Types Of Students During Horrific Examination Session, Fearing That “Sharma Ji Ka Beta” Will Top Again

Oh, Lord! Next time I’ll pakka study!

Ashish Verma

Dec 27, 2018|4 min read


Everyone is or was once a student in their life. Everyone has given a number of exams. Some of you might have even cheated or planned or studied just a night before the exam. Exams, be it from school days or college days, have been the nightmares.

Those group studies and conferences calls were the major lifelines of exam time. The feeling of heartbeats going up and down due to lack of preparation is something nobody can forget.

The most interesting part of examinations is the various types of students that we can find during the examinations. Feeding Trends has brought you the list from Mr. Know-It-All to the Mr. Jugaadu Backbenchers. Here, we have the different types of students based on their behaviors.

1. Topper

They are the examples given by our parents. The front-benchers are likely to fall into the category of toppers. (Luckily I am one of them) And the best example is, undoubtedly, Sharmaji ka beta. The toppers are treasure chests of knowledge. (They even learn the page numbers) They are lovingly addressed as “Bookworm”.


2. Last-minute crammer

Pythagoras theorem? Or Area of the circle? What to study? Before the examination, you’ll always find someone who won’t be leaving books. Cup of coffee, toothbrush, comb, sandwich and everything but books will never go off from his hands. At the last moment, students mug up everything. Exam ready!


3. Marks analyst

How many marks you actually need to get passed including internal assessments? How much I need to make to make to the list? These are the same questions asked by people who are studying just for few marks. They are the marks analyst and are super active in examinations. The funny part is, they never get passed. Poor they! Un-witty calculations!


4. Serial planners

When the 2nd bell will ring, you’ll be coming out of the examination hall. We will meet in the toilet and exchange words in the noise of pissing. This is the frequent planning everyone does. Like they are planning an attack. Like undercover agents. But, they never succeed. The friend doesn’t come out. Lol!


5. Religious bhakt

Their sudden strong belief in Almighty God is fast and furious. It awakens during the examinations and sleeps as the exams get over. These people are ready for anything. They even offer 2 liters of milk to the snake. They actually promise a never going trip to Vaishno Devi to barter marks. Poor lads.


6. Confused mind

Is it option A or option D? Or what exam is today, history or math? Or mind is running with tan, cos, sin formulas in biology paper? The confused minds are puzzled all through the exams. They are themselves not sure of the things. And after conversations, they make other confused too.


7. Peeper

They have no worries of exams for they can cheat from the one sitting before them or the one sitting behind them. The ones who always peeps in the scoring topper’s copy. Although it duly depends on the person who is sitting in front of his seat or behind to make him cheat, they pass the exams. Fortunate peeps!


8. Over-achiever

Have you taken more than one supplement or even one supplement in the exam? No? But there are some writers of writers. The only attention seeker who repeatedly takes supplement copies. They are the overachievers of student life. Yet, they don’t inspire to write exams.


It is very exciting to feel that adrenaline rush of examinations. The frightening feeling of getting failed or elation of getting topped becomes the memorable one. The climax comes when you’re going to be seated on the first bench in the examination hall. So, which type of student are you?

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Ashish Verma

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