No more meetings will be better?

No more meetings will be better?

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori

2 months ago|2 min read


When you work, you always be mingle with this word “meeting” almost everyday. Regular, daily and weekly meeting are totally familiar to you. But if you are given a question, “Is that effective? You are on meeting but you also have to keep your deadline?”. The answer could be like this “Will be better without more meetings”.

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So simple to know but it can give you negative impact for the long term, only if there are no solution for this. People who just finished meeting, usually need more time to back to work or even they choose not to stop that day activity especially if meeting occurred on afternoon.

Why did it happen? Because people already used their energy to explain anything on the meeting, moreover if there is debate or misunderstanding issue. Can you imagine a small conflict about topic in the middle of meeting? And then it goes on until hours? Oh please, it is going to kill you.

After seeing so many complicated things, here are some solutions can be applied. Make a plan first will be much better especially to plan your meeting about the date, time and even the spot. The schedule will give you special space that you have to finish your job beforehand.

The second is to discuss with the big boss that only something urgent will be covered by meeting, if not, you don’t need to do. Remember you already so many tools just to write down the update or maybe constrains, then mention your team or boss. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Something that until know still be executed by meeting.

If meeting is still needed, set only people who has responsible to and on limited time. It will help you to do it much simpler and finish quicker. What if there are no solution at the time? Set new time for tomorrow or whenever you can talk more with your partner. Never prolong the limit, because you have more responsibility to execute.

Afterwards, you will see better things than before. No more unimportant meetings, no need to book so many rooms, do effective job and anything gets done on time. Everybody looks satisfied.

So, will it be better for you?


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