Totally Free Of Cost Characterisation Of You And Your Bae By Your Dear Friends

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Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


From “Mera Shona babu” to “That's my bitch”, we come across every sort of couple in our environment. Some couples inspire us for relationship goals while some make us think “Single hi ache hai yaar”. Some make us believe that love is the best feeling while some make us realize that "Humse na ho payega." It is our discretion to take a positive lesson or a negative one, but these couples can be easily spotted around you.

Each couple has its own characteristics and so, each one deserves a special mention here. Feeding trends bring to you the types of couples that we find in every group.

1- The Kuchi-Koo Couple:

Shona, babu, baby, jalebi, kachori, dahi bhalla and what not! This couple is pro at giving names to each other. They always try to act cute in front of the public, even though they fight like animals behind their back. They lteraaly bring down scenes fro films to life. Awe! So irritating!

2- The Warrior Couple:

This couple is always ready with their sword of words to kill each other. Every day they break up and every day they make up. This is their daily routine and they are already habitual of it while their besties are the ones who suffer the most. Thank God, my bestie is single!

3-The Friends With Benefits:

“Oh! No no, we are just friends”, is what they say, but they can be spotted every now and then, making out at every possible place. They are stuck by cupid's arrow but don't want a public acceptance of it. Tag allergic, I guess!

4- The Confused Couple:

This type of couple has one person “jiska kat raha hai”. This heavily friend-zoned person is the one who actually keeps love alive on the earth. The infatuation never transforms into love, but their prestigious better half switches over moods to give guest appearances of a couple. Angels in disguise!

5- The Over Possessive Couple:

This couple is the one who thinks that every single guy wants to be in their partner’s pant. Making good friends or simply friends is a tough task for this couple. They even share passwords of phones and social media accounts with each other, to keep an eye on them. Do they even check toilet seats before their partners' pee in there?

6- The Perfect Couple:

This couple inspires singles to be in a relationship. They are perfect in every manner, always happy and smiling. They have the best understanding of each other's differences and value them. They do't have to pretend that they are in love, making people believe in fairytales. Such a couple is found in every corner of the Earth. And we all know the Earth is round!

If you are also blessed by cupid and have a “bae” in life, you can also categorize yourself under these types of couples. It is totally free of cost.

Comment and let us know which one you are, only if you don't mind!





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