You Are Not Born A Woman But You Make Yourself A Woman By Looking After Yourself

Because it's no longer the men's world.



Mar 8, 2020|4 min read


Again the only day where the whole world will owe respect to the women is here. The world is celebrating International Women's Day. And like every year, people will post and show an excess of respect and love, making us feel like being on the top of the world.

But ladies it's a trap! Don't be fooled by all these flattering and learn to love and care for you by yourself. Celebrate your own imperfections because you are beautiful no matter what shape, size or colour you are!

Let us together make it a Women's World. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle and treat yourself in the best way possible.

1 - Healthy Food Habits:

No wonder we can betray our men for a pizza but my dear ladies learn to eat healthily. Change your food habits and go green. It will help you stay fresh and active whole day long.

And we women need more energy than men to keep a check on them of course. But don't forget Sunday is a holiday for everyday things!

2 - Exercise Daily:

We know that your boss is a little too bossy but wait I know how to calm your fantasies of hitting him right on his face. Meditation!

Yes, yoga meditation and a session of workout is a must for us. It helps regulate our menstrual cycle and makes it less painful. It also makes our skin look healthy. Natural glow!

3 - Groom Yourself:

Don't buy a ?500 lipstick just to get it ruined by him. A strict no. Do it for yourself girl. Be bold and confident. Dress smartly and don't forget to wear perfume because if you smell good you feel confident.

Never get ready in a hurry and always take your time. And if ever you are late to a party or a date, make it worthy. The first impression is always the last impression!

4 - Avoid Risky Habits:

Smoking is injurious to health it can bring wrinkles! Ok jokes apart but if you are a chainsmoker and also intake alcohol you must stop it right now.

Indulging in such habits may cause sterility and difficulties in conceiving. And who knows if you become the next 'Mukesh’. Be the good girl that you are!

5 - Stress Management:

I hope you remember that lady in shinchan who used to punch a teddy bear in order to control her stress and anger. We can do that! Or plan a small vacation from time to time.

Have healthy sex life and don't ever let your professional things get into your personal life. And sis we are blessed with inborn management skills. Why to worry then? W can ring out all the worries at any instant.

6 - Regular Health Check Up:

Keep checking yourself for breast cancer. Read and learn about symptoms of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Get yourself diagnosed if you are ever in a doubt.

And stay healthy because you are the happiness of your house and so your health is the true asset for your family. You are the person on whom everyone is dependent.

Ladies learn to love yourself first. Keep yourself happy and stress free then only you can look after your loved ones. And remember we don't need a man to treat us well or to get ready for we have our best friend sitting on the other side of the mirror.

Do it for her. Enjoy yourself. Happy women's day!





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