IPL 2018 Teams Announced Their Retained Players, We Have Found The Reasons To Justify Their Prices

Over 10 crores invested on a single player!

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


Cricket is the most celebrated and most happening sport in India. Therefore, IPL directly or indirectly portraits the notoriety of the most loved game.

The 11th season of IPL took a start on January 4th, 2018 with the retention of the main players by the respective teams. The top 8 expensive retained players, including Virat Kohli and M S Dhoni, are beig paid exceptionally high.

With Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, making their comback, after 2 years of the ban, the entertainment value of IPL 2018 promises to be high.

Out of 18, we have the top 8 players who are retained by their respective franchises and we wondered why those prices are apt for them. Here is what we found as the justification of the prices:

Virat Kohli (RCB)

His wedding in 2017 brings good luck, which makes number “17” a lucky one for him. Incidentally, 17 crores is the retention amount of Virat Kohli for the current season of IPL, which is the highest among all 18 retained players.

M.S. Dhoni (CSK)

Captain cool jumped from Rising Pune Supergiants and returned to his old and favorite yellow jersey. Dhoni is all set to travel in bogey named CSK. This value addition to CSK is definitely worth 15 crores. And amazingly, he has a loan of 15 crores to be repaid.

Rohit Sharma (MI)

For the very first time, the so-called “Sharmji ka beta” faced this downfall, even after the magnificent third double century. Yet, MI retained him for 15 crores, as '"Sharmaji ka beta" is a trademark now!

David Warner (SRH)

Mr. Warner is planning to buy a new house, out of this retained amount. He’s already an owner of a house of 12 crores, and it seems like his retention amount of 12 crores will help him buy another house.

Steve Smith (RR)

Aussie’s Skipper Steve Smith spends 11 crores to tape his shoelaces (while the additional amount of 1 crore can be for purchasing the shoes) so that his laces remains shiny whenever he’s on the crease. Freaking amusing? Of course, it is. I mean, why doesn’t he buy a new pair? He will use this retention amount to maintain his shoes only.

Suresh Raina(CSK)

After the mumblings of Raina’s girth, he decided to be a true companion of Ramdev. He started to practice Yoga every day and is contented with 11 crores retention amount. To him, 'Sab Moh Maya Hai'.

Hardik Pandya (MI)

Now, “The West Indian of Baroda” can afford to eat Dhokla and Fafda with his love Maggie to kill his hunger. 11 crores are more than enough for a foodie. He can be more flamboyant!

AB De Villiers(RCB)

Mr. 360? Or Taylor Swift of South Africa? Or A Doctor? I think Superman would be more appropriate for him. And yes, he’s good at everything. Maybe 11 crores could be invested in acquiring another skill.

With each team having a limit of 80 crores to spend on its player, an investment of over 12.5% of their total budget is a huge thing. The players surely have to live up to this expectation of their teams, from their 1st match to their last.


Ashish Verma

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