If You Think Being A Fashionista Is Easy, These Problems Will Prove You Wrong

Messed up fashion ka jalwa!



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


Perfect winged liner and that oil-free matte look whole day - do you think maintaining all this is easy? If yes, then dude, you must also give it a try, because experience is the best teacher.

In this world of fashion and stylish life, if you think that these fashion bloggers live an easy life then you are wrong. Few of them shared their experiences with us and truly our hearts melted after listening to their sad stories.

Even you'll feel the same after reading the problems faced by fashion bloggers.

1 - Perfect winged liner:

A ruined eyeliner can ruin your whole day. If you are a right-handed person, then the you'll relate to the problem of applying eyeliner on the left eye. It sucks!

2 - Dark lipstick:

Light lipstick is quite moisturizing but wearing dark lipstick, especially matte one is a huge troublesome work. If you don't moisturize your lips properly you’ll end up with bleeding lips. Dracula like thing you see!

3 - Make up removal:

“Neither applying nor removal of makeup is easy. We use products that last long and then it doesn't come off easily. Making us look horrible”- says a makeup artist. You already know the pain, for it resembles smiling when you don’t want to.

4 - Using washroom in jumpsuit:

Every girl will relate to this if she ever wore a jumpsuit or dungaree to a party and then felt the urgent need to use the washroom. How to undress, get lightened and dress up again? Oh Heaven! It's such a mess.

5 - Space issues:

Oh no not the NASA ones. The wardrobe space issues are our major concern. And as we know, women don't have space to keep new clothes, yet they keep buying the latest arrivals and yet, they don't have anything to wear. The wardrobe’s fault. Totally.

6 - And then the questions that ruined many lives:

Main moti to nahi lag rahi? And main kaisi lag rahi hoon? These are the two questions which happen to be the biggest problem of a fashionable girl’s life. If these questions are not answered as expected, it becomes a problem for the boyfriend. Stay safe boys!

So, my dear, if you think having a glamorous life is easy, then somewhere you are putting in a lot of efforts. As a girl with a bundle of awesomeness loaded on her cart, I seriously cannot do it. My comic timing and punches cannot wait for the perfect makeup yaar!

But yes, you people who take the pain of doing makeup, that too all by yourself, you people are exceptionally talented.

I wonder how you people dry your nail paints. Anybody up for an answer. Leave them in comments!





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