Presenting 5 Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawing That Will Ripple Your Fingers If You Were To Do It

Dancing and singing are better genres! Lol!

Shivani Yadav

Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


Bravo! What a perfect realistic detailing of circles under eyes, eyebrows and dramatic expressions on the face. The very first question arising in your curious mind would be- "Are they seriously pencil drawn sketches?"

We know that artists are passionate about their work, but the creation of such extraordinary and realistic drawings is something hard to believe. Their masterstrokes have created sketches that show phenomenal fluency in hyperrealism.

Have a look at the picture given above. It looks like a clicked black and white photograph, but it is not. In fact, none of the images in this article are photos. These are impressive hand-drawn pencil sketches.

Here, Feeding Trends are here to exhibit the realistic sketches of 5 proficient artists from the world.

1. Diego Fazio’s Sensational Shower Portrait

Without resorting to any drawing classes, Diego Fazio aka Diego Koi turned into a professional artist. His artworks are so intense and impressive to look at that you would never believe this story.

You will surely become a prisoner of his realistic artwork. His stunning pencil drawing is the reason he is ranked above all on this list.

2. Hector Gonzalez’s Dramatic Eye

After watching these amazing shades of the eye by Hector Gonzalez, your eye will flash with thunder. Graphite has always been the favorite medium of Hector to express the silent emotions.
Be it happiness or sadness, the eyes know how to say it all. Have a look at his masterpiece.

3.Martin Versteeg’s Obsession With Audrey Hepburn

Fine details, impressive artworks, and portraits of actors is the identity of Martin Versteeg. Up here, in the skull of thoughts, you might be thinking it as a photograph of Audrey Hepburn rather than a sketch.

It is so well crafted that you cannot afford to ignore the unique creative ability he possesses.

4. Ben Heine’s Camera Vs Pencil Drawing

Creativity delineated by Ben Heine in Pencil Vs Camera is simply awesome. The best thing about him is that he is not only a multidisciplinary visual artist but also a music producer.

Small details and prominent elements considered by Ben Heine artwork show amazing results to impress the viewer.

5. Paul Cadden’s Street Life

Paul Cadden is such an artist who adds a shimmer in the night and brings life to the street he creates. He is obsessed with the surrounding so deeply that his obsession appears in his works. His stunning detailing will force you to take up a deep breath.

All are woooaaw! These fascinating artworks must have left you completely stunned. And you must have realized that achieving this kind of perfection is very tough.

These graphite portraits by brilliant artists take blood and sweat to become what they are.

When are you trying to pain your fingers?


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