20 Nude Lipstick Shades For Natural Looking Everyday Looks

You can't keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick

Ahiran Akinchana Brahma

Mar 23, 2021|5 min read


"When in doubt, wear red".  We all have heard this line, haven't we? 

But what we don't know to "Use nude lipstick to complete the look!"

Nude lipstick is quite an interesting quandary in the world of beauty. Of course, it plays a significant role in a woman's makeup routine, but what exactly is a nude shade? 

Some women believe that it is meant to be a shade similar to the skin tone, while others define it simply as something neutral. But the fun fact is there is no true nude for any skin tone. 

Nude lipsticks are always in season. Whether you want to get all glamorous or just look casual, nude lipstick shades do the work for you. But how do you know which shade is the best for you? 

Well, let me help with that. Here's a list of 20 Nude Lipstick Shades to choose from. Time for some lipstick hunt ;)

1.Nude Mauve

Sometimes it is not possible to wear bright shades for certain occasions for those times, Nude Mauve shades will come to your rescue. Among the various Nude Lipstick shades, mauve has gained imposing popularity. Mauve has become the new nude for most women.

2. Nude Pinkish Brown

This shade is a bit rare!  

With rare what I mean, you cannot just walk to the drug/cosmetic store and say "Hey show me some pinkish brown nude shades".  No, No... Please don't do that. 

All you need to do is grab your phone search through Nykaa, Flipkart, Myntra, HokMakeup for 'Give me Mocha' shade from Wet and Wild or 'Nude Nuance' from Maybelline. Voila! you have your perfect pinkish brown nude lipstick shades. (let me know if you find some more pinkish-brown)

3. Nude Pink

If you are not a big fan of bright lipsticks or even lipsticks, try the Nude Pink lipstick shade. The Nude Pink lipstick shade can also be used for occasions where lipsticks are not preferred but you can't go bare just like that. Phew! such are the situations nude lipstick shades save us from.

4. Nude Chestnut

"History knows many ladies with chestnut hair that have conquered the planet with their unique beauty''. But you don't need your hair to be chestnut, go for nude chestnut lipstick shade instead. Also known as the copper brown shade, this nude lipstick is loved by women of all shades. 

5. Nude Crushed Caramel

Should I say this shade sounds intriguing or tasty? I would love to have caramel on my lips! Do you know Cleopatra used crushed bugs as a stain for her lips? (Cool but yuck!) This nude lipstick shade might not leave your lips tasting like caramel but the colour is wow.

6. Nude Light Pink

Bright and bold colours have their moment but this nude light pink lipstick shade has its charm that makes you feel pretty and comfortable in your skin.

7. Nude Peach

This Nude Peach lipstick shade gives a perfect summer vibe. The kind of look which pleases the eyes and that is when nude peach shade comes in the picture.

8. Nude Warm Brown

The best of this nude shade that I've come across so far is Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick - 14 Teak Mystique (Warm Brown). A bit darker than most nudes, this nude lipstick shade is a must-have if you like to go dark and bold.

9. Nude Rose

This nude lipstick shade has gained popularity as the 'universally flattering” shade. You would definitely want to stock up this nude shade before your next date.

10. Nude Plum

Nude Plum lipstick shade can be called the 'super saviour shade'. It gives both lip balm and lipstick vibe. A cute ready-to-wear anywhere kind of shade we all love!

11. Nude Beige

It will not be overdramatic to call this shade the Queen of nudes. A beige nude lipstick shade always got its place in a woman's trousseau. I can wear this shade even when I NetFlix and chill, like literally.

12. Nude Orange

Orange nude lipstick shades add a vibrant and bright look to our lips. Whoever says nudes are boring, show them various shades from the nude orange lipstick collection. (p.s: these are often out of stock. help me get one please!)

13. Nude Coffee Lite

The best one is from Lakme 9 to 5 collection. This shade of nude is a classic in itself. 

14. Nude Baby Pink

The cutest nude lipstick shade of all time. Although mostly preferred by teens, some women like to go flirtatious with this baby pink nude lipstick.

15. Nude Rose brown

Said to be the perfect nude shade for Indian women, the idea of this nude lipstick shade can get subjective sometimes. This means, what looks like a red berry on someone light-skinned like Alia Bhatt, might make like a great nude on someone duskier, like Sushmita Sen.

16. Nude Dark Coffee

Another dark shade of the nude lipstick collection. Women with duskier skin tones prefer to have it for a sensuous evening look. 

17. Nude Berry

The best of this shade is from Aromi cosmetics and Maybelline. A similar shade is available on Nykaa.com. 

18. Nude Caramel Apple

This nude lipstick shade is so soothing to look at. A tint of gloss over this Caramel Apple nude shade gives such a stunning look. This shade creates an aura of sophistication with a bit of playfulness.

19. Nude Raisin

I don't understand why does lipstick shades get their names from sweet eatables. Raisin is something I cannot resist and having a shade similar to its colour is absolutely a dream come true.

20. Nude Almond

The Almond nude lipstick shade is available in pink, red, and brown.

You can get these easily on Nykaa.com. The pink almond nude lipstick shade is really subtle and gorgeous.

According to the ambassador of Butter London's global colour, Katie Jane Hughes, "There could be 20 or 30 shades that fit into the category of 'nude' for you because nude means something different for every person." 

The above is a list of the most preferred everyday nude lipstick shades that we have carefully handpicked for you. Hope this list makes your 'perfect shade of nude' lipstick hunt easier.


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