base note. 

It is worth a try and will not be a disappointing choice.

This uniquely packed 100ml container is 1049INR 

7. Villain

This perfume brand in India manufactures Eau-De-Parfum perfumes(a perfume that contains a lower amount of essential oils than perfume but higher than Eau-De-toilette). It has a strong woody scent which gives a feeling of strong and evil personality and a spicy scent that makes the person more appealing and lingering. 

On the whole, the theme of this perfume is Dangerous, evil, and hot. And it makes a perfect choice for date nights.

This dangerous little100ml container costs 600INR

8. Fogg Tuxedo

It is a classy pick for all the men out there. This well-known perfume brand in India which created a sensation launched this edition as a royal and cool theme that. It is another brilliant option for gifting and again an Eau-De-Parfum perfume. 

It has a strong aroma which is very captivating and also refreshing.

This mini royal 50ml dark bottle price is 325INR

9. Fogg Xtremo

Here we have another launch from the same sensational perfume brand in India. It is a liquid-based spray that has a strong aroma and a luxurious look in its appearance. The fragrance notes are orange, rose, ginger, jasmine (top notes), amber and accord (heart notes), and sandalwood the base note.

It is a scent suitable for daily use.

This rich-looking 100 ml container costs about 300INR-500INR

10. Wild Stone Ultra sensual

This Indian perfume brand which has its place in the market manufactures only liquid-based perfume for men. It is an Eye-catching red bottle, which has a scent suitable for dinner dates and evening gatherings. 

The fragrance notes are lemon, basil, lavender, and rosemary as top notes. Coriander and cardamom the heart notes and dry amber, patchouli are the base notes. This unique combination of notes makes this perfume to be on-demand the whole year. 

The refreshing red 100 ml container prices from 410INR-590INR

11. Denver Hamilton pride 

This is a liquid perfume that well suits summers, hot and humid conditions for men. It has a subtle and smooth fragrance which makes it the best for hot conditions, the top note is just a little stronger which highlights your scent and a smoother base gives a lighter feel. 

It has moderate longevity also they have scents which can suit for other conditions, they are:-

  1. Arcane
  2. Dignity
  3. Esteem
  4. Insight

This light felt 100ml pride, is priced around 375INR- 500INR

12. Park avenue 

This grand and luxurious perfume brand in India is highly liked by most of the men in the country.

It always deals with rich and sophisticated scents like rich grapefruit, mild citrus, and Himalayan cedar. This is also an Eau-De-Parfum with a refreshing feel. The park avenue brand is very well-known for packaging and display which sets the standard of the brand.

This well-established 50ml scent costs 300INR.

13. Set wet global edition

The set wet global edition was one of the most welcomed editions in men’s spray. It was known for its skin-friendly nature with Bali bliss which is an ultimate craze among the youngsters it's said to carry the revitalizing feel from the god is islands Bali. The fragrant notes are citrus, woody, and amber, which is perfect for a day out.

It has a long-lasting feel up to 7-8hrs which is very impressive.

And this 120ml global edition costs around 130INR-250INR

14. Wild stone forest spice

This perfume brand in India is an Eau-De-Parfum a liquid spray perfume. This has a unique and raw scent, executing style, and power of nature. Makes you feel forest fresh and is also recommended as party wear. 

The fragrance pyramid goes like 

  1. Top notes – Plum, lemon, geranium.
  2. Heart notes – Mahagony, carnation, cinnamon.
  3. Base notes – Sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, cedar.

This verdant green colored 100ml forest spice costs from 330INR- 500INR. 

15. Embark perfumes

This is a unisex perfume that is widely appreciated by both genders. Specially designed for the climate and all skin types in India.

Just tell me who doesn’t like to present themselves well?? And this perfume adds pride to your dressing and uplifts your charisma.

For HER, they have 3 fragrances namely:-

  1. My life
  2. Passion
  3. Dream

For HIM, they have 5 fragrances and these are the ones:-

  1. My story
  2. My dream
  3. My life
  4. My passion
  5. My life is intense

Since they are all from a traditional Indian background they are priced high.

All these beautiful fragrances are packed in 30ml containers and costs 700INR per scent. 

16. Aamod luxury fragrances 

This young and vibrant perfume brand in India pairs up perfectly with your look and is specially designed for people of all ages. 

They are a collection of beautiful summer fragrances well suited for travel, vacations to feel fresh and vibrant the whole time. There are4 different fragrances available 

  1. Vibrant vetiver
  2. Tropical voyage
  3. Champagne Du Roses
  4. Essence Du Royale

They have a unique way of naming the fragrances which also makes unique scents.

As the name suggests they are for sure a luxurious brand with Indian touch selling their fragrances for 2000INR and above.

17. Kashmirica 

This perfume brand in India has a variety of different categories in their bucket like perfumes, fragrance candles, Oudh, etc….

Under perfumes they have plenty of varieties which I am damn sure will satisfy your fragrance hunt.

To mention a few of them, they are:-

  1. Arabian nights
  2. Escada
  3. Rose
  4. Kambodian Oudh
  5. Amber wood
  6. Bakhoor

There are places and situations where you need to fill your presence with elegance and pride. The Kashmirica fragrances are at their best with top-notch elegant style. They are in common forms like spray they are found as liquid forms which have to be applied directly on your skin with your hands, which will make them stay for a longer time.

Their prices are in the range of 700INR-1800INR 

18. Ramson’s perfume 

This is also a unisex perfume brand in India that has about 64 varieties of scents. They are segregated into different combo packs, fancy perfumes, gift sets, etc…

Also, the most welcoming part of this brand is the price range. It has perfumes starting from 150INR to 1000INR and does not forget with Indian traditional touch.

Here are few fragrances listed, they are:- 

  1. Innocent crime
  2. Extreme ocean
  3. La opale
  4. Once more
  5. Divine

19. Ajmal 

Here I’m introducing you all to one of the oldest and renowned perfumery brands in India. They have the most captivating fragrances with an Indian touch. The Ajmal perfumery was started in the year 1951 in India and later shifted its headquarters to Dubai. Now they export their fragrances to 45+ countries across the globe.

Another important culture of the Ajmal perfumery is to grow all the required ingredients by themselves 

Now that’s so cool right!!

They just do not distribute perfumes but also home fragrances, Dah Al Oudh, Envogue, gift sets, signature collections, and ethnic chic. 

For sure Ajmal perfumery must be on your bucket list, do visit their official website and get yours.

20. Sugandhco

Another Indian traditional perfume brand Sugandhco. They have tried a different mixture of art and science put together to get new scents.

Their website has many filter options to help choose the right one for you, and the prices are mid-range and very affordable.

Well, I have a present for you – they have amazing gifting options and packaging for you to gift it to your people and mark your identity.

21. All good scents 

Let's know about all the good scents from ‘All good scents’. They have modern contemporary Indian scents, they focus mainly on Eau-De-Parfum and Eau-De-toilettes.

Now I have a secret to reveal to y’all i,e the All good scents conduct workshops and reveal the secrets and methods of making perfume and not just this what’s more interesting is it all happens with perfumer Rajiv Sheth. 

They also have perfumes for all men and women with unique and different scents at various ranges. 

They also have perfume advisory, a helping tool on their official page that will help you find the apt ones based on your needs.

22. Forest essentials

They are also the luxurious ayurvedic perfume brand in India. They have a vast number of categories under them like Makeup products, facial care, body care, hair care, perfumes, and cream that are customized. Their official website is very customer friendly with various filter options for price, skin types, and gender.

They have a good collection of gifts and are purely ayurvedic. They also provide free shipping to certain places, get going and check out for your place.

23. Bombay perfumery 

Most of you here must be aware of this Bombay perfumery which is the current favorite of many. They are into perfumes for about 30 years, where their scents speak their experience. They have new range of Eau-De-Parfum. Also called the house of fragrances. 

Well defined as ‘Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic and unique in experience’

The perfumes and candles here come with different names, unique scents collected from traditional and historical parts of India.

  1. Pondicherry yellow
  2. Moonset
  3. Calicut
  4. Chai musk
  5. Madurai talkies

These are the few scents mentioned. 

Candles:165gm costs 1600INR 

Perfumes: 100ml costs from 3900INR- 4100INR

24. Isak fragrances

Isak fragrances are liquid-based spray perfumes. 

They also have a huge number of perfumes collection like a buffet, they are:-

  1. Royal Awadh [price: 1550INR-1800INR]
  2. Attar [price: 850INR-950INR]
  3. Signature perfumes [price: 3200INR]
  4. Occasion series [ price: 1500INR]

Designed for our moods and mainly made for feeling good

5.Emotion Series [ price: 1500INR]

Manufactured based on aromatherapy. Helps to lift your mood.

6.Make your perfume a kit [ price:2850INR]

Let me say something about this one category in Isak Fragrances. Making your perfumes is an amazing opportunity to explore your creativity, to create your scent for yourself. 

 As I previously mentioned, scent or fragrance, they can talk to us through the smell and interact with us and let us feel the way we should, speaking upon that a scent for you from you has so much to tell and feel. 

Isak fragrances provide the necessary ingredients, working book, instructions, and the steps to create your scent also not to forget your creativity in mixing up different fragrances. In the process of making your scent, it's just you and your thoughts, that’s so refreshing !!!

This can also be a great hobby to relax from all types of stress.

25. The Fragrance Stories

This perfume brand is placed in Pune, India. They strongly believe that the main ingredient for perfume is putting your heart into it.

They make a beautiful comparison of everyone's life to fragrances, as the life of every human on earth is different from the other, the fragrances also are unique and tell us different stories.

The main motive of The fragrance stories is to let the world know about the beautiful Indian stories behind each scent produced here, such a heartwarming thought. 

They are collectively 18 different scents, below are listed top 5 scents 

  1. Curating stories of India- a gift set of 4 scents.
  2. Lavender
  3. Green orchid
  4. Sea breeze
  5. Valley of flower

Price ranges from 549INR – 1000INR 

They also have high collections of Essential oils and candles. 


We’ve reached our destination!! 

It was an amazing feel-good ride for me and I hope it was the same for you. Now it's time for you to choose your favorite perfume brand in India and collect the fragrances. For me, I have many things that I want to try from these to mention one it’s the make your perfume from Isak perfumes. 

Likewise, which perfume brand in India caught your attention? Do share it with us.

I hope it was worth your time and read. Comment down your favorite fragrance from the mentioned above.

Thank you for sharing this aromatic time with me. 

Cheerio then, see you soon! Do like and share in your group.

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