Oh! Ray…

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Oh! Ray…


It was just another day for Ray, woke up at 6:30 for a 10:00 AM job, a job which hardly took her 30 minutes to travel. Then why to throw herself into such a routine when she can peacefully complete her 9 hours of sleep? Why is she doing that? Is this the only thing in her morning routine that is weird? Or are there other uncovered mysteries?

Slowly walking on the marble floor while continuously rubbing her eyes, she opened the door and began with her morning rituals. Brushing her teeth like if a snail would have given this task he could have defeated her. It’s morning, a lazy Monday morning as we all call it. So Ray is quite on the track of her slow business.

Opens up the tap, with a concern to save water, she completes her other procedures. Yay! Ray is cleaned up. But it was just teeth, no one goes to the office just brushing their teeth. Everyone wants to look presentable, beautiful, and smell good. Right? But what’s wrong with this girl? She just got rid of her mouth germs and odor. Someone, please tell her that other parts need attention too.

Scrounging her regular tonic from the tray placed on the dining table, and taking a clean spoon from the kitchen, she takes her medicine, which is a blood purifier. A tonic? What is this for? Is her blood dirty, impure, or has she got some serious disease? This girl is strange. She then feeds the little fishes in her aquarium with the fish food, which is as tiny as a pen dot on a paper, but enough to satisfy those tiny appetites to swim and move their fins tirelessly.

Taking out her wooden comb from the holder, she brushes her hair, her thin and tangled hair on her about to go bald scalp. Puts up her black hairband so that the baby hair on her forehead won’t disturb her when she will wash her face. Great! All set, to step into the bathroom and do what the place is meant for. Then, she moves toward the kitchen. Wait! In the kitchen? This must have been a mistake by the writer, the bathroom has been written kitchen here. Who combs their hair, puts up a hairband, and walks inside the kitchen? And that too even without taking a bath? Well, this girl is so unpredictable.

Taking a tea pan out of the dish holder which is terribly stuffed with other utensils of the house, if she had to take the pan out, the pan would make a loud weird sound banging all the other utensils. Or maybe it’s the pan’s way of saying good morning to its stainless steel and silver friends. Ray finally gets hold of the tea pan, making that loud sound. She hear a voice, familiar yet not pleasant, while she was filling the pan with water.

“Do it slowly, we are sleeping”. Her mother uttered those, she was being disturbed in her peaceful sleep. Well, it’s a common reaction, anyone could have said that. Even shouted, sleep is precious. Ray carried on with her daily tasks after putting the tea pan on the stove, she set the flame to the lowest. Lowest? In a world where we are running out of time, where everyone is in a hurry in the morning, this girl sets the flame to the lowest? Why? Why? Only God knows.

Ray steps into the bathroom and begins her face washing process. Sleep is still in her eyes, she woke up with laziness or maybe wanted to justify her getting up so early for a 10 AM job. She very gently begins washing her face. Softly with her fingertips, she glides them on the face wash put up on her skin. She is enjoying this, really, one small act of self-care gives her a fraction of pleasure in her entire morning routine. Going clockwise, in a circular motion for about 2–5 minutes, she washes the foam off her face with cold water.

Along with her mouth, now her face is cleaned too. But what about the rest of her body? Do people go to the office just partially washing their face and brushing their teeth? To a place where they are going to spend half of their day, just cleaning with water and half a fraction of face wash justify it?

Now she budges to the kitchen again. Now? What for? The pan? Oh, yeah, the pan. She switches off the burner. The water inside the pan is hot as lava. She opens up another container and takes out a spoon full of fresh-smelling green tea leaves and puts them inside the pan. Green tea? At this age? This girl is already skinny and having green tea will **** out the remaining muscles inside her too. Weird. Isn’t she?

Now, Ray is geared up, maybe time is running out. But she woke up at 6:30 for a 10:00 AM job. She reaches her closet and takes out her daily pyjama, T-shirt, and her lingerie. Pyjama, and T-shirt? Does this girl have no dressing sense? Or has lost it all? Going to the office in such attire? Wonder what kind of work she does there. She switches on the geyser for 5 minutes. Geyser? In such hot weather? The weather is as hot as someone is pouring fire over you every time you step out. And this girl is taking a hot water shower? There is some serious issue with her.

She switches it off and goes to the bathroom to take her premium hot water shower. Ray really enjoys that too and comes out wearing her everyday clothes without drying out her body. There might be something with this too. In the kitchen, she strains her green tea, in a medium-sized ceramic cup and takes 2–3 sips while walking to the dining table. Looks at the clock, 45 minutes are left, and she partially had her breakfast and is not ready for the office yet.

Leaving her green tea on the table, Ray pays a visit to her closet again, takes out a pair of regular jeans, a shirt, any color which she wants to wear today, plugs in the iron, and waits for it to get hot. Meanwhile, she again enjoys her green tea sips. Looks outside the window, sitting on the sofa, and thinks, she thinks and thinks, what exactly only she knows.

Indication, she can iron her clothes now, she keeps her cup aside and begins ironing peacefully, yet another activity giving her pleasure. But she hurries up on that, as she has to leave for the office as well, and also she didn’t eat her breakfast well. But she puts that all away and continues giving a structured shape to her shirt. Well, it’s done and done perfectly. Content Ray. Rushes to her room to get dressed. She ties up her hair in a messy bun, not intentionally, but the way she ties up it turns out to be messy on that about to go bald scalp.

Put on some sunscreen on her face and blend till it gets dissolved. She rushes to the fridge. Fridge? Why fridge? Oh! She wants to eat something. She opens the fridge and takes out her usual lip balm, she applies it and puts that in her jeans pocket. Maybe she requires that throughout her entire day.

Ray leaves the home at exactly 9:00 with her backpack. Almost one hour early for a 10:00 AM job. And she did all that in 2 hours 30 minutes. She elongated that crap in 2 hours and 30 minutes? Anyone could get just 1 hour early, do all that and reach their office on time. But Ray? She didn’t do it the way it ought to be. She is not doing that correctly. She is messing up with her life. She needs teaching on that. A lesson. A good lesson, by which she will do things as prescribed. She needs to be taught. But who will teach her? She has left the house and headed to her office.

What she left behind is the mug half-filled with her green tea, still warm. Whose sips gave her pleasure, a time for herself, or a break from her routine. She could have finished that. Lived her pleasure to the fullest. She wasn’t that busy? She was never busy to feel pleasurable, or grab some moments for herself.

Ray was just wasting her time and a day of her life. She moved to the bathroom 3 times for the tasks she could have done at once and the same goes with the kitchen as well. She doesn’t know. She really doesn’t know how to wake up, brush, get cleaned, have breakfast, and take bath. She doesn’t know how to start a day. A perfect day. She needs teaching on that. And that too strictly.

Ray is just like a ray, she starts from anywhere and moves ahead like a straight line, not hindered by any of the obstacles coming her way. Because she has a way of her own life. Which everyone is supposed to have. No one teaches anybody how to wake up, how to brush, how to breathe, and how to live. Though it’s not easy, it’s never been easy to walk your path, live on your own terms, to ignore everyone else, drift back from all the negative energy, and just be oneself. There were voices, questions, and judgments hopping all over Ray, in whatever she did and whatever she wanted to do next.

Ray just kept moving, kept coming back and forth to the bathroom and the kitchen performing her activities. Going her way sometimes up, sometimes down, but it was her way, her chosen way, her chosen pleasures. It’s her way of getting up at 6:30 for a 10:00 AM job, it’s her way of washing her face prior to her body, it’s her way of sipping warm green tea and leaving the rest, it’s her way of bathing with hot water in a 45-degree temperature and it’s her way of starting her day.

What she counted on that day, was the low brewing of her green tea water, a slow process of making some pleasure. What she counted on was gently washing her face with her fingertips, smiling while she was leathering up the face wash. What she counted on was, bathing in water as hot as hell in 45-degree weather. What she counted was, sipping her green tea sips looking outside the window, and then leaving the cup aside. What she counted on was, ironing her clothes to make them look wrinkle-free, although she wears whatever her hand catches first. Ray counted all these, everything which gave her pleasure to start her day, her beautiful day. Ray counted on these small yet silly things to begin her future, to begin her life.

Ray doesn’t need to laugh to be happy, doesn’t need to smile to feel content. She was feeling all that from within. Her inner self was giving her pleasure, which is, untouched, pure, and unseen by others. It was her pleasure, only hers. Pleasure? No one gets pleasure from washing their face? Sipping green tea? Ironing clothes? Whatsoever? Ray really needs to learn, it’s high time now.


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