Blissful Flashbacks Of A Middle-Class Kid That Are Missed By The High-Toned

Like, you had to steal snacks from your kitchen.

Ashish Verma

Jul 17, 2018|5 min read


Growing up in a middle class family is a blessing in itself. I too brought up in a middle class family with my cousins. The fact is to be in a middle class family teaches you the real life training for absolutely free. It makes you more far-sighted person and mentally tougher as well.

And do you remember our new iPod? Oh, that pretty Walkman! Walkman becomes and tends to be our new iPod, which gets shared between all siblings in the house. There are many memories that are well-scripted in our heart till death.

Here are some awesome memories shared by our team:

1. When you’re admitted at a popular school just because your papa wants you to get quality education. And when you see every frigging child coming from BMW or Audi, but you just keep searching for a good autowala to drop you everyday
2. When you want to buy clothes, suddenly you look into the calendar to see the nearest festival or counts the days left for your birthday
3. Your grandma is the only source of income when your mummy and papa don’t give a shit about your cheetos and uncle-chips obsession.
4. Getting your first personal computer is like losing your virginity. It happens only at the right time and only when it’s damn necessary.
5. When your friends from the popular school talk about their vacation in Europe, Nepal and Assam, you just go mum because all you got was your grandmother’s house.
6. When it comes to buying a bicycle, just that red Hercules MTB forever. And which has to be shared with your true siblings.
7. Your dad either rides a scooter or a Splendor and whole family enjoys a ride on it.
8. Going out with your crush might burn your wallet and leave you on the streets for the next six months. Grandma?
9. Will not be a feast with varieties but indeed a feast for us with scrumptious and healthy dishes to fulfill the needs.
10. The fortunate old shirt or trouser turns into a dust cleaner. You’ll find your favorite old shirt on the kitchen floor or hanging on to your Papa’s splendor. Even the used toothbrush becomes the universal cleaner.
11. The most exciting moment comes when you get your first job. And you know that this is the time you need not beg your parents or grandma for money. This feeling cannot be described.
12. You see your all childhood wishes come true, when you hold your first salary. That bike, a curvy phone, a gift to your parents, and date with your crush, shades, a guitar, a solo trip, a backpack and what not. Simply bliss.
13. Girlfriend? Wait! Relax! Take a deep breath! Think thrice not twice! Yeah now proceed. For what? Bro, don’t forget that you’re living on pocket money by your parents.

And the list goes on!

All that being said, growing up in a middle class family is a blend of fun, hardships and a never ending string of awesome memories.

Hey grandma, what happened to my pocket money this month?
Yep, there’s no shame in asking her again for sake of old times.

Yes, you! You can add your lived memories below in comments!


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