Want To Relive The School Bus Memories That Take You Back Into Childhood?

Sing along! Motor chali rum pum pum!



Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


School life is indeed the best time of our life. The assemblies, the corridors, the playground and the washroom - every corner has its own story of happiness and sorrows. But somewhere, we forget to mention the fun we had in our school bus and different types of people we met.

It's fun to recall that 'Rahul’ who always used to have a running nose looks stunning now and that girl with never ending lice in her head got married to a businessman and what not.

Also, the hatred we had for the black colour due to the tedious stuff taught to us on the blackboard and the way the monitor wrote my name for making noise when I was flying aeroplanes in the class.

Feeding Trends will help you to relive all those sweet memories. We want you to smile while recalling the most memorable moments of school life.

1 - The motku guy on every bus:

You'll all agree with me that we had a fatso child on every bus, whose pants never rested on his bums. Unfortunately, we had to see what colour underpants he is wearing and sometimes even worst. Depths you see!

2 - The budding lovers:

Every bus had a hero looking guy who used love the cutest girl on the bus and their love story was a gossip amongst everyone on the bus. The driver seemed to be the villain of the story. And his annoying horn!

3 - Seat keeper:

This guy could have won several golds in goalkeeping for the way he used to protect seat for his best friend was remarkable. He kept his water bottle, tiffin or even handkerchief to prevent anyone else from sitting on the reserved seat. David de Gea trained him?

4 - The studious girl:

Thick glasses resting on her nose and a book in hand. Remember that studious girl from your bus? It might be difficult to recall her name as her interaction with rest of the population was negligible.

5 - The latecomer:

We must personally thank this guy. Why? Arey, because of him only, we got extra time to complete our homework on the bus, to finish our lunch boxes which were left and to do extra masti with friends. Isn't it?

6 - The Dada and his paplu taplu:

Every bus has this bully gang whose only motive is to irritate the innocent ones. I wish Sallu bhai’s Jai Ho was released during my school days. I could have got a chance to say that dialogue to this bully gang “ ungli mat kar ni to cheer phad denge”.

7 - Irritating driver:

Undoubtedly the alien in our bus was the driver. His unnecessary honking talent cannot be forgotten. I even wonder if he was blind to the speed breakers or he wanted to do some stunts? Our heads used to get hit like the temple bells unnecessarily because of him.

8 - Mr. Feku Prasad:

How can we forget this guy who used to bring imported chocolates from Dubai and all his uncles used to live in London, Sudan, Amsterdam, etc. Everything in his house was an imported item. We used to love his stories of the pool parties at his house, unaware of the reality. Innocent we!

9 - The giggling girls:

This group of girls have always been a mystery to me. They had a power of giggling at almost anything in this world. They were like butterflies, who were present everywhere only to show their tweet. Yes, such girls do exist.

Childhood memories cherish in our heart. We all wish those beautiful lines of Sir Jagjit Singh's ghazal come true,

“Ye daulat bhi lelo, ye shauhrat bhi lelo,

Bhale cheen lo mujse meri jawani.

Magar mujko lauta do bachpan ka sawan,

Wo kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani.”

Comment below your school bus memories and share them with all.





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