Hilariously Awkward Things People Do On Social Media In Everyday Life

Feels pity for Facebook and Twitter!

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


If you have a girlfriend, then you must be used to, to commenting on the pictures which she uploads. And mistakenly if you don’t, then it becomes a nightmare for you! This is just one example. There are many such activities that people do on social media.

Also, it can be considered as their hobbies or a tech, which works like heaven and hell as well. It is heaven because it’s the best way to keep in touch with your family, and it is hell because people are addicted to it.

Their height of addiction can’t be overlooked. So, I’ve jotted down the activities people do on social media.

1. They can’t take a bite of their meal without posting the picture of the meal on social media. I know, your food looks better than you, but still don’t try to prove it.
2. Poor people. They start their hommie conversations in the comments of others’ pictures and status. Usually, people get irritated, but some of them still join them.
3. I guess, everyone here got a friend request from one of the “Angel Priyas” on Facebook. And fortunately, that request gets accepted by people.(Kaha Se Aati Hai Ye Log?)
4. The worst experience of being scoially cnnected is about using WhatsApp. When people forward some meaningless messages like, “Share this photo and get the chance to earn 1 crore”, you are sucked up. How much free time do they have?
5. People feel intensely guilty if they don’t update check-in status on Facebook for the place they recently visited. Dude, nobody is interested!
6. Majority of people post selfies while they get a new hairstyle or try a new dress. That's okay. But selfies, even when they take a bath? Thanks to God that they do not this while at the loo.
7. People used to write FUCK as fcuk or F**K. What’s the actual problem to write it in straight words? You mean the same dude!
8. There are people who are interested to make their life in a box, but however, they show off their relationship status as “In a complicated relationship or In open Relationship”. Common man wishing to be a celeb!
9. People on earth thinks posting #examtime #studytime will make them the toppers of their class. Actually, that’s a myth! Because after some time they upload another pic with same hash-tags. Time pass you see!
10. Some people edit their own pictures with a celebrity as if people sitting in front of phone’s screen are a fool. Literally, the eyes bleed out.
11. People start commenting on their own old photos so that they can increase likes and comments on their hypothetical beautiful pics. Insane?

This is what all happens when a person is addicted to a life full of hashtags, instead of looking into real life. I think this is the difference between real and virtual life.

“When you don’t have anything to do, just post a selfie with caption GETTING BORED”. And it just crosses the line of annoyance. But nevertheless, people do not feel the same. They will continue to irritate you, annoy you and trouble you with such activities and even go beyond them.

Do let us know the incidents you face and share a laugh!Laughing is after all healthy!

"Life is trapped in the likes of Facebook, hearts of Instagram, and now people share post instead of feelings."


Ashish Verma

He really hates writing bios, yet he love writing on Feeding Trends. He takes his readers into another land, which is lush, untamed and chivalrous. He speaks less and writes more, being quiet loud here. He is Ashish.



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