11 Food Outlets in Lucknow To Enjoy Mouthwatering Dishes

Muskurayenge jab aap ye sab khayenge!



Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


Lucknow is the food paradise, especially for the non- veg lovers. The city has varieties of kebabs, lip-smacking and flavorful biryani, the unbeatable taste of tea, melting in mouth 'malai makhan’ and the list goes on. (I need to take a pause else I will sound like a waiter. Lol.)

Famous for its tehzeeb and adab, Lucknow has always made its first impression the best impression. Be it the residents or the tourists or the wanderers, Lucknow never fails to impress anyone. (Dare you go unimpressed!)

Foodies (and even wanderers), I bet you won't be disappointed if you follow our guide to the city’s best food items.

Here we go!

1 - Tunday Kababi (Aminabad)

Imagine a hot patty of meat fried in ghee melting in your mouth. That's how galawati kebabs taste. Roasted chicken and biryani will lengthen your order. And to know the story behind the name Tunday, you must visit the shop and ask the people out here only. It’ll be a delicious fun, besides the history lesson!

2 - Sharma Ji Ki Chai (Lalbagh)

This tea shop serves the best tea in the city. Though every Lucknowite calls himself a 'chaisedi’, he or she is not a true tea lover if he or she has yet not tasted Sharma Ji ki chai. So, if you are also a chai lover, then it is a must visit place for you. (Consider it a qualifying criteria.) Sharma Ji is on the top even in chai market bro!

3 - Idris Ki Biryani (Chowk)

If you are in Lucknow and you didn't had Idris ki Biryani, dude, your trip is not just incomplete, but also wasted. This place serves great mutton biryani. Oh! My mouth has already started watering. (I know even yours is. But we have only this picture to satisfy ourself.)

4- Prakash Kulfi (Aminabad)

Sardi ho ya garmi, this place is always full of people. The reason why people are attracted to this place like swarms of bees is its being the king of kulfi. Since generations, they have been serving only one variety of kulfi throughout the year. And the place is always houseful. An unbeatable taste! (Make sure you find some place)

5- Pandit Ji Ki Chat (Charbagh)

Small wafers filled with mashed white peas and spicy drink which brings a flood of flavors in your mouth. Can you guess what it is? Yes. Everyone's favourite golgappa. (Or even golgappe) And when it comes to golgappe, or better known as pani ke batashe in Lucknow, Pandit Ji will win your heart. Although he is not racing with anyone, but he has no competitor. (Kha ke dekh lijiye)

6- Rahim Ki Nihari (Chowk)

A fan of nihari and kulcha? Then this place is a paradise for you. You can have unlimited kulchaas wit the hot nihari at Rahim’s. Come and dive into the most authentic nihari. You’ll thank me for this. (Or you already are?)

7- Raja Ki Thandai (Chowk)

The most soothing drink after tea, is of course thandai. And do you know the best part of of Raja ki thandai? The best part is that the owner prepares the thandai masala everyday with his hands on 'sil batta’. This is where he gets the delicious taste from.(I feel like a news reporter)

8- Bajpai Kachori Bhandar (Hazratganj)

I need delicious poori and aloo ki sabzi for the breakfast. If you also have such delicious cravings, then come and have these amazing kachoris. The place is amazing and pocket friendly! And an advice, eat the stuff when it's warm, because once it cools down, it won't taste that good. (Tried and tested.)

9- Royal Café (Hazratganj)

Snacks have been the life of Sham-e-Awadh. The most famous form of chat the city serves is Basket chat. Royal cafe is the place where you will find the best basket chat in the Lucknow city. Come here and feel Royal! (As the name goes)

10. Keventers (Hazratganj, Aliganj)

Shake, shake!! Oh, baby stop dancing like a kindergarten kid. I was referring to the milkshakes. Keventers is the heaven for milkshakes. You will have to come here to feel that heavenly pleasure. At least once, you can visit this place. (And you'll also feel that milk has never tasted this good.)

11- Netram Sweet Shop (Aminabad)

The delicious imarti cooked in pure desi ghee is what attracts people the most to this place. All the preparations by this shop are done in pure desi ghee, truly retaining the essence of Indian food. Diabetes patients are advised not to go there. (Your blood sugar level will shoot!

These are the most famous shops of Lucknow, but we have deliberately missed out a few so that you mention them in the comment section below. After all, you people are proud wanderers.

And if you are not from Lucknow, come and spend a day in Lucknow. You’ll fall in love with the Awadhi Shaam, the riverfront, the Marine drive, the chowk market and the people. Because everything in Lucknow leaves its impression on the people who come to this city.






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