When A Guy In Love Takes His Girlfriend For Shopping

He has a trial of patience.

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


You might have seen the great love story that gives Titanic a tight blow, in the movie Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The hypothetical never-ending love begins to be so-called forever love, that nobody can believe it.

The Punchnama starts from the very first date and it never ends for a guy. It is such an integral part of school love story or college love story that guys fake a smile saying - Its sexy and I know it.

Let Us See What Is So Sexy In The Love School

Oh, shopping! Girls love shopping, especially with their boyfriends.

Girlfriends going for shopping, for every occasion in their family or their neighbor’s family, still having nothing to wear, is the most famous thing of this Punchnama.

More interestingly, the Pyaar Ka Punchnama begins taking shape when boyfriends are supposed to behave as their girlfriends want.

As a boyfriend, you need to compliment her when she does a dress trial. If you point out what’s wrong, you will be accused of having a rotten taste and chucked out. And if you liked everything, then you are not just paying good attention to the things.

Obviously, you have just one choice. To speak what you read on her face. If she likes the dress, praise it. If she dislikes it, point out something wrong. You’ll be the sexiest boyfriend ever.

But You’ll Feel The Dramatic Difference

For girls, shopping with her bae comes off as a nightmarish affair. While men prefer to pick up their necessary things from their favorite store, just go back to their home silently with a chilled bottle of beer, women can’t keep it simple.

Your girlfriend takes an hour to try a dress. And then, she won’t buy the same because she didn’t like it. Hell yeah! Its okay that she didn’t like it, but it feels pity for that guy who is waiting outside the trial room all that while.

This is just one thing, there is a whole dramatic scene when a guy takes his girlfriend for shopping. Right from the reason why she is going for shopping - "Mundan ceremony", best friend’s birthday or senior’s farewell to the inspection they do for every store from outside, boyfriends are dragged along.

For BFs Love Is Blind And Will Ever Be

When their bae strolls the store, just to do the price analysis, they see and touch the stuffs and then keep it back not in the same place from where they picked it up. After doing comparisons of several stores and pitying the guy hanging her belongings from his shoulders, they will finally try a dress. And this event occurs almost after an hour of the stroll.

Unluckily, she denies buying the dress because she didn’t like the fitting of the dress. It is so aching experience for that guy again. The boyfriend is now supposed to console her and take her to another store. And like this, stores changes, even shopping mall changes.

They will roam the whole shopping mall with a patient smile. Finally, the girlfriend picks up a dress and other stuff, then acts like it is expensive, so that boyfriend would force her or convince her to buy those baubles with her boyfriend’s unsolicited opinion.

Now He’s Expecting A Reward, But Gets Shopping Bags

Pathetic situation. When the lovey-dovey couple comes to the checkout counter, the girlfriend asks her boyfriend to take out his credit card to pay for her trinkets, baubles, and shoes. Eventually, her expectations get fulfilled.

Ad having done so much, that too on a holiday, the boyfriend has the right to get a hug at least, if not a kiss in return. Poor guy. He had prepared so much by watching the videos – how to cuddle a girl and how to kiss your girlfriend – all lessons go waste.

Main Tera Boyfriend, Tu Meri Girlfriend

But you always say – Na, Na, Na Na. Singles enjoy this by being a witness to the way guys are used by their girlfriends - for giving them company, for holding their bags and also for paying their bills.

Also for saying, ‘My love is my love; it is none of your love.’

In the meanwhile, singles be like, ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai!’


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