Ranbir Kapoor In Sanju Made Rishi Kapoor Swear That He Could See Only Sanjay Dutt Everywhere

Raising the bar for biopics.

Shreya Tondon

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


The Mumma’s boy or the most wanted bachelor of our B-Town, Ranbir Kapoor, is back with a bang this time. Ever since Rajkumar Hirani announced his upcoming project on the life of Sanju baba, audiences all over the world waited for the movie, Sanju, to come.

And the wait is over. Sanju is releasing on June 29th 2018.

The teaser was released and it became the hot news of B-town. People were so impressed with Ranbir Kapoor portraying Sanjay Dutt, that could not control their praises for the hard work Ranbir Kapoor has put into it.

Ranbir looks exactly like Sanjay Dutt in the trailer. No other biopic has ever had such a close resemblance between the on screen and off screen characters. Sanju is one film, after MS Dhoni the untold story, which people will watch several times without getting bored.

I can say this just by watching the Sanju movie trailer.

Although the Sanju trailer was released after a long wait, it was worth the wait. The trailer is so significantly shot that it has earned the title of being one of the best trailers of Bollywood.

A lot of excitement was created among the audience and it was for one definite reason - ‘I want to go see Sanju!’. The trailer is so impactful that people are expecting a lot from the movie. They are already in hope of counting it among their favourite Bollywood movies.

Bollywood biopics are different and difficult from unusual movies.

It is quite difficult for the filmmakers to portray realistic characters. They have to show a real life story while focusing on a believable story rather than just an entertainer.

Biopics are risky because it features the life story of a ‘real’ person and not another ‘Bollywood hero’. This inspires filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani to take a chance with the biopics and bring something exceptional like Sanju for us.

Bollywood has produced a lot of biopics, many of which were flops.

Biopics like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, M.S. Dhoni, Neerja, Dangal, Mary Kom, and Sachin - A Billion Dreams, earned a lot of praise and did equally well at box office. But others like Gandhi my Father, Haseena Parker, and Aligarh failed to impress the audience.

These biopics went unnoticed. The reason for their failure is simple - they could not convince the viewers. But people are giving upcoming biopics a fair chance and they will give Sanju another big chance.

The audience has seen the responsibility that Rajkumar Hirani has taken up to tell a life story. The efforts put in to show Sanjay Dutt’s achievements or failures on the big screen are all visible. The Sanju team has taken this responsibility up quite well.

Sanju is a budget film but very promising for audiences as well as Ranbir Kapoor.

Being a big budget film, the movie has a lot of expectations from everyone, be it the fans or the filmmakers. It is a very promising film for Ranbir Kapoor, and may be a turning point film for him. His performance and Sanju’s success are inter-related.

His looks, body, hairstyle, walking style, his voice completely matches to that of Sanjay’s. Ranbir Kapoor is totally nailing his character as Sanjay Dutt. His hard work and dedication towards the biopic is clearly visible.

As the teaser opens, we find Ranbir coming out of the jail and telling everyone about his life.

He is then seen in 6 different life stages, with each stage having their own story. The opening of the trailer was in reference to the time when Rocky, Sanjay Dutt’s debut movie was about to release. In the trailer only, he accepts that he has been into drugs, involved with many girls and underworld but is not a terrorist.

The Sanju trailer also shows the difficult encounters Sanjay Dutt has had with situations and circumstances - how he had when he was in jail, how he was harassed and how he regained confidence afterwards.

The trailer even shows Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Dia Mirza, and Anushka in pivotal roles. Each actor is seen in an uncanny resemblance to the character and are signifying them.

A remake of the famous scene from Munna Bhai MBBS is out and it clearly shows the dedication of Ranbir towards his role. The scene is very well edited with the same background and Sanjay Dutt’s voice but, is recreated by Ranbir Kapoor.

Fans have set their high hopes for the movie.

Having a well suited cast for a biopic of a well known character and his life incidents, Sanju has levelled up the hopes of the audience. Fans are believing that Sanju is going to be the blockbuster of the year 2018.

The trailer has created the needed hype and aroused so much curiosity in the audience, that Sanju is expected to make a grand opening at box office. Not just this, Sanju will be at the top and can easily do a business of 220-250 crores.

Wrapping it up on this, there’s just one question that arises - ‘Will Sanju justify our expectations?’

We are in no mood of having “oonchi dukaan fike pakwaan”!


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