5 Women Tendencies That Are Not So Hard To Believe Will Make You Go ROFL

Wear helmets for protection.

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


These statements will not be hard to believe because women do them without notice. Whether you are a henpecked husband or a dragged boyfriend, you will surely relate to these.

But make sure you are alone while reading them, for your wife or girlfriend is sure to snatch your phone and throw it right away if she catches you red-handed laughing on the floor.

1. Women Believe In Savings

Yes, of course, they believe! That’s why they keep the savings in the kitchen safely, hiding in the containers where you can’t even imagine. The money they steal from their husband’s wallet and the money they get from their “Maika” ( their parents’ home) whenever they visit is stored in the filled containers for future use by them.

2. Though They Believe In Savings, They Buy Expensive Clothes

According to Women, Cheap things are more expensive. Their psyche can be figured out by looking at their shopping tricks and style of wearing the different dresses with uncommon way. Usually, they seek for branded clothes to attract men or sometimes to compare with other women. Actually, they buy the expensive clothes to fulfill their fantasies of resembling a heroine!

3. They Buy Expensive Clothes But Never Have Anything To Wear

A woman’s closet, no matter it is loaded with clothes with tags still on or having no inch to store even an earring, has nothing for them to wear at any instant. The are there at every showroom’s sale but have no good attire for any occasion. A few women are so fond of wearing one dress to one party that they cover up saying that they’re preserving the previous dresses for worthy occasions. Seriously?

4. Never Have Anything To Wear, But Are Always Expecting Appreciation

The need of every woman to look like “Madhubala” is so prominent that men have worst fears of confessing it. Often ladies really go behind their needs with excess makeup and unfit outfits. The reality is that every woman wants to look beautiful. They bought the clothes by their so-called “savings” and expecting good comments and appreciation in return for that is too less to ask for.

5. Always Expecting Appreciation, But Are Reluctant To Praise Others

Women want to be the center of attraction whenever they go for a party. But they haven’t studied science because miserably, the centre of attraction could only be one. Since they have spent their valuable 2-3 hours to get ready for the party, they want to seek compliments but they themselves are never tired of passing remarks on the other ladies in the party. They always find a topic for gossip for the next few days.

6. And When A Male Gives A Compliment, Women Consider It Flirting

Accidentally, if a man compliments a lady with good looks, women get exaggerated and assumes as if they’re “Mrs. World”. She gets bound with those complimentary words and assumes that everyone is looking at her. She gets overexcited and even presumes about the man who admired her (because he doesn’t have anyone to talk). She thinks that he is flirting with her. Literally? Nothing can be said after this.

I don’t have the courage to take this tale any further. But I do have a free advice for all the boyfriends and hubbies of the world - don’t forget to compliment your “her”, because you easily avoid the melodrama with just a few words!

It is her birthright to be flattered and buttered about her looks and intelligentsia (whatever amount she has). You simply cannot deprive her of that!

I know you might be rolling on the floor after reading this, but bro, please share it and let others laugh along.


Ashish Verma

He really hates writing bios, yet he love writing on Feeding Trends. He takes his readers into another land, which is lush, untamed and chivalrous. He speaks less and writes more, being quiet loud here. He is Ashish.



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