Indian Monsoon Is Here - I Hear Leaves Drinking Rain And Poor Land Rejoicing

It is a lovely sight.

Sana Ummeed

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


“Barsat ke aate hi tauba na rahi baaqi,
Badal jo nazar aae, badli meri niyat bhi”

The above couplet by Hasrat Mohani clearly states the change of mood of the people as soon as rain starts falling. Rains are soothing and refreshing, especially when you have experienced immense amount of heat for the past couple of months.

We all love when it rains.

Rain brings a lot of joy and thus, the monsoons have a special place in our hearts. Rain relaxes our mind and soul. Rain makes us dance to the monsoon tunes. Rain gives us a chance to eat chai-pakodas.

We, Indians, have a unique obsession with the rains. The cool, wet and pleasant days of monsoon are something that are longed for by every Indian. And now that monsoons have arrived in India, ahead of the schedule this year, let us explore some facts associated with Indian monsoons.

Nature of the rain in India is like Indians

Indian rains are irregular and non periodic, just like the Indian people. The commencement of monsoon in India is generally in the month of June and July, when the whole Indian subcontinent becomes extremely hot.

Not only the commencement of monsoons in India is indefinite, but also the spell is indefinite across the region. Some places experience heavy rainfall, whereas some experience just scarce rainfall.

If you are in Mumbai, you will walk on roads filled with water and if you are in Ladakh, you will crave for drops of rain. Indian rains vary across the entire subcontinent.

Indian Monsoons are very importance for us

Being a primary agricultural based economy, India is largely dependent on the natural supply of water for good crop yield. Not everywhere the irrigation facilities are fully developed, and most farmers depend on rainfall for their agricultural output.

Whenever there is optimum spell of rain in India, the agricultural produce is more than sufficient. The hard work of the farmer is thus fruitful. However, when there isn’t a good spell of rain, the produce is scarce and thus there will be price hike. Not just crop yield, they offer relaxation to all the tired souls on the earth.

Indian rains have their effect on everything - from people to plants and animals

The summers are very intense in India as we are somewhat near to the equator. The sun shines brightly over the Indian subcontinent and this is the reason for us being wheatish and Africans being dark skinned. We, thus feel that all our energy is drained away.

Not only us, even many plants and animals are unable to bear such excessive amount of heat. In such circumstances, the only hope left is from rains. As soon as it starts raining, every creature on the land rejoices. The relief we experience is beyond explanation.

Traditionally, the commencement of rain is treated as a festival

Being from a cultural background, we Indians thank God for everything. Be it either a victory in a cricket match or the first rain shower, we just know how to thank the Provider, the Almighty.

Specials prayers are held to express gratitude for relieving the heat. People celebrate the monsoon season as a part of their spiritual faith. As soon as the Saawan (the month of rain) begins, married women do special prayers for the prosperity of their household and their husband.

Being dressed up in nice clothes, they gather around trees to worship and thank God. Different songs or lok geet are sung by groups of women. Indian women, belonging from any religion, love to wear Green bangles marking the beginning of rainy season.

Saawan songs such as ‘Sahkhi jhoola jhulao dekho saawan aaya’ are sung by women

Besides this, there are many other couplets on rain, written by different Indian poets and shayars. The beauty of rain is such commendable that these writers love to play with words, just to illustrate the beauty of rains. This couplet by Tehzeeb Hafi beautifully expresses the way people look at Indian rains -

“Main hi kaghaz ki ek kashti hoon,
Pehli baarish hi aakhiri hai mujhe!”

When it comes to rain songs, even bollywood is not behind

There are many movie scenes and songs that are filmed in rains, because when it rains, the whole environment becomes romantic. Be it Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Chak dhoom dhoom’ or Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Cham Cham Cham’, Be it Aishwarya Rai’s ‘Barso Re Megha’ or Nutan’s ‘Sawan Ka Mahina’, these tunes have always been very special. Bollywood offers you a complete list of rain songs that you can listen anytime and anywhere.

How Indians celebrate rains is unique, because rain is awaited by each of them

We Indians love to celebrate everything. And rain isn’t a small thing for us. We have our own ways of celebrating rains. Some people celebrate by bathing in rain, whereas some celebrate it by staying at home. Some like to stand on the balcony, enjoying fritters with hot cardamom tea, whereas some are walking on the terrace in the mild drizzle.

I don’t think there might be any Indian who has never drenched in rain. I mean rain-bath (willingly or unwillingly) has been experienced by each one of us.

Not just this, as kids, we all loved when we got an extra holiday from school, on account of rainy day. That happiness was priceless!

There are many memories attached to this season, and as monsoons have arrived in India this year, you must focus on them.

Just hear the leaves drinking rain and the poor land rejoicing.

You will feel the eternal joy!


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