Plan A Goa Trip With Your Significant Other For A Perfect Escapade This February

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Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


You are already seeing red color in abundance. You know the reason why.

Many dedicated couples must have already planned their Love Day, but wait!

Have you planned it? (I guess that’s a wrong question to ask first. Here is the first question.)

Do you have a partner? (We presume you have.)

Congratulations! You lie in the category of the minority of Valentine Couples.

Have you planned it? (It is right to ask now. But since you are reading this post, the answer is definitely no.) But it’s okay. If you haven’t planned it yet, you’re at right place. Your perfect Goa trip plan will make many people happily change their decisions.

India is blessed with some of the most beautiful vacation destinations. Goa is one of them. It has special coziness and charm for the love-struck couples, who wish to spend quality time with each other.

Not just this, it is in fact a dream destination for college troops too. Almost every group plans a hypothetical successful Goa trip. They keep chanting 'Goa is on', even though they never find the opportunity to check mark the destination on their to-do list.

But, you are a lucky person to have a partner to drag along. Here is what all you can do in Goa on this February.

1. Stay At A Boat

If you don’t do romantic sightseeing in Goa, you have been there for no purpose. Have a stay in a boathouse or rent a boat just for you and your beloved valentine will be something different from other couples. Light music played by the waters will be a witness to the promises you exchange.

2. Walk On Secluded Beaches

Have you ever strolled hand-in-hand on beautiful beaches with your significant other? No? Then you should try this out on this Valentine’s Day. Especially, when you both can gaze at the starlit sky on the shores of Goa, you should not miss the conversation that follows.

3. Get Inked Together

Inking doesn’t mean just to have a name of your lover on your hand as a permanent love marker. But it is something that will always remind the two of you of the special time you people spent together. Tattooing is one of the famous arts of Goa. Mark it a point in your list.

4. Arrange Candle Light Wine

Most of the couples go for a candlelight dinner, but you are to make it more special. So, bring up a bottle of wine and have an open conversation with your significant other. Although, in all that ample privacy you can share what you actually don’t like about your partner. This is all you will do after the booze.

5. Take A Road-Trip

Goa is a paradisaical place. With your better half in arms, it can be best explored on a scooty or a bike. The place is going to give you a Zoobie-Doobie slow time experience. Without the road-trip, the tanning wouldn’t be there and you can’t say you have been to Goa!

Love is not that feeling which needs a special day to be expressed. It has to be expressed on all other 364 days as well. Let the entire month of February be dedicated to love. Whisper to your love, ‘Goa is on’.


Ashish Verma

He really hates writing bios, yet he love writing on Feeding Trends. He takes his readers into another land, which is lush, untamed and chivalrous. He speaks less and writes more, being quiet loud here. He is Ashish.



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