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Oprah explained that her childhood was filled with abuse, that no one should experience for the first six years of her life. Winfrey was raised by her strict grandmother in poverty back then they were so poor that Winfrey, often wore dresses made of potato sacks. “She whipped me so badly that I had welts on my back and the welts would bleed.

1.     Winfrey’s Early Life

“So, then I got another weeping for getting blood on the dress”. From ages 9 to 13, she was sexually abused by her cousin uncle, and a family friend at 14. Winfrey became pregnant, but sadly the baby was born prematurely and died in a hospital, weeks later, so how her life changed.

2.     Oprah’s First Show

Eventually, Oprah moved away to live with her father in Tennessee, where she attended Tennessee state university and got her starting communications during high school Winfrey got a part-time job at a local black radio station at 19 she began conquering the local evening, news, at The time she was both the youngest news anchor and the first black female news anchor for Nashville WTVF-TV in 1983, Oprah Winfrey's, big break, came in when she started hosting Chicago WTVF-TV, a low rated half-hour morning talk show AM Chicago. Within months the show became the highest-rated talk show in Chicago after Winfrey took over.

3.     Oprah Became a Nationwide Sensation

Three years later, her show was expanded to a full hour renamed the Oprah Winfrey Show and went national making Winfrey, a millionaire. Winfrey's story is a perfect example of what’s possible, to turn your wounds into wisdom regardless of where you were born and how you were raised.


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