Every Foodie Will Relate To These 15 Funny Yet Realistic Food Quotes

Eat while you read!

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


Hi, Food! Foodies Love You!

My beloved food and foodies have the eternal relationship with each other. Foodies can’t hide their feelings for food. I think, food always dominates their thoughts.

Their relationship can’t be explained with a hashtag because they are unabashedly committed to each other.

It is well said that if you want to make friends, go to someone’s house and eat. People, who give you their food, give their heart too. So, don't ever hesitate to eat at friend's house.

Similar kinship is shared between the food and foodies, and which can’t be expressed in instagraming.

Feeding Trends brings you the affectionate love life of foodies.

1. We have innumerable pizza lovers who don’t love to share their pizza. But it can be snatched by another lover.
2. The travail of a foodie is easily visible with our naked eyes.
3. People do have the habit of sleepwalking. But who stops at the kitchen are only the foodies.
4. Everyone doesn’t like cooking, but they obviously love to eat. They are the foodies.
5. 5. ‘Give me wine and a simple meal”. That is enough, yet less for a foodie.
6. Foodies prioritize the food, even before fuck.
7. It doesn’t matter what they are eating at what time. Only they want something to eat at any time.
8. “We are the Foodies, why we should leave anything uneaten”. They don’t want to feel regret.
9. Foodies do not believe on fake people, especially
10. Foodies love pizza more because it gives them more stomach satisfaction than anything.
11. Ohh! You’re a food lover who doesn't like slim-fit pants.
12. It would be wonderful if these lovers can download their snacks from the internet!
13. Foodies are not grammar nazis because they don’t see what they are eating.
14. Dieting is all time myth for food lovers. They are truly unfamiliar with this word.
15. Foodies love to do exercise, but they do it with their 32 teeth. And they use hands are for holding burgers and pizzas instead of dumbles.

These quotes are all-time hits which can define a true food lover. Even a food lover can’t deny with these quotes. They must start their food-porn channel for themselves. (Kyunki FOOD, FOOD Hota Hai)


Ashish Verma

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